Bill Lynch discusses his new recruits

We’re about to be treated to a slide show, narrated by Lynch.

Tyler Adetona, WR, Gainesville, Ga.

“A really good kid, and really explosive,” Lynch says. “Really physical, maybe more so than what we’ve been able to bring in.”

Larry Black Jr., DT, Wyoming, Ohio

“We feel like we got three big, inside linemen who can stop the run,” Lynch says, “and Larry is one of those.”

“He’s a really solid, anchor type guy.”

Shane Covington, RB, Milwaukee, Wis.

“He can really do the whole deal,” Lynch says, noting that Covington has played multiple positions on both sides of the ball. “A very versatile guy who can run.”

Mark Damisch, OL, Buffalo Grove, Ill.

“He’s the type of offensive lineman we’ve been looking for,” Lynch says.

Tandon Doss, WR, Indianapolis

“We’ll take good players from anywhere, but we really want to do well in Indianapolis because that’s sort of our home base,” Lynch says. “He’s another kid who has played a lot of places. We really like what he adds. Great kid.”

Adam Follett, QB, Caledonia, Mich.

“He’s a thrower,” Lynch says. “Alma (his high school) was running a spread. We saw him last summer and really liked what we saw.”

Alex Hunt, RB, Flowery Branch, Ga.

“Alex is a running back, but we’ve also seen him play other positions,” Lynch says. “He’s another really good track guy. . . He’s quality and a really good athlete.”

Kyle Kozak, DE, Columbus, Ohio

Kozak is already here on campus.

“I was at workouts and saw him a bit,” Lynch says. “He moves pretty well and is that type of guy we like coming off the end.”

Charles Love III, WR, Memphis

“We didn’t know him as well before, but we were sold on him on tape all the way to last spring,” Lynch says. “He’s got good size.”

Will Matte, OL, Wheaton

“Will is one the offensive lineman that’s not quite as big,” Lynch says. “But he is a football player.”

Matte, who is 6-2, is slated to play center.

Mick Mentzer, DL, Fort Wayne

“He’s a big athletic kid,” Lynch says. “He is 290, and he played linebacker. He was the biggest high school linebacker I ever saw.”

Justin Pagan, OL, Chicago

“Another one of those guys who was here at camp, so we had first-hand knowledge of working with him,” Lynch says.

Chad Sherer, LB, Arcadia, Ill.

“Man, he’s a football player,” Lynch says. “He was one of those guys, an outside linebacker who can play outside the box or in the box, which is important with the spread offenses.”

Nick Sliger, DT, Fishers, Ind.

“He’ll be king of the training table,” Lynch says. “He’s a really good football player.”

Cortez Smith, RB, Detroit

“He’s another physical kid,” Lynch says. “He’s a thick, strong looking kid.”

Peter St. Fort, S, Naples, Fla.

“He’ll hit you now,” Lynch says. “Classy kid and a good football player.”

Marquelo Suel, WR, Ft. Wayne

“This guy’s an athlete,” Lynch says. “This one kid kept jumping out at me and I said, ‘Who’s that guy?’ . . . He’s a player.”

A.J. Thompson, OL, Lakeland, Fla.

The other player on campus now.

“He’s a big, thick kid,” Lynch says.

Darius Willis, RB, Franklin Central

“He’s the real thing,” Lynch says.


Bill Lynch has taken to the microphone to discuss Indiana’s 19 new players.

“This is a big day for us,” he says. “This is the culmination of a lot of work, a few years of work with some of these guys.”

Lynch said there weren’t many surprises down the stretch. Indiana had most of its verbal commitments early and they all held.


  1. Lynch said that he will begin his IU career at running back.

    That is the case for all of the above position listings.

    But the way IU recruited this class — it didn’t feel the need to fill a lot of gaping holes so it went after good athletes — means that these guys will have to be flexible until they find their best fit in the program.

  2. Cortez Smith better be used as a CB. We have more RBs then we know what to do with. Willis did not come here to share the role with 10 other guys. My guess is Smith and Covington both move to the defensive side of the ball. That is where we need the most help anyway.

  3. Really, it is an amazing class given what the program has been through in the last year. How do you keep kids interested when the head coach passes away? They somehow pulled off quite a feat!

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