D.J. and E.J. speak to Erin Andrews

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Indiana cancelled a planned press conference for media to speak to Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson and selected players on Friday.

But even before the availability disappeared under the dense and getting denser cloud around the program, reporters had been told that the players had requested to be questioned about tonight’s Michigan State game only.

When ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, who is on the broadcast team for the 9 p.m. game, asked Eric Gordon and D.J. White their opinions on issues related to recent NCAA allegations, though, they were “very, very candid.”

According to Andrews, both White and Gordon said they did not think Sampson should be fired.

“That’s simply not fair,” she said White said.

Gordon committed to Indiana only after Kelvin Sampson was hired, and his relationship with the coach is still apparently strong.

“Look, I came to Indiana to not only play in the post-season but to be coached by Kelvin Sampson,” Andrews reported Gordon as saying. “So to do this to us would make this season almost seem worthless.”

White thought a post-season ban — which the university would have to self-impose since the NCAA will not release its findings on the matter until summer — would be excessive.

“Look, we had nothing to with this,” White said, according to Andrews. “So why punish us?”

Gordon said not being allowed to play in the tournament would be “devastating.”

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo was asked about the accusations against Sampson on Thursday.

“I did talk to (Sampson) a little the other day and there’s some pretty harsh things that are being said, and if those are true it’s gonna be a tough situation,” Izzo told reporters. “If they’re not, hopefully they can move on.

“I’m sure it’s been some kind of a distraction, and yet like I told my team we’re not gonna worry about their distractions, we’re gonna worry about our team.”

Sampson has described Izzo as a friend. They traveled to the Middle East together to coach service men and women and both worked under former Michigan State coach Jud Heathcote.


  1. I WISH this sh!t didnt happen. I understand where the kids are coming from simply because they all poured their sweat and tears together and only some stupid phone calls (insuing lies) to people who don’t even involve the team is going to break that apart. My stance has been to fire him and I know that is the best for the future of the University but seriously folks, is this better for the kids? Should we just let DJ finish out his playing career and then be done with it? Hasn’t he earned AT LEAST that much from us? Such a mess. Sorry for the language.

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