Report: NCAA to allege major violations in IU basketball program

Andy Katz of ESPN is reporting this morning that the NCAA notice of allegations that’s been received by IU and is to be revealed today details major violations in Indiana’s men’s basketball program.

Katz doesn’t give any specifics of these violations, but writes that has learned over the last week that the NCAA uncovered new information since Indiana self-reported violations under coach Kelvin Sampson in October.

As the Associated Press reported last night, the NCAA isn’t expected to rule on IU’s case until this summer. That is a typical pace for NCAA investigations, which often take longer than a year.

Read Katz’s entire report by clicking here.

We’ll provide updates as more information becomes available.


  1. these are probably based on the information that other Bigten coached turned in on sampson. lets get it over with, make the decisions we need to and move on

  2. Here’s the decision we need to move on…Fire Sampson. He’s a worthless cheating goat and never should have been hired in the first place.

  3. IU needs to aggressively investigate this & get out in front of the NCAA. Just as it did before, it needs to immediately hire an investigator/law firm — interview everyone, get the relevant documents, and make a determination.

    I’ve been a Sampson defender since Day 1, but at the first cooboration of any allegations, IU needs to immediately suspend Sampson, even if it is the day before the first game of the NCAA.

    For IU fans, having a clean slate means something. If Sampson has tarnished that image, he needs to go NOW. This needs to be IU’s decision, not the NCAA’s.

  4. Just a followup on my previous message — At the first cooboration, Sampson should be suspended. At the first determination a violation occured, he should immediately be fired.

    (By the way, noticed the spam filter is a math question. Is that to keep Kentucky fans from posting on the site?)

  5. Lets get this clean, GREENSPAN needs to be fired too. He brough this situation upon us with this hire. This is the same guy that gave Lynch a contact ext based on emotion. Greenspan is not the right man for IU.

  6. Sampson

    – Sampson does not fit Indiana’s clean track record
    – I have not been that impressed with Sampson’s coaching
    – Time to cut the cord with Sampson. There is a good young group of talent – easy to recruit a new top coach
    – You cannot wait until summer to change coaches

    – Would he turn down a chance for a fourth Title (I think the talent on this team is very good)…far better than 1987
    – Complete Redemption….and he could do it while Myles Brand is the head of NCAA

    The Deal
    – Both publicly announce that it is a temporary job for the rest of the year
    – Knight would be part of the committee that hires next year’s coach
    – Raise money for new facilities via Knight

  7. The bad choices of IU Athletic Directors never ends. Hep and Frietag are the only success stories this Bloomington native can in a long time. Purdue, I hate to admit, has done a great job on the other hand. Tiller as football coach and Painter for Basketball. Look at how much alumni/student/state money IU has wasted bringing in subpar coaches. I love how the board of directors can hide while the AD takes the fall. Let’s clean house and get some ethical, intelligent people in place instead of politically connected millionaires living high off the university. With HONOR COMES RESPECT.

  8. IU got a quick fix to the BB problem in Sampson. He came with baggage. IU chose to over look the baggage and continued to hire him. We got what we deserved. A proud program now down in the gutter like KY and so many other schools in the past. The AD should be canned and an IU player (former) come in and straighten this mess out. Sampson, if found guilty, should be relegated to D3 schools for life.

  9. IU should immediately ban itself from any post-season tourament this year. Per previous comments, Sampson should be suspended and Greenspan should be fired. Booby Knight won without resorting to breaking the rules. While I’d like to see Coach Knight come in as an interim coach this year, we know that will never happen. I know Reggie Miller went to UCLA, but he’s an Indiana icon. Wouldn’t he be an inspired choice for interim coach? He would keep recruiting on track without a hint of scandal and he wouldn’t be lobbying for a permanent job.

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