Basketball team leaves Assembly Hall

UPDATE: The players leaving Assembly Hall were departing after a team meeting with coach Sampson, according to a new Associated Press report, that says immediately preceding the team meeting, there was a meeting between Sampson and Greenspan.


IU’s basketball players just left Assembly Hall in a group at about 12:35. We are trying to find out if the players just had a meeting with Kelvin Sampson, but we don’t know at this point. We do know that Sampson was at Assembly Hall this morning.

As the players left, freshman Eli Holman was rubbing his eyes as if he had been crying.


  1. Holman probably knew people were watching. Christ. He cheezes it up whenver there’s a camera in range. He was all smiles at the MSU game, constantly walking and talking around sampson, knowing that Sampson would be the focal point of ESPN’s broadcast.

  2. On the main HT page, they have a picture of Sampson and His wife coming down one of the ramps at the Hall. Mrs. Sampson appears to be smiling in this picture. I wouldn’t be smiling if my spouse was accused of these type of violations and was fired today. There might be a positive outcome in this situation for everyone if there are smiles to be found. Just a thought.

  3. Doug, you and your colleagues do excellent work. However, “as if he had been crying” was not your finest moment.

    There is plenty to write about without that sort of conjecture.

    Thanks again for all your hard work.

  4. Sampson and Greenspan need to be fired, ASAP! They are killing IU’s reputation more each day….

  5. Tyler,
    Hate to tell you, but Eli’s always all smiles. My kids were in a youth basketball program he helped with and he was always grinning and having a good time helping the youngsters, and ESPN didn’t have any cameras there. He’s a good kid.

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