Eric Gordon Sr. speaks

Eric Gordon Sr. is pleased.

At half-time of Indiana’s 83-79 win, camera crews and national media (you’ll read stories on this game from ESPN’s Pat Forde, CBS columnist Greg Doyel, Fox’s Jeff Goodman, Chicago Sun-Times/Around the Horn star Jay Mariotti and of course Doug Wilson of the Bloomington Herald-Times), descended on Eric Gordon Sr. to interview him.

I didn’t get any of this stuff in tomorrow’s paper due to time and space restraints, but here’s a general overview.

Gordon Sr., who played basketball at Liberty University and was basically Eric’s spokesman during his recruitment, said it didn’t bother him to hear fans boo his son.

“He’s got a long basketball career ahead of him and he’s been booed before and it will probably happen again,” Gordon Sr. said.

When asked if this would be Eric’s only trip to this Assembly Hall — really the question was, Will Eric jump to the NBA? — Gordon Sr. wouldn’t say.

“I don’t know,” he said. “We’ll just have to wait to see how this season goes.”

He could tell that his son was shaken, though.

“If he relaxes and just plays in the second half he’ll be fine,” he said. And of course that happened.

Finally, Gordon said he didn’t visit with the Illinois assistant coaches during his visit.

“There’s no need to,” he said. “I talk to the Indiana coaches now.”


  1. Two observations on Gordon Sr….1. I think that it is great to see a family out there supporting their son 2. He really appreciates the game, and especially in the second half..the hardwork his son did everytime he pounded the ball inside…that being said….do we really need to see his every reaction when his son touches the ball…

  2. What’s with the Black Indiana jerseys? I mean they can’t wear a normal colored jersey to the game? I thought it was a little ridiculous that they have their own special jersey’s made in a color that isn’t even representative of Indiana Basketball!

  3. “What’s with the Black Indiana jerseys? I mean they can’t wear a normal colored jersey to the game? I thought it was a little ridiculous that they have their own special jersey’s made in a color that isn’t even representative of Indiana Basketball!”

    The probably wanted to stand out so security could tell where they were at all times.

  4. The Gordon family deserves a lot of credit for being in that atmosphere knowing it was going to be ugly. And what can you say about the entire Illini program that most of the media hasn’t already pointed out. Weber, Frazier, and many of their fans are pathetic and should be embarrassed. Any recruit considering Illinois has to see what a no class program it is. When it’s all said and done….

    IU/Gordon 2 Illinois 0

  5. I can’t wait until his youngest brother gets to IU. Anyone else notice when EJ missed a free throw in OT, they put the camera on his little brother who was showing EJ the proper free throw form. His basketball IQ is already higher than anyone on Illinois and most of IU!

  6. While I think their fans were classless throwing stuff, our fans really shouldn’t talk.

    They just got reprimanded for raining down F-bombs.

    Recker wasn’t treated too well when he came back to town.

    And, far, far, far worse…….our own players get booed by “our” fans.

    THAT is pathetic.

  7. I am 70 yrs old and I have watched basketball most of my life with my husband.
    Would somebody wake up our team and tell them to play DEFENSE they look like a bunch of 8th graders.
    Also quit standing around with your hands beside your body and get them up in the air.
    Betsy Corcoran

  8. Why do you think Senior wore black? Are you kidding me? When has Senior ever missed an opportunity to self promote himself? Hey, he makes Venus and Serena Williams’ dad look passive. He and his wife are about as pathetic as the Illini Nation fans. As an Illini fan I was embarrassed with the conduct of the players and fans. Hey, the kid changed his mind. High school players do it all the time. Just read half of the bios for the college football recruits. Most of them changed their mind at one point. My only complaint is EJ waited so late and killed any shot Weber had of getting someone else. Regardless of what really occurred between EJ, Sampscum, and Senior (and the great jobs the Gordon family and friends received – wonder if they will still be on the payroll after EJ goes pro this Spring), he or his dad should have been more honest with the Illini.

  9. Illinois still had Jamar Smith & Q. Watkins. Is it IDKWTI’s fault one tried to kill his teamate and the admissions crew dropped the ball on Watkins? IDKWTI is not the reason illinois sux this year and will be worse off next with Randle and Pruitt gone.

  10. coach weber of Illinois certainly sets a good example for his players. His refusal to shake hands with CS after the game was just “bush league”. His players and the fans will follow his lead and take their dislike for Indiana to a
    level that is so nasty…I felt bad for Eric Gordon, and I think the Illini should have been assessed a Technical for the chest bump before the gane even started!

  11. i dont think you guys really even pay attention to what happens…no coach in the NCAA should shake samson’s hand he is just sum and just so you know Illinois will be better next year getting back jamar and losing pruitt, with any other big man that game is a win. IU will be the down team losing DJ, EJ, and Stemler.

  12. The Illinoids played out of their minds and still lost. That’s the best effort you’ll see out of them this year and it wasn’t good enough. With luck they might get an NIT but probably not.

  13. wow – you know the illini jerks are pissed when they actually take the time to come here and post.

    and i love it!

  14. Hey give up, you need to shut up. How can you justify allowing a player to keep his scholarship and place on the team after driving drunk and leaving a teammate for dead? After all that, he gets to redshirt and keep a year of eligibilty. That’s not much of a punishment. Jamar Smith and the Illini program have plenty of issues off the court and on the court (you aren’t going to be any better next year). Worry about your own problems.

  15. Illini fans are sooooo p!ssed and there is NOTHING they can do. Wow, gotta love it. Thats ok, they have 3 star prospects on the way!!!!

    You have Jamar Smith and we reload with another top 10 5 star recruit in Ebanks coming in. So basically that point is moot. Stemler isn’t even starting but half the games so that was also a moot point. Indiana is going no where soon.

  16. IU Jimmy, thanks for catching the typo. Actually, I’m surprised that a Hoosier would have noticed the spelling… especially since you IU grads probably needed a calculator to get by the anti-spam block! Just kidding. It is just too much fun getting the IU fans stirred up. Hopefully there is a game three between the two teams in the Big 10 tourney… That is if IU gets past their first game.

  17. Funny to hear the Illini whine about not having time to recruit someone else after Gordon changed to IU. Derrick Rose apparently had enough time to change and go to Memphis instead of IU. Gosh, he’s from Chicago — why didn’t he choose to play for the Illini and their “great” coach?

  18. I love you Betsy. You go girl. Defense is the key, but you know what….we did OK last night. We hounded the worthless Illini into some key turnovers. To all the others. Drop the Gordon switch issue. It is now officially dead. I thought the chest bump was bush league. Eric and Jordan need to quit winning games with one play. Use the whole team.

  19. Illinois fans need a coach who’ll break some rules. Sure, people hate Belichick, but wouldn’t you want him running your team? Sampson knows it’s about the wins.

    Go Hoosiers.

  20. “Hopefully there is a game three between the two teams in the Big 10 tourney… That is if IU gets past their first game.”

    Um, you’re 2-9 in the pathetic Big Ten and you’re talking about “if” IU gets past THEIR first game? I’d worry more about beating Penn State, something you couldn’t even do on your home court.

    I’m hoping there’a a game in the BT Tourney also, so IU can beat Illinois for a third time. But, I doubt after the Hoosiers’ bye the Illini will still be around.

    I-L-L, N-I-T!

  21. Hey Zero Champsionships — I hope you don’t bet on games, for the sake of your family. LOL

    By the way, is your moniker referring to Indiana’s last twenty years or their future?

    IU fans — enjoy your third place finish (behind Purdue), your two first-round tournament losses, and your sanctions next year.

    Illinois will be fine.

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