Dakich coaching practice; D.J. and others not there

Dan Dakich is coaching IU’s basketball team in practice, but a number of the key Hoosier players are not there.

As far as we can tell, D.J. White, Jamarcus Ellis, Armon Bassett, Jordan Crawford, DeAndre Thomas and Brandon McGee are not at practice. That leaves IU with seven players practicing and six not there.

We don’t know exactly what that means, but it seems ominous after the reports today that players have been talking about a walk-out for Saturday’s game at Northwestern. There has been no official word on who will be available for that game.

The players who are practicing are playing against team managers. Dakich told the players that it is important that the players finish what Kelvin Sampson started this season.

Assistant coach Jeff Meyer is participating in the practice. Assistant coach Ray McCallum is not there.


  1. Unbelievable. The players may love him, but they’d better think twice about quitting the team or walking out. What would be the message? “Our coach is shady, and we think that’s great! Welcome to Indiana, home of the shady coaches AND players!”

  2. Let’s think about this from the players’ point of view. This is the man who has led them – and recruited some of them. He’s a father figure to them. And perhaps this doesn’t mean anything at all. Perhaps they’re trying to avoid the swarm of media that have surely surrounded Assembly Hall. Doug, why isn’t IU Athletics more organized about a conference? Are they just so overwhelmed at this point?

  3. As much as I dislike threats and, as the father of a kids on an athletic scholarship, these kids do need to be ‘informed’ of their part of the deal. The kids without an NBA contract in front of them better think twice. On the other hand, I’ve done the math and an athletic scholarship to a state school works out about the same as a job at the mall.

  4. I’m an IU fan, but as someone who has worked for a professional sports franchise in a media relations capacity for 5 years, I must say that IU has completely botched the handling of this whole ordeal.

  5. If they don’t play then IU should pay. NO scholarship, NO room, NO Board. Time to stand up for what Indiana University use to stand for. A school who’s reputation was not for sale. Why do you think there aren’t names on the back of the players jerseys. IU has a basketball TEAM alway has, and if some spoiled student athlete thinks they can push around a program and honorable ( prior to Sampson) and successful as IU, they need to be taught a thing or two.

  6. If this is true. Nothing has changed in sports ; you dont practice you dont play !Indiana University Basketball will not be held hostage to anybody. Nobody is bigger than your program period ! If we have to start from scratch then so be it !! We have enough Indiana , home grown ,players who would love to play for the BIG RED. Its time to clean house now !! The man running practice can and will get the job done.

  7. IU was there before the players and will be there after they are gone. Lets go to the HPER building and find some STUDENT athletes

  8. The posts on this blog are getting pretty disturbing. These are kids we’re talking about. Clearly if the players quit the team they forfeit the scholarship and I’m sure they understand this. Why so much anger?

  9. I know we have home games left and I hope the true Indiana fans fill that building to cheer for the true team members. I understand the coach is an icon for them but, he broke the rules and there are consequences. The players that have a chance to play pro ball better think about what they are displaying about their attitude. Coaches in that league come and go more often then they do in college. GM’s will be considering these players ability and willingness to play for the organization, not the coach.

  10. You folks talk like IU basketball is something you can touch like a building or a mountain. It’s just a bunch of guys playing a game with a round ball.

  11. Doug, Chris,
    Per the Indy Star McCallum is meeting with Greenspan and four players are missing (including DJ, but no other names given). Is that correct?

    I’ll give DJ et al the benefit of the doubt. This has not been an easy week for them (or many of us). If they miss a practice over this I’m not going to diss them for it. It’s not like they’re just goofing off.

    Mean time, I’ll be at the game tomorrow rooting my as# off for the Hoosiers! Coach D, if you need an extra body just motion to me and I’ll hit the locker room and be ready to play in less than 2 minutes (I’ll want to fix my hair before I’m playing on TV, of course).

  12. Can DJ not handle a third coach? If the reports are true and he doesnt play tomorrow that will be a huge mistake on his part.

  13. If the players are not there it just demonstrates that the outcome of this investigation was not considered fair by them. If IU had executed the investigation in the right way, then everyone would be on the same page right now and a team would be on the floor.

    If the team has walked out it says more about the administration than it does about the team. Leadership is a position earned by actions, not by titles. Coach Sampson earned that in his team’s eyes and if it is true that the team has walked out, then it is just as clear that the administration has not earned their respect. And that is not the players’ fault.

  14. I don’t know what this means. But I do know what I would do in this situation if threatened with a player walkout:

    1. Offer Sampson a buyout if he resigns immediately AND convinces all the players to stay on the team and accept Dakich as the interim coach.

    2. Get Sampson and McCallum in a room with the players they recruited and the team captain, and let them all talk through the relevant issues, leading the players to agree to stay on the team.

    All the news today is consistent with this explanation. I hope it’s true. We’ll see.

  15. Our honorable cult of college athletics in action? These kids elected to join the real world by taking the money, and making a commitment. If the egos are so fragile, the sense of entitlement so distorted, then it also reflects on Sampson’s values.

    These players have possibly demonstrated they don’t represent either IU or a “team.” Show up and play like the pro they want to be, or step out of the game. What was the old anthem, “sports participation” was supposed to build character? Huh?

    That said, “B” and “Coach Hodges” speak a mountain of truth!

  16. I would say the players are spending the day showing support for their coach. I am sure they are not thinking about practice too much today.

  17. Not to make lite of this situation, but I’d love to have the movie rights to all of this. “Hoosiers II”. You know there are quite a few chapters yet to be written. Wow!

  18. Geez – many of you act like you know these kids quit. You don’t know where they are. They may be meeting with KS or Mac. They may be packing for the busride. Or they may be dealing with their emotions. Let this play out. We have already spent the day reading inaccurate reports (no offense to HT). Why speculate what a group of college kids are thinking?

  19. To completely change the subject…Joe Lunardi, the ESPN Bracketologist, has IU as a 4 seed taking on 13th seeded Cornell. The interesting part is that the winner of that game would play the winner of 5 seed Washington State and 12th seed UAB. A possible IU vs. Mike Davis’ UAB team?

    Who am I kidding though? This doesn’t matter. I just hope we still have a team by then. Such a good team getting overshadowed by these ignorant, careless mistakes.

  20. You know this all started with Miles Brand, we would not be in the mess we are in if not for him.
    I will forever hate that man. I don’t think IU Basketball will not recover from this for a LONG time. I am behind the players 100%!

  21. I applaud these gentlemens’ loyalty. Sampson is a father figure to most of these kids, and without him, most of these talented kids would not be at IU. The only reason they chose IU is because of Sampson. The players don’t care about the various infractions, and why should they? The fans use them for wins, and it is obvious the fans do not care about their wellbeing. The players should get what they want on their terms.

  22. N.

    Then they made the choice for the wrong reason. Some of them are going to be millionaire pro athletes very soon. Time for them to MAN UP!

  23. “the players should get what they want on their terms”? N…if Sampson had any character at all, he would have pulled these boys to the side, warned them of the coming storm and impressed upon them how vital to their best interests it would be for them to show courage and continue playing as a team. He obviously didn’t. He won’t be gone soon enough. 18-20 year old student athletes DON’T GET TO HAVE WHAT THEY WANT ON THEIR TERMS! It’s too funny you said that.

  24. I appreciate their loyalty but they should also recognize he broke the rules. He is not being fired for not winning, he broke the rules. The kids should continue to support him, and love him but IU did not break the rules, the coach did and there are consequences for that. I am sure we are going to see some of those players in uniform after a few hours go by and they have time to digest the emotions.

  25. Who cares about Brand? Yes I know, he fired the GOD of the sidelines…Bob Knight. Honestly Knight deserved to get canned for the things he did. The only person to blame for the situation we are currently in, is Sampson and Greenspan. Greenspan made the risky hire…and Sampson couldn’t learn from past mistakes. The thing is, I love Sampson as an in game coach and he seems like a good person as well. But he has put IU in a tough position where they have to get rid of him to avoid looking terrible and feeling the wrath of the NCAA. Now a great team is going to get rewarded with this controversy because their coach couldn’t do things right while on probation…and then he lied about it. This is just a big joke. I hope Dakich or McCallum can lead these guys and make the remainder of this season memorable because DJ and the rest of the guys deserve it.

  26. sampson is meeting with them tonight and he is going to tell them to play, according to the indystar…so all you people ripping sampson for not getting his guys to “be men” should consider that.

  27. Are we going to through out a “white-wash” tomorrow of Stemler, Ahfeld, Taber, Finkelmeier and a TBD white-dude we picked-up at the HPER??

  28. MD says what we all should be thinking: if Sampson has these kid’s best interest in his heart, and if he is truly thankful that IU gave him the chance of a lifetime, and if he is truly remorseful that he blew that chance, he’ll take these players aside for one last team meeting. He’ll tell them that if they want to honor him, they should play, and play harder than they’ve ever played for whoever is their coach. Anything else and he’s the creep that I’ve been trying not to believe he is.

  29. I hope the post about Sampson talking to the team tonight is true. It would solidify his good qualities, of which there are many. The players and the university are in a tough spot brought on by the coach and he can lessen the damage if he speaks to them about honoring a committment.

  30. Maybe Sampson can go start a cult since he seems to have a knack for brainwashing people and making them his blind followers. First Adam Herbert, Rick Greenspan, and the IU Board of Trustees, and now several players on the team. If these kids believe remaining loyal to a prover liar and chaeting is noble, then kick them off the team and out of the school. They are not worthy of holding an IU degree.

  31. When the players sign up, they sign up to play for the name on the front of the jersey, not a coach. They need to stop thinking they are bigger than the university and play. They could all transfer to UAB and we see how well that has worked out.

  32. If the report of some players boycotting practice
    in protest of the Sampson situation (whatever it is),

  33. If any players from the 09′ or 10′ classes were thinking about coming to IU, I’m pretty sure they are now looking elsewhere. Even a guy like Stephen Van Tresse who goes to Lawrence North, and has spent ALOT of time behind the Hoosier bench this year visiting, came out and said all of this was disturbing, and probably wont be wearing cream and crimson next year… Thank’s KS, you have offically set the program back about 5 years… What a d-bag.

  34. Well done, you idiotic Hoosier fans. All along, it’s all been about your reputation as fans, screw the team and what they wanted. This has the potential to really upset the players and even help sabotage the rest of their season. And you guys don’t even care, as long as your BS “reputation” is intact. You all prance around here like this has any bearing on the Bloomington community. Like ten years from now you’ll be applying for a job and the boss is gonna say “oh, you lived in Bloomington? Nevermind – Sampson made some extra phone calls, so all you Bloomington people are a bunch of lying cheats.” Seriously, get over yourselves and see what you’re doing to this team you “love.”

    I have never seen a group of people who profess to support and back a team unconditionally be so willing to throw them under the bus. For god’s sake, you morons, this isn’t about you. Hell, it’s not even about IU’s reputation at this point – it’s still in the investigational stage. What you’re doing is hurting a bunch of kids who have played their hearts out for the fans all season, only to be backstabbed by you all. These kids were begging for their coach’s job, and here you are, mocking their sadness (the Eli Holman post below) and sharpening your claws. You are pathetic.

    Did it ever occur to any of you that this whole thing might hurt IU recruiting – not because of some stupid phone call scandals, but because future players will look at this community and see a group of unsupportive fans with some whacked-out perception of morality? I know that if I was some high-level recruit facing the possibility of moving to a hick town that has driven the last two coaches out of town on a rail in mid-season, god knows I’d think twice about coming here.

    Well done, you idiots. And believe me, I’d love to make some comments about race in here too, but I’ll hold back. Suffice it to say that if this was a white coach and a team of white players, I don’t even think any of this would have gotten started.

  35. If Sampson cared at all about these kids he would encourage them to finish the season they worked so hard for and not throw it away for him. I’d also ask the players what good it would do to walk away now? It’s just a slap in the face of the fans that supported them.

  36. If this is true then Sampson is obviously a scumbag.. HE should tell the players to stay and finish off the season with integrity. If he’s supporting this walk-out, that’s just selfish. This team can achieve something special, and now it’s just a huge mess.

  37. “We have enough Indiana , home grown ,players who would love to play for the BIG RED.”

    Like Greg Oden? Shawn May?

    Oh wait, you probably mean corn-fed white boys. Let’s face it, that’s what all of you people calling for Sampson’s head really want. Your old player-beating coach and a bunch of gangly white kids.

  38. “IU was there before the players and will be there after they are gone. Lets go to the HPER building and find some STUDENT athletes.”

    Yeah, I’m sure we’ll win a bunch of Big Ten championships with a bunch of frat boys and backup high school guards.

    Oh, but wait, they’ll mostly be rich and white so *wheeeee* it’s all good!!!

  39. Good point Gary. Just letting off steam. Even if the kids walk, I won’t begrudge them. I will however, be very disappointed in KS, who has mascaraeded (sp) as a teacher/coach of young men.

  40. I think we are kidding ourselves if we think that kids come to play for the name on the front of the shirt. Maybe for the native Indiana kids, but for most I believe the coach is a bigger factor.

    The name on the shirt did not keep Gordon around when Davis was coach. And that is just the way it is.

  41. If there are players boycotting practice because of the reported Sampson suspension, then the athletic administration should consider suspension for them.
    Things are totally out of balance when athletes feel they are above right and wrong. Indiana for many years was a shining light in the staffs’ conduct of the school’s athletic programs. It is regrettable that one coach can wreck a program, but that is exactly what he has done.

  42. Do the crime do the time. Surely Sampson knew what he was doing and the consequences of his actions. What I wonder who is trying to submarine the IU sports program Who are the coaches we have had Cam Cameron– Mike Davis–
    A coach that was under invetigation when hired and now Dakich his record is not very good either
    It is going to take IU years to establish winning ways and become a force again. I also realize IU is an academic organization.

  43. “If Sampson cared at all about these kids he would encourage them to finish the season they worked so hard for and not throw it away for him. I’d also ask the players what good it would do to walk away now? It’s just a slap in the face of the fans that supported them.”

    Who’s saying he didn’t encourage them to stay? They are actually adults, you know. Who have their own brains and can make up their own minds about things. Let’s not assume Sampson’s encouraging this.

    And again – a majority of the fans are not supporting them. Maybe you’ve never played sports, but I cannot even imagine how I’d feel if I was playing in a major sporting event and heard the home team BOOING MY COACH. I’m sure I’d have lots of things running through my mind – and none of them would have anything to do with thinking the fans supported our team.

  44. Wow IUFan…WelL put…NOT! Fox is the finder…the stink lays behind her. Race has ZERO to do with this. it’s ETHICS NOT ETHNICS, MAN!

  45. The process is what it is and whatever happens happens. I’ve been an IU basketball fan for over 40 years and have seen it all. There have been no comments thus far asking about the timing of this by the NCAA. Wht didn’t they wait until after the season and tournament? There would of been plenty of time to flush out all the issues, facts and ultimate decision….whatever that may be. This would of taken the kids out of it, the fans out of it, the press out of it during the season and so on. Shame on the timing of it all by the NCAA. Maybe there needs to be an investigation of the NCAA for the timing of it all. Wonder what Brand was/is doing during all of this? Smells to me.

  46. “Are we going to through out a “white-wash” tomorrow of Stemler, Ahfeld, Taber, Finkelmeier and a TBD white-dude we picked-up at the HPER??”

    Look, it’s an Indiana fan’s wet dream!!

  47. From the movie Blue Chips….. ” What kind of person will your son grow up to be if I break the rules. ” Mothers reply ” A millionare ?!? A fouls not a foul unless the ref blows his whistle.”


  48. Some of the media outlets should be held accountable…they are the ones who have created this into such a frenzy, with all the “Reports: that they have been coming out with based on their “Sources.” These last two days have been nothing but “I heard this” and “I heard that”…there has to be a way to prevent that

  49. Is’nt turmoil great? It just goes to show you how poorly IU is run. They can’t even schedule a press conference.


  51. As a father of a iu student i would be very upset at my son/daughter for boycotting something like this! sampson needs terminated! the players should have to give up their scholarships if they don’t play ball!!! iu needs to stand up to the kids and show them who is boss or who runs the school! i will be glad to take a scholarship to help my daughter. maybe the ballplayers parents should flip the bill if they don’t want to play!!

  52. I’m going to cheer for the players that show up and represent IU no matter what color they are indianahicks. Whatever your racial hangup is, take it some place else.

  53. Disappointing how some have brought race into this by saying we would not be unhappy if the coach and players were white and would be fine with a white coach and all white players. Since those who are making those posts are sitting in my livingroom and cannot see what my race is, it must be all that matters to them because it has nothing to do with how I feel. And I am still holding out hope the players are just letting the emotions settle and will be representing IU tomorrow.

  54. On the other hand, I’ve done the math and an athletic scholarship to a state school works out about the same as a job at the mall.

    I’m sure that we would all like to see your math.

  55. Got recruited to play college ball and it was about $250,000 for all classes, books, housing, travel and such. Sure there are not many at the mall making that much. I am sure there are many who would say they would like to live where the players live, and have the educational opportunites they have.

  56. Problem is…you can’t work at the mall full time while attending school full time earning a prestigious degree. I’ll take the scholy, thanks.

  57. The athletic department continues to disappoint..
    instead of taking a stand they let rumors fly, we
    have a great team of young men, many of whom have
    to be very confused about what is going on. Please fans stay behind our team and please team
    play for your fans.


    Don’t let the season mean nothing.

  58. stevo Stephan trese isn’t good enough to play at iu if went to the game against Bloomington south. Well lets just say a high school version of kyle taber would have looked like a stronger player.

  59. send the money to me!! i sure will use it. keep doing your math , i know the figures. i write checks to iu all the time!!!

  60. While these kids may be confused, they still have a responsiblity. The parents of these kids and Mr. Sampson need to step up to the plate and explain that they while it may sound great to support your coach they are only hurting themselves in the long run.

  61. “Got recruited to play college ball and it was about $250,000 for all classes, books, housing, travel and such. Sure there are not many at the mall making that much. I am sure there are many who would say they would like to live where the players live, and have the educational opportunites they have.”

    No, but the take-home portion of that isn’t anywhere near $250,000. The monthly stipends that they get (in a program where they’re not getting under the table money) isn’t much. As someone who’s been living here under a graduate school stipend that I hear is similar to the athletics stipend, it’s tough to make ends meet.

    You can say a lot of things about the benefits of an athletic scholarship, but let’s keep things straight here – these guys aren’t exactly living like kings here.

  62. not saying they are living like kings. just saying what the education, apartment, food and all other things are worth.

  63. I say call their bluff. If they don’t want to play…fine…they are gone.

    indianahicks…gangly white boys? You mean like Thomas? Buckner? Tolbert? Cheaney? Graham? Those kind of gangly white boys? PLEASE. Nobody cares about the color of anyone’ skin. Just put an HONEST person in there.

  64. My sources say Sampson signed a contract for $750K and agreed not to sue the university, he is resigning and Dakich is taking over.

  65. ESPN just reported the settlement but did not say who was taking over..cannot believe the university is so unorganized that they are not out in front of this…if the ESPN report is accurate that is

  66. I have always been under the impression that the academic standards to gain admission to IU were high—apparently not since DJ White & Eric Gordon have made statements they would not play if Sampson is not the coach. How STUPID are they? Having said that I’m wagering that both will go back on their “word” demonstrating that they are exactly like Sampson—a liar, an unethical bore, & a very stupid person. Every IU grad should be screaming mad & inform the Board of Regents that unless the school president, athletic director, & Sampson are not fired immediately there will be no further financial contributions to the school. Now the TV is saying that “they” are negoiating w/Sampson for a buyout. Is something in the water in Bloomington & Indiana? There is a morals, just cause, clause in Sampson’s contract. He can deny he didn’t know that the 3-way calls he participated in were illegal however that is just one of his numerous lies. It was spelled out for him clearly when he made 577 illegal calls at OU. It was spelled out again last October. He obviously believes all Indiana citizens are as stupid as he & a few of his players are. Get rid of him! No negoiating, let him go to court, he will lose & lose some of the money he conned IU out of making sure he leaves Indiana, just as he left Oklahoma, quickly. The one bright spot in this entire pile of dodo is that he is not a native of Indiana or Oklahoma. Please call the school prsident’s office, Board of Regent members, and the state governor’s office several times a day letting them know that IU, & Indiana, is not going to tolerate any further stupidity by those offices—its already going to take a lot of scrubbing to get the stain & stench of Sampson off IU & your storied history. Don’t allow him to drag anything out—drag him out of Bloomington & Indiana, kicking or screaming or not, he does not have a legal leg to stand on & any atty who tells you different is lying, blatantly, to you! I guarantee all of you that!

  67. So the underlying message is: you can break the rules of the game, lie through your teeth about it, and make it well your while. Pass “Go,” and collect $750,000.

    I hope the team has enough guts to refuse to play the rest of the season. The IU administration, the IU trustees, the coach, Greenspan… they all let you down. THEY dishonored the team, a 130-year old University, the fans, the State of Indiana, and the traditions of the game.

  68. I have heard from the IU President, that winning wasn’t important, I won’t forget that he said this and next time signing of a new coach because the team isn’t winning and the fans come less and less to watch the Hoosier play not filling Assembly Hall. I support the walkout, I support the Hoosiers and I will always back them in the bad times as well as the good. I understand your hurt and I will always remember you guy, thank again for the good times.

    Go Hoosiers.

  69. Coach Dakich should not even be considered to coach the rest of the season. To start the season he wasn’t even an assistant, he was in charge of B-Ball opperations. Coach McCallum should be the coach for the rest of the season since he was an assistant from the beginning. Some of us still have that Bobby Knight dream where we support any person who ever played for him as the next coach.

  70. The players who are threatening to not play, boycott games, whatever, need to realize that although they may have loved Coach Sampson, all of this mess is HIS FAULT! No coach is above the NCAA rules and regulations. In my opinion, he should never have been hired in the first place, big mistake. These players have had a full scholarship given to them, do they not realize how many kids would love to have four free years of college given to them? I am very disappointed that they would even mention that they are not going to play, I am also a UofL Cardinal fan and I have to say, my Hoosiers are really disappointing me lately, Come on guys, get it together and play the games, Dan Dakich is perfectly capable of coaching you.

  71. Remember how we were blackmailed by the players when Coach Night left? They picked Davis and it’s been down hill ever since.

  72. As big time IU fans, we are dissapointed in how this whole matter has been totally mismanaged. It is a cluster!#$%&
    This situation should have been handled before, or after the season. Doing it now, is unfair to the players, fans and IU.
    The infractions or allegations were known pre-season. Why are we here now?
    IU made a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do I become a Purdue fan?

  73. I have to laugh at the numbers being thrown around. “Travel” expenses? What travel expenses? That’s for the school, not the students. I attended IU in an athletic scholarship in the ’70s. My kids attend schools in different states on athletic scholarships. All my friends with part time jobs had MONEY. I had squat. Stipends? Don’t think so. My kids have a “full ride” so I only had to borrow about $3000 apiece to cover the difference. $250,000? Is that a joke? Maybe that’s what it costs IU to take the private jet to the games but that has nothing to do with what a student gets.

  74. Here’s the math. According to the Office of Student Financial Attendance the total cost of attendance at IU is $19,092 a year. Total. I’ll grant you, it’s hard to make that at the mall but it’s not even close to $250,000.

  75. It’s not about the players being snotty little brats like so many people on this board are assuming. They are standing up for themselves and what they believe in. I understand that they were all very close to Sampson and respected him, as do I.

    I do not understand how making phone calls could be so horrible. I loved seeing several IU fans at Assembly Hall holding an array of signs reading: Choking Players, Throwing Chairs, Who Cares about Phone Calls? Those are the true fans IU needs.

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