Ebanks wavering on IU commitment

The top recruit in Indiana’s 2008 basketball recruiting class has told the New York Daily News that he’ll probably want out of his letter of intent if IU fires Kelvin Sampson.

Ebanks told Daily News reporter Ebenezer Samuel that he still believes Sampson is a “good coach” and a “good guy,” but he admitted that the coach committed a serious infraction.

“I basically think he lied about (knowing about things),” Ebanks said. “That’s wrong, especially being at a big school like Indiana.”

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He added that he still believes Sampson is a “good coach” and a “good guy,” but he admitted that the coach committed a serious infraction.

“I basically think he lied about (knowing about things),” Ebanks said. “That’s wrong, especially being at a big school like Indiana.”


  1. this is part of a coaching change, recruits are weary of a uncertain situation. its possible if we hire a good coach and he talks to ebanks, ebanks will love the new coach and stay. the story also talks about Lance Stephenson, another great prospect who was here for midnight madness and loves IU. he more than Ebanks likes IU the program, and if we avoid a postseason ban, its still possible he comes to IU. so i’m not too worried about this because this thing was going to happen no matter what with sampson likely out of here

  2. This is only the beginning to a large snowball that will get worse if they fire coach sampson. IU never worries about negativity until after the fact. Quick to make decisions to keep a glossy appearance. I doubt I ever watch a game again if they fire him.

  3. Reading HT – after that statement why wait till they fire him, since you know it will be by the end of the week. Sampson lied to his employeers, lied to his players, lied to the NCAA and lied to the IU fans! I hate the rule, but the fact is it is a rule, if this was his first offense and he owned up to it, I would say give him another chance. However this isn’t his first time, IU was his second chance, and he blew it. Time for him to go.

  4. OK, so IU loses a kid that I presume would be another “one and done”. Oh well, look what that’s done to Ohio State. It IS NOT THE WAY TO BUILD A PROGRAM. Just look at Purdue to see what needs to be done. Good players that will be around and have a chance to build some chemistry.
    Oh, and by the way, Indiana kids whom I’ve heard of would be nice too.

  5. Prophet: So you want kids that are good enough to play college basketball at a high level, but too stupid to realize that they’re playing for free, and could injure themselves, ruining any chance of a pro career?

    Sorry, man, but I just don’t think you’re going to have that happening very often. Those one-and-done guys are the ones who get your program to the next level. You don’t want one every year, but one every three years keeps your program on the national radar.

  6. seeing the pain and devastation on kelvin’s face, i just can’t believe he is the horrible, devious person everyone is making him out to be. if the media weren’t so eager to villianize at every opportunity, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal. damn vultures.
    first of all, these are NOT major violations. sampson did not make these phone calls, his staff did. everyone keeps talking about the impermissible calls sampson made. let’s try to keep the facts straight.
    secondly, i doubt sampson had any idea meyer gave a t-shirt and bag to elston. a t-shirt and bag!?! oh no! sampson saying hi to elston at summer camp and telling him he’s the type of kid he’d like to see become a hoosier… oh, the humanity.
    third, the ncaa report was basically a reiteration of iu’s findings of infractions with an ncaa caveat of “we think sampson’s a big fat liar” and the ncaa doesn’t like being lied to. to them, it’s the lie that makes it a MAJOR infraction. and we don’t know for sure that sampson is lying. maybe he just isn’t that bright.
    i challenge anyone to come up with a violation that would be considered more minor than these.
    sure, he’s responsible for the actions of his staff and one assistant has been fired. let’s not forget that sampson has also been adequately punished. half a million dollars, further recruiting restrictions and a loss of a scholly isn’t enough? if it wasn’t, iu should have fired him last fall.
    geez, look at what happened at florida state a couple of months ago. academic fraud for half the team for crissakes! the media wasn’t dragging bowden thru the mud. why not? even dave bliss didn’t get this treatment. how long until al sharpton figures out a way to pile on. some perspective, people.
    just looking at sampson and seeing how he interacts with his players, i think he’s a good influence and i hate to see his heart being ripped out. i believe he loves his players more than the coaching icon preceeding him here. i’ll be sorry to see him go.

  7. I agree with coachv that this is a huge mountain out of a small molehill, and Sampson is indeed a tragic figure. However, KS has been the main culprit in making this the mess it has become. If you get caught with your hand in the proverbial cookie jar, you don’t stick your tounge out at Mom and put your hand back in while she’s standing right there looking. Unless you’re nuts and you really want beat. Now, we’re getting serious punishment over an isolated incident that an Illinois or Michigan does regularly.

  8. I forgot to point out that a mass exodus was threatened when Davis left. We only lost Vaden and his 25 shots and 12 turnovers a game.

  9. players will just need to meet the new coach and if they like him, they will stay because they don’t just commit because of the coach. the program and school are also important. and ebanks is more likely a 2 year player than a 1 and done, think rudy gay. not every 5 star guy leaves after 1 year, and its not like every player in the draft was either a freshman or a senior. he also is a kid that gets in trouble often, so if he doesn’t come to iu, its not the end of the world. thus is recruiting when you are about to hire a new coach

  10. kurk, Vaden’s averaging over 20 ppg for UAB this year. Can you imagine a starting five of Bassett, EJ, Vaden, Ellis, and DJ?

    Hell, I’d take that in a heartbeat.

  11. DD,
    Now if we could just find a way to put 3 or 4 balls on the court at a time, that lineup really would be awesome.

    I’m still glad Vaden left, and if he’s having a good year for himself the congrats to him, but this team doesn’t miss him. We need another big.

  12. Vaden is a very good player period. He was our best overall player when he was here. Don’t knock him just because he followed his coach to another school.

  13. Everyone keeps saying “look at Purdue”. Look people, if Purdue actually goes on to do good in the tourney than players are going to have to step up just like Robbie Hummel has as of late. If that is the case and he continues or someone else elevates even more than they have a decent possibility of losing them to the NBA as well. Success always comes with departures. So lets take this “they are 4 year players” and put it into the proper perspective. They are 4 year players if they aren’t going to final fours. Once they do, those kids could leave. Not saying they will but they could.

  14. so what is going on with all the other recruits? I’ve heard Holloway is considering changing, and I wouldn’t be suprised if all the other recruits left to.

    and by the way, vaden is a gamechanger. north carolina won it with mcants, may, felton, williams, and other players that were of nba calliber, so I think he could have found a way to coexist with Gordon, White, and all the other guys.

  15. Forget about all of those calls, the General shot somebody,choked players,and threw chairs in public imagine what he did behind close doors? I say if we(IU) keep winning then forget about the phone calls just like they forgot about all the tings that Bobby did. If they do fire him they better get Knight to be the coach or IU will loose a lot of fans!

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