Dakich on the radio

Nathan from Evansville is pleased that Dakich went to a four guard set with D.J. White in the middle.

Dakich made the adjustment because the officials were calling fouls and he liked the option of four guys driving.

Question: Was Dakich more nervous before guarding Jordan or before Saturday night?

“Both of em were exciting things, thrilling things. I don’t know if nervous was the right word, but certainly you’re anxious.”

Last bit: Dakich’s scouting report on OSU is that when IU played there last game, IU felt as though it had really handled the Buckeyes. But after watching film recently, Dakich figured out that it was a much closer game. And the Buckeyes have had some lousy luck down the stretch with hitting clutch buckets. So he expects a tough game tomorrow night.


Dakich is surprised that D.J. White was able to even play as much as he did against Northwestern. The flu really hurt him.

Apparently Armon Bassett was hurting too. Had cramps so bad that he was screaming as the team got off the bus.

Caller wants to know why IU doesn’t run an offense more like Northwestern’s. Dakich is looking to install the new offense in the next 72 hours.

He’s kidding.

Dakich is no recalling his days with Bob Knight. He remembers Knight’s humor with the players.


To questions: Pat wants to know if the NCAA allows for instant replay in basketball.

Dakich explains that it does not. At least not in the way they do in football, where there are challenges.

Tyler wants to know if he can be a student manager and also work summer basketball camp. Dakich says that he can because he called the show and asked. If Dakich is still there.

Now Dakich is talking about all of the people from the program’s past who have called to speak with him or shared their support.

When asked about his philosophy on defense, Dakich says, “Apparently I don’t have one after watching that Northwestern game.”

Now someone calls and says, Is D.J. White the man or what?

“D.J. White is absolutely the man. I’ve never been around a kid who is so enjoyable to be around.”


Dakich knew that Northwestern would be tough because the players there are, he says, high character kids. He though Saturday was the perfect storm for Indiana to get its “brains beaten out.”

But the Hoosiers have been through so much this year, they were able to overcome.

Dakich says that going to the triangle and two really changed the game. He also says that he has never had his team go triangle and two. First time ever.

Now Dakich says that he made “17-pacts with God” when Northwestern had a chance to take a lead with 13 seconds left Saturday night. God must have listened.

Let’s look to the future. Dakich says he doesn’t really think too far ahead in the future. “I’m like that guy in AA, man. I’m day-to-day.”

But he does think about the crowds at Assembly Hall. The two he saw against Purdue and Michigan State were two of the best he has ever seen.


Fisch wants to know if Dakich is excited.

He is. “I’m obviously thrilled. Not so thrilled at the circumstances, just as obviously.”

Apparently Dakich got tons of e-mails and calls from people across the country. He’s thanking all of them now.

“It’s been something that, regardless of how things go, has been unbelievable for me personally.”

Dakich spent all of last week getting ready for Northwestern, so he wasn’t really aware of the media blitz that occurred last week.

In fact, his wife called him on Thursday and asked “Are you the head coach at Indiana?” To that point, he wasn’t aware of all the hubbub surrounding him and the Sampson situation.

Dakich always tries to think about what he would have done as a player when he’s thinking about situations with the team. That’s why he wasn’t surprised or angry about the kids who didn’t show up at practice Friday. And he wasn’t worried about the game.

“Eric makes you feel pretty good when you are practicing,” he said.

About the situation he says, “You don’t miss practice. Ever. But this was an extreme situation.”

Hmm. Dakich just called D.J. White “probably the player of the year in the country.” And he gave the credit for that to Kelvin Sampson.


Don Fischer is starting in. He says the last two weeks were some of the most “turmoil-filled” in program history. He would know.

Dakich, by the way, is eating a sandwich. He forgot to eat earlier.

About 25 people here for the show.


Indiana coach Dan Dakich (still getting used to typing that) walked in a few minutes ago and is now mingling with the crowd here.

One thing is for sure: Dakich has the personality to smooth out a lot of the hesitancy that might be felt by the Sampson supporters.

And his candor in how this situation has affected the program helps, too. He’s not trying to spin or obfuscate.


Dan Dakich will appear on Inside Indiana Basketball tonight, starting at 7 p.m. The show is broadcast from the Hoosier Den in the Gresham Food Court at Foster Quad, and is open to the public.

I’ll be at the show and will have updates here as they come.


  1. Greenspan should go to. He should have made a stand on this hire even though Herbert was pushing for it.

    Doesn’t the past president and Greenspan know that the IU athletics program is clean and they graduate the athletes.

    I know this sounds like I told you so, but I was against Sampson’s hire from the beginning.

    The University should fire Herbert too for such an idiotic move. Clean house start over and hopefully, in three years we can become the program we once were.

    I don’t have a problem bringing back Knight.

  2. First of all, how was that relevant to “Dakich on the radio”???

    Second, Knight isn’t coming back. I highly doubt he wants to come back here, plus…..he’s 68! That would be a horrible long term move.

  3. Chris,

    I believe the women’s BB game is on instead tonight. At least it was on when I just tuned in. Not that I don’t appreciate women’s BB, but I was really looking forward to hearing this interview!!

  4. you might want to check whcc after the womens game it may be on tape delayed it usually is.

    jeremy williams.

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