Another source: Greenspan tells players nothing has been decided

UPDATE: We’ve now talked to multiple sources who believe this report of what took place at the meeting to be true.

— Chris


Every time the muddled picture of what exactly is happening with the Sampson decision appears to becoming clearer, it gets muddied again.

We just heard from a source close to the basketball program who talked with players attending the meeting tonight with Rick Greenspan. The source said the players were told that nothing has yet been decided on Sampson’s fate. The players told Greenspan that it wouldn’t be fair for anyone other than Sampson to coach the team, the source said.

Neither Dan Dakich nor Ray McCallum has been approached to serve as interim coach, according to the source.

Greenspan is still in his office at 10 p.m. with reporters waiting outside, and it sounds like those reporters may not get to speak with him tonight. I was just told that his son took a pillow inside.


  1. Geez, take a pill will ya, Doug? Clearly, you don’t know what’s going on here. Just go to bed and wait for the presser tomorrow.

  2. Greenspan is waiting out the reporters by hiding in his office? thats hilarious! i think i should go to Assembly Hall and hang out just to wait for him to come out. why doesn’t he just go home, and just not answer questions from the reporters? silly greenspan. maybe he knows he is fired too

  3. I’m not at all giddy about this situation, in part because it will be a 15-hour workday before we’re done. And the prospect of a lot more days like that covering a coaching search is less than tantalizing.

    We’re doing our best to provide accurate reports from sources with direct knowledge of this situation. That’s our job and we’re doing the best we can on an issue that’s obviously of high interest. It’s a confusing situation tonight with a lot of conflicting information, but that doesn’t mean we should stop reporting on it and wait until the official sources choose to make an announcement.

  4. Thanks Cooley. I was busy writing a post whining about our long day when you posted that note. We’re far from perfect, but we’ve had five or six reporters working on this at various times today doing their best to provide timely reporting on an unfortunate story for the basketball program.

  5. Honestly Jeff, I think it’s a good argument to have. It’s a discussion we have in the newsroom here. We’ve been sort of exasperated today reading and following some media accounts that contained elements we knew were incorrect. I certainly don’t want to add to that situation. This world of instant publishing over the Web is still something we’re figuring out how to do best. We’re trying to balance providing reporting that’s absolutely solid with offering almost immediate updates on news as it’s happening.

  6. Doug,

    Thanks for all the hard work. I appreciate the challenge of being fast and being 100% accurate. I think you are striking the right balance. The internet changes the speed and opportunity to provide updates in real-time ways.

  7. I appreciate that you guys are leading the stories with “source” to show that the info is just conjecture at this point. I am tired of seeing articles on other media outlets which have headlines that look like factual statements until you dig into the story. I was particularly unimpressed with FoxSports that ran a poll earlier today asking if Indiana did the right thing in firing Coach Sampson.

    In other news, a source close to the situation says that I am going to go to bed and see what tomorrow brings.

  8. I am sick of every rag trying to be the first to report the news. Go to friggin bed and find out what happens tomorrow. They said Friday. They aren’t going to release anything any sooner than 9 a.m. Friday morning. It’s all total speculation at this point.

    I say IU keeps Sampson, completely ruining all of the media stories making the news look like a bunch of dumbarses. Fox News should be taken offline. The guy that wrote that story should be fired.

  9. I say IU should keep Sampson for the rest of the season so that way all these crazy people who want to hang Sampson from a flag pole will not get their chance. It’s obvious by some media outlets (not the HT thank goodness) that some are more than ready to hang Him for phone calls. Thank goodness He didn’t buy off Athletes or shave points. What would happen then? I don’t even want to think about it! Would there be a good enough punishment for some people????

    If they want to get rid of Him after the season, go for it. I would be all for that given the allegations are true, but right now our team has a chance to totally blow away the Big Ten and who knows about the NCAA tourney. Let the team have their time, the team doesn’t deserve this, and their opinion and what they want should be top priority to those making these decisions. I agree with our players, anyone other than Sampson coaching this team right now would be totally unfair to them. Any sanctions and so forth will be brought by the NCAA after the season. I think the NCAA will understand given the context. It has also been understood that any post-season bans in the future are not likely because it doesn’t involve in-eligible athletes. It just involves a coach who called too many times and had too many people on the phone, then tried to cover it up from the “media basketball conspiracy”.

  10. Just watched the sports coverage on WISHTV, and I am absolutely disgusted by the attack job that Chris Widlic pulled on the players coming out of AH. If it were me I would’ve told the A**hole to shove his mic you know where, but our players were all class and payed no attention to this scumbag.

  11. GREAT for them!! Thanks for the update Evan. I think the players are all class! Go HOOSIERS, win the Big Ten for no other reason than to show these morons that you can win in the midst of all this nonsense! I hope it is still with Sampson, but regardless they are on fire!

  12. Gary Parrish of CBS Sportsline is reporting that several players have threatned to quit the team if Sampson is relieved of his coaching duties. Granted, there are way too many rumors out there at this time, this is kind of disturbing. He also explains in his article that Greenspan suggested if he should just cancel the rest of the season!!!! Are you serious!!?!?!?! This is getting ridiculous. Check the article out. Here’s the link:

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