1. He would probably run a clean program…but I don’t think he would win enough to ever live up to the pressure that he would have on him!

  2. That columnist has really drunk the coolaid.

    Let’s give Steve five years there to see what he can do and whether he’s grown up some. Maybe he’s learned a lot since Iowa but we’d want proof.

    Not now!

  3. Ditto Laffy to the 100th power.
    A. Proven he can’t recruit
    B. Proven he can’t coach
    C. Proven he would make Sampson look like a saint. (see Pierre Pierce story – does witness tampering in a rape case and religious hypocracy ring a bell?)

  4. brandon: “He would probably run a clean program…”

    I wouldn’t assume this. Do a little research on his involvement with several sexual assault charges against Pierre Pierce over the time he was at Iowa. It sounds like he got more than a little involved in making sure his star could play and wouldn’t be held back by some pesky criminal charges.

    I think that might be a little more serious than phone calls….

  5. IUFan…Not to the NCAA…

    I’m certainly not a big leader of the hire Alford crowd, but I also think his ability to recruit and win would be a lot better at IU than at Iowa or NM. Just a thought.

  6. “IUFan…Not to the NCAA…”

    And yet again, I am disturbed by Hoosier fans’ utter lack of concern about ethics, unless it falls under the discretion of NCAA regulations.

    So, choking a player = okay. Berating the local community members = okay. Covering up sexual assault charges = okay. Making too many phone calls = a horrible stain on the IU reputation.


  7. I didnt say I wasnt concerned. Just that the NCAA apparently wasnt. Nor was any law enforcement agency that I know of concerned with Alford’s actions. Correct me if I’m wrong. I just dont want to pass judgment on Alford based on some disgruntled fan’s interpretation of the rumors surrounding one of his former player’s mistakes and legal problems.

    I’m not really pro or anti hiring Alford. Although we’d probably be in better shape today if we had hired him instead of Sampson…a move I did not favor at the time. His stock was high after two smaller jobs, then something happened at Iowa and things didnt go well. Maybe he does suck, I dunno, but I think people are a little overboard in their negative assessment.

    Maybe Jesus could coach the Hoosiers? Do you think he could meet all Hoosier fans’ expectations?

  8. steve alford is the ultimate in pseudo religious hypocrisy. OMG! did any of you people who treat him as a prodigal son read about ANY of the reports of his behavior at Iowa ? i thought you just might want to clean up your program . not make it worse somehow .nothing worse in my book than someone who wraps themselves in the bible to coerce a victim to change her testimony so your rapist star can still play . just one mans opinion

  9. Jim: “Maybe Jesus could coach the Hoosiers? Do you think he could meet all Hoosier fans’ expectations?”

    Hmm… probably not.

  10. Jesus would be a hell of a recruiter, but I’m not sure he would have that killer instinct. And the hair and sandals would piss off the Knight groupies.

  11. All the anti-Alford people are probably the same ones who saw nothing wrong with IU hiring a known rules-breaker. . .and most are probably still trying to justify a way for Coach Sanctions to be retained at IU. What a shame and embarrassment to IU!

    Steve Alford would bring integrity and class to IU, two traits that would be a welcome change in Bloomington. He would recruit the best of Indiana’s homegrown talent to play as Hoosiers. IU would win BIG again and in a respectable manner.

    For all the anti-Alford crowd that predicts gloom and doom: How are your judgments and predictions any more valid than those who support an Alford hire? They are not.

    Let’s finally bring Steve back home!

  12. If Alford were hired and if he did suck he’d probably still get to keep the job for a decade because he is Steve Alford. Not sure I want somebody that bulletproof.

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