1. Why would Sampson take this money if he wasn’t guilty? He will also not sue IU for any reason. I am really hoping that the players that did not show up for practice today see that even though they are upset and are faithful and loyal to a coach that do they really want to screw up their scholarships over a cheater?

  2. another media outlet just reported damon bailey is at assemyhall and will be new assistant coach as sampon’s original assistant resigned

  3. The guys that didn’t pratice today, send them packing, take back their scholarships today they are done play the rest of the season with the guys that want to play forIU

  4. Who says breaking the law (of the game) doesn’t pay? What kind of example is set for the youth when a man is paid a huge sum ($750,0000) after persistently violating NCAA rules and then apparently lying about it. As a fan, I’m enraged by Sampson, Greenspan, the Trustees, the IU Administration. If I were an IU team member, I’d be angry beyond measure and boycott the games.

  5. ESPN says Bailey is in Assembly Hall. Who is he meeting with? Would soothe the fans a little to have him there next Tuesday night.

  6. Someone needs to tell the Star’s Terry Hutchens that the microphones are live and everyone watching the live feed from WTHR-13 can hear every word he’s saying. It’s quite entertaining.

  7. I’m a huge fan of McRobbie’s but this decision is incredibly troubling. What does it say to have a contract that includes the right to fire a coach for cause – then allowing him to exploit the emotions of his players to negotiate a buyout?
    What’s the point of such language in any future contract between IU and a coach?

    Like many loyal IU supporters, I’m going to need sometime to get over this decision. On the one hand, I don’t want to punish the wrong people (faculty and students) by pulling back on my annual contributions. Yet, what else are we supposed to do?

    It’s time for some house cleaning – which really means going after the Trustees that have been on the Board for far too long that seem to have their fingerprints on all of the worst hires in modern IU history.

    This is a shameful day for IU. And,it’s a black day for so many truly loyal IU alumni.

  8. If Sampson’s contract allows him to be suspended without pay and then fired for misconduct, why would IU be willing to give him $750,000 when they don’t have to? I would guess, in exchange for silence. It’s fine to say “once a cheat, always a cheat,” but is Sampson really so foolish or so arrogant as to blatantly continue the same behavior while under probation scrutiny and risk losing one of the best jobs in his field? Doesn’t it make you wonder whether there was some tacit understanding going on? After all, this only came out because of some pesky intern in the compliance office.

  9. same here-diff angle
    the nose picking is hilarious
    see wthr dot com
    iu is not paying 750,only 200 rest is put up by someone anonymously

  10. the fact that IU has released this, but still have not given an update on a press conference is absolutely absurd. How can they not have any idea when this is going to happen. and if they do and they just have not told anyone, that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. It blows my mind that they are just letting all these reporters sit in there and not give them a single update. Absolutely ridiculous

  11. It will be to bad if Ray McCallum isn’t the coach for the rest of the season. After all, he was the assistant from the start of the season. Remember Dakich was only in charge of basketball operations.

  12. Regardless of Bob Knight’s interpretation of video tapes and accusations, everyone knows that as a coach, he is an honest man. Coaches DiNardo and Cameron are honest men. I’m interested in anyone’s speculation as why this man is not being given consequences for having broken rules repeatedly. He should be fired and penalized because any money given to him as he leaves demoralizes the athletic program and the university. It deflates the virtue of honesty
    of the other three coaches who have left in the past several years.

  13. incredible display of unprofessional media savvy by the IUAD today… WISH-TV (Indy) said that they would not give a time for a possible broadcast, since IU has proved to be “unreliable” in their communications to the media.


  14. They are in this position because sampson has not been found guilty of anything yet, only accusations. Therefore, he has not violated his contract so by firing him they would have to pay out the rest of his contract. It is cheaper this way. Make sense?

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