Five IU football players arrested

Here’s a story from H-T reporter James Boyd:

Five Indiana University football players were arrested over the weekend in three separate incidents.

Those arrested and their preliminary charges are:

  • James Bailey, 21, disorderly conduct
  • Jarrell Drane, 18, illegal consumption
  • Darius Johnson, 18, resisting law enforcement, illegal consumption, public intoxication
  • Demetris McCray, 21, disorderly conduct
  • Ian Reeves, 18, illegal consumption

According to Indiana University Police Lt. Jerry Minger, Johnson was found passed out in a stairwell of McNutt Quad just after midnight Saturday. Police officers were able to shake him and asked him if he was OK, at which point Johnson regained consciousness. An ambulance was called to transport him to Bloomington Hospital.

As paramedics were loading him onto a stretcher, Johnson became combative, Minger said, and Johnson had to be restrained on the gurney by the ambulance crew.

“He began shouting profanity and kicking his legs violently,” Minger said. “Then he began to swing his elbows and arms, and the medics had to restrain his arms, at which point he passed out again.”

While medics were trying to take a blood sample, Johnson regained consciousness and began knocking over materials inside the ambulance, and knocking an IV out of his arm, Minger said. He was placed in a secure portion of the hospital.

Just 40 minutes earlier, officers were on patrol in the McNutt parking lot when they encountered four men, two of whom were urinating near a parked car.

As officers approached them, one of the men attempted to get into a nearby vehicle to leave the area, but the officers asked all four to stop for questioning.

Minger said all four men, Reeves and Drane among them, tested positive for alcohol, and were issued citations for illegal consumption.

Reeves tested under .05, but the other three — including Drane — all registered above .08 on a portable breath test.

None were taken to jail, but all will have court dates as early as this week.

On Saturday night, around 11:20 p.m., Bloomington police were called to McCray and Bailey’s residence in the 2800 block of Hartwood Court in response to a noise complaint.

Officers heard loud music as they went up to the apartment, and observed people outside being loud and obnoxious, BPD Detective Sgt. Jeff Canada said. Police advised the two men of the complaint and asked if officers had ever been called there before on a noise violation.

Canada said the two men denied ever having the police called there, but a search of the police computer database revealed both men had received citations at that address for a noise ordinance violation.

Both men were instructed to turn their music down, but just before 3 a.m., two different officers were dispatched to Bailey and McCray’s apartment again on a noise complaint.

Officers Chris Scott and John Hoffmeister noted in their reports that they could hear music coming from their apartment from 40 yards away.

After verifying the music and noise was coming from the same apartment where the warning had been given earlier, both Bailey and McCray were arrested and taken to the Monroe County Jail.

An IU Athletics Department spokesman said he was forwarding a request for comment to someone else in the department, but that message was not returned today.


  1. Who hasn’t had a noise violation? I have friends that have. Its not like Bailey and McCray were arrested for anything major. Its a noise violation. Don’t make the story sound like they should be punished as harshly as some others.

  2. you dont get arrested for a noise violation. you get cited. its their blatant disregard for the law that got them arrested. had they turned the music down the police would have not been called back and the arrests not made. seems pretty simple to me.

    besides, there is no mention of punishment. the story merely states the facts.

  3. Time for Lynch to be a leader, show that he is truly the head coach of this team.

    All 5 players should be suspended for the 1st 2 games, and be the grounds crew to pick up the trash left in the stands at Memorial Stadium.

    If they feel this is to harsh, then they can be removed from the roster, and IU can be free of honoring their scholarships.

    At least that is how I would handle it.

  4. James Bailey needs to be removed from IU completely. He is a cancer that we do not need spreading on the football team.

  5. Hey Jim, I’m pretty sure Lynch is their COACH not their babysitter.

    From the outside removing Bailey sounds easy. Talk to the players. They LOVE him. Removing him would only create much bigger problems.

    Time to step up to the plate Bill Lynch and make these street rats into men. It will be interesting to see what you do.

  6. And lets not forget the past. Seems a current NFL player and beloved IU quarterback got into a rather large scuffle and his brother was actually STABBED during the incident. Don’t remember any of those kids cleaning stadiums. And they rose to the occasion and stayed out of trouble thereafter. There are methods within the department. Coach Lynch, what are you going to do?

  7. Northsider – I am more of a hard ass though. I made 2 members of my youth team stay and pick up trash on our practice field (something my son and I did) for punishment of incidents at their schools and they lost starting spots for a game. This was done with the parents full blessing and on top of their individual punishments.

    This was as much a message to my other players that my words should ring true. Being allowed to play the game is a privilege and not their right. Only part of the punishment is to truly reform those who have committed the offense, while the rest is to serve as a warning that it will not be tolerated.

    Last off season their were player arrest, all minor stuff that was handled internally. Things quieted down. Now we have this incident. Bill Lynch has got to send a message that this will not be allowed.

  8. “James Bailey needs to be removed from IU completely. He is a cancer that we do not need spreading on the football team”

    A cancer…
    Who are you to judge anyway?

    “Time to step up to the plate Bill Lynch and make these street rats into men”

    Are we on a KKK chat ? please let me know.

  9. “these street rats”
    Come on Northsider be a man drop the N word , come on, say what you feel deep inside.
    Nice try on the nazis imagery revival with the rats , the jews etc…
    You are pathetic

  10. In all honesty, I only knew one was black. And that is a child I have embraced in the past and will again after I thump him on the head for such behavior. How ignorant are you to believe that was racist? Urinating in the parking lot? Animals do it. That was the reference. I would call my two white children the same thing. Pull your heads out of your collective rectums here. Honestly.

  11. First of all, about Drane and Reeves – come on, that’s ridiculous. Reeves had a .05 – a .05! Does anyone really expect kids not to drink at college until they are 21? I mean, do you REALLy expect that? A .05 is probably 2 beers for crying out loud – still legally able to drive. Are you telling me the Bloomington police have nothing better to do than that?

    Now, obviously Darius was much worse and is obviously a combative drunk – not good. (But I would have to say there were plenty of times I passed out in my freshman year and was ready to fight anyone who came near – but I didn’t represent the football team.)

    The Bailey and McCray thing is very disappointing. I have no problem with what they were doing (listening to loud music and being college students) but to continue to do it after being warned by police is just downright moronic. They deserve to go to jail for that stupidity alone.

  12. “You guys sound ridiculous saying that Bailey should be off the team or suspended. He has put in a lot of work for the IU program and has been basically a three year starter. He is IU’s best receiver this year and will definitely have a huge year for the Hoosiers. But he should be off the team because of a noise violation? You guys sound crazy!

  13. “Bailey is the best receiver.”

    Bailey can barely hang onto a catch more than once or twice a game. No way is he the best receiver we have. If he is, next year is going to be a LONG year.

    This is at least the 3rd time he has been in trouble and he was suspended for a game or two this season. Get him off the team!

  14. He puts in a lot of hard work and is IU’s best reciever this year?

    Where did his hard work get him this past season? I think it got him benched, he lost a starting job to Andrew Means, then he was suspended for violating team rules. Give me a break.

    I am assuming that you mean he WILL be IU’s best reciever this year. That is yet to be seen, but I have my doubts on it. If the coaching staff is smart and moves Thigpen to the slot and out of the back field, Bailey will most likly come in beind Fisher, Means and Thigpen.



  16. What has become very interesting to me in all the less than desirable things going on at IU is that people seem to think that they get to determine what rules they follow. They say that Sampson’s calls were no big deal even though in violation of NCAA rules ans subsequents sanctions. A noise ordinance is no big deal. A police order does not have to be followed. Underage drinking laws should be ignored because “what college kid waits til they are 21 to drink”.

    What don’t you idiots understand about the rule of law, the rules governing college athletics, the rules of common decency…..You are incredibly ignorant.

  17. To KBN and all the rest of you:

    IU established over many years that “People can observe whatever rules they choose” through coddling of a basketball coach who wins titles.

    Is it any wonder that everyone else on the campus thinks he or she can “do it my way” ???

  18. I work practically on Purdue’s campus and live just outside WL. As a IU grad and loooong time Hoosier fan, this pains me to say, but…. another 10 or 12 of these incidents, and the IU football team is going to approach the level of public nuisance that the PU team provides around here on a regular basis. However, I admit that getting stabbed in the women’s bathroom of a bar (one of the Boiler Highlights of last fall) is perhaps beyond the skill level of any of the crop of current Hoosiers. Nevertheless, just being in the same bonehead class as Tiller’s clowns is a major step in the wrong direction.

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