Fox Sports: Sampson fired

The official word from IU basketball spokesman J.D. Campbell is that IU’s players were at Assembly Hall for a regularly scheduled 3 p.m. NCAA rules compliance meeting that is routine and has nothing to do with the Sampson decision.

From what I understand, some TV and radio stations have already reported that this was a closed-door meeting regarding Sampson, but that’s not what IU is saying.


IU’s players have just left Assembly Hall around 4 p.m. while refusing to answer any questions from the media gathered there.

We’ll keep following up on this to find out whether there was a player meeting about Sampson’s fate and what was discussed.

Eric Gordon’s father, Eric Sr., said in phone calls this afternoon that he hasn’t yet heard any news from Eric about Sampson being fired.


IU spokesman Larry MacIntyre said at 3:30 that reports that Sampson has been fired or has resigned are incorrect. He said both are possible scenarios for what will happen, but neither has happened at this point.

MacIntyre also said that IU has not scheduled a press conference for Friday afternoon. He said that staff is making preparations in case a press conference is held because it is a possibility, but no decision to have a press conference has been made.


UPDATE: IU trustee Pat Shoulders just told me that he’s aware of the Fox Sports Report, but he would put his hand on a Bible and swear that he doesn’t know anything about Sampson having been fired. Shoulders said he talked with university president Michael McRobbie at 11 a.m. today about a different matter and at that point there was no news on Sampson.


FOX SAYS SAMPSON’S GONE: In the midst of IU sources saying no decision has been made yet on Kelvin Sampson, Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports is reporting that Sampson has been fired. Click here to read this story.

From what we can tell, players have not been notified of any news regarding Sampson. Eric Gordon’s father just said he hasn’t heard anything.


  1. Is it possible that the guy from Fox Sports has no idea what is going on? Maybe he needs to do his job a little better. You know all of this speculating is getting a bit absurd, should we not just all wait one more day and see what happens? Just a thought.

  2. First, is this the same Fox putz that broke the news that DJ was definitely out for the Purdue game? Originally I assumed Sampson was out, but if this weasel says he’s gone I have to assume the opposite. Second, if he is gone – has it occured to anyone else that if KS has coached his last game he will ‘retire’ as the IU coach with the best winning percentage (74% to Knight’s 73.4%). There’s an interesting entry in the ol’ media guide.

  3. kurk81 – But you know there will be a stipulation like “best winning percentage by a coach with a minimum of 500 games coached at IU”

  4. I hope they are all wrong. Sampson just got me to watch IU basketball again. I won’t follow a team coached by Dakich. No thanks
    Please! I hope they just suspend him and keep him as coach!

  5. Kath, no offense to you, but if the people who are only watching IU because of Sampson go away, then IU will be just fine.

  6. Kath, we all love watching Sampson-brand IU basketball, but…. The NCAA has already served notice that they think he has committed the evivalent of murder, and you don’t argue with these guys. They ARE going to come down on IU like a ton of bricks if we don’t throw KS under the bus. No post season for a couple years, we loose all of our recruits, the whole program sucks for 2 or 3 years. Keeping Sampson and staying at the level we’re at now just ain’t gonna happen – the NCAA won’t let it. It’s A)lose Sampson and keep the players and the post season eligibility or B) keep Sampson and let him coach the players that Indiana State doesn’t want for the next few years. And Mike P – yeah, it’ll be comical to see how IU dodges admitting that KS is their winningest coach – look for the fine print on the last page of he media guide.

  7. Kath,

    I have to echo Ryan Worden and IU Jimmy. If you only watch the team because of who is the coach, then we really don’t need you. I am a football guy, and if I could stomach through Cam and Gerry as head coaches and still support those teams, you can support the b-ball team without Sampson.

  8. Bob Kravitz is reporting that a source deep within his own rectum has told him that he is a very good journalist, and that he’s a very handsome boy.

  9. Mike P

    I don’t think it’s necessary to tell Kath that we don’t need her. She has a point. I know Sampson did the unpardonable sin, however you have to admit He has coached this team well. Their record proves it. Throw Him under the bus sure, but you have to admit the basketball part of all this there isn’t any complaints about. That only makes this decision so much harder.

  10. Kath, I’m with you. If they fire Sampson I’m done. Someone can have my tickets to the last two games. Not because I don’t support the team or the players, or because I love Sampson, but because I can’t believe how horrifically this has all been handled.

    You “Hoosiers” should be ashamed of yourselves for your obsession with your “reputation.” Puh-leeze. This is small potatoes, and what you’ll be doing by supporting the firing is throwing the team you “love” into chaos by taking away their coach and their stability. I mean honestly, the players you say you love and support 100% are going to the presidents’ office to beg for their coach’s job, and you STILL support him being fired? Give me a break.

    I honestly hope that DJ and Eric Gordon announce they’re done playing for the year, just to give all of you moral scolds what you deserve. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  11. Well, if Fox says he’s been fired then, if they stay true to form, he’s probably been given a 10 year extension.

  12. “The NCAA has already served notice that they think he has committed the evivalent of murder”

    Oh my god people, get over yourselves.

    I truly hope that the next coach winds up paying all his players and covering up murder. Just so you can see what a “real” scandal is. Get off your high horses, you idiots.

  13. I don’t think DJ or Eric quitting would bode well for hteir NBA stock. But I get the point, they should go to bat for Kelvin keeoing his job. They have become the most enjoyable IU team to watch in almost 15 years!

  14. Actually Kurk81, not all of us do enjoy Sampson’s style of basketball, or his lack of ethics.

    I actually have enjoyed watching Purdue play this year. Not as much talent, but Painter has them playing as a team….and the NBA aside, basketball is a team sport.

    Get us a coach that can follow the rules and teach the players to play as a team. This is Indiana basketball, the rest will take care of itself.

  15. Sure single me out for what others had already said.

    I also still feel that way, I want fans of the program, of the university, not fans of a coach or player. Players come and go, coaches get fired, take better jobs or retire from schools every year.

    Our loyalty should be to what the program represents, not a single player, or coach, as the likely hood of me living longer than our next coach heads up the program is very high.

  16. The NCAA has served notice that he has committed the equivalent of insider trading and investment fraud. The media and some obsessed fans are calling it murder

  17. For those saying Sampson’s violations were minor, or “small potatoes”, so is shoplifting,but it is still a crime.

    What amazes me is that many of the people that condemned Knight are the same people now willing to accept “winning at any cost”.

  18. Alum and avid IU fan here that just feels sick about this whole mess and so bad for the players. Sampson and the players have made this such an enjoyable season and we are in the hunt for a Big Ten Championship and solid NCAA run.

    Now we are all in this situation where there are no winners except for the media and IU’s next head coach.

    IU athletic department should be ashamed of themselves with 3 or 4 Athletic, 4 Football coachs, and soon to be 4 basketball coaches in like 10 years.

    I too question the existing system of being able to contact recruits and perhaps a review of Myles Brand’s NCAA. I wonder if he had anything to do with any of this current mess? Who is the NCAA’s watch dog?

  19. IUFan,

    You may want to change your name on here if you are quitting on the team this easily. You have already paid the money for the tickets so who are you hurting? Only yourself and the team.

    Sure Athletic Dept has handled the situation somewhat poorly, but in this case the NCAA rules unequivocally. It seems like the NCAA wants to take Sampson down, so what is IU supposed to do at this point? Stand up for Sampson, make the NCAA “force” Sampson out, and then get hit with heavier sanctions that could bring the program down for several years? No.

    Let’s be clear on this one thing: The NCAA will do WHATEVER it wants to do. Just look who is running the show, a certain Myles Brand. If they have something against Sampson, IU can only offer him up as a sacrifice and say “Here he is, please be easy on us.” That’s what it boils down to. I think IU doesn’t believe the allegations are that bad and a fireable offense, and that is why they didn’t fire him in October, but now the NCAA is kind of putting the hammer down and forcing IU to make a move. Tough situation to be in, but they have to look out for the program as a whole, not the coach or just one team.

    One final thought…If Sampson is gone today or tomorrow, I actually think it may spur the team on. They seem to have played their best the last few games and I think his firing would only motivate them more to “Win one for coach.” I guess we will see.

  20. Ummm….IUFan?

    I like Sampson, but you have to do whats best for the university. I really don’t want to have to take on the NCAA, who thinks KS lied. The NCAA is the judge and the jury, and we HAVE to get rid of KS. IU is bigger than any one coach.

  21. NCAA Compliance Meeting? Holy cow, JD Campbell is a terrible liar.

    I think the players might have commented if that was the case.

  22. KS has done a lot of damage to the IU basketball system, and if IU does not fire him and the NCAA sanctions IU, it’ll be more than 2 or 3 years of non-post season play and no recruits… does anyone remember the U of Michigan violations in the mid-late 90s? They are still recovering from that… if IU gets sanctioned, we are looking at several years before we can play in the post-season AND have good recruits. When he was hired, I said it was a huge mistake… if only they had asked me my opinion.

  23. I think the point about Sampson bringing excitement to IU is in comparison with Mike Davis. But I have to agree with the program people, I watched IU basketball under Mike Davis because he coached for the cream and crimson.

    Sampson didn’t pay players or do anything that would be under normal circumstances a major violation. They are only a violation because of his probation. That’s why it’s a little silly for him to be fired. I understand that because of the way the NCAA works, he should be fired. But it’s still a little ridiculous that his career is ruined over a handful of 3-way calls.

    Just like you wouldn’t give someone the death penalty for shoplifting, I think that the argument can be made that killing someones career over a dozen 3-way calls is excessive.

  24. Brad,
    An excellent and thoughtful post. Good job! Whatever happens I too hope the kids can rally around Sampson’s demise and make this a season to remember for their play and performance not just a year of KS’s phone call follies.

  25. Indiana has handled this extremely poorly. What a joke of an “investigation” this is. If Sampson is fired, he should sue and get compensated for the rest of his contract.

    This is a PR stunt, and it’s pathetic. Indiana hired him, and they can’t fire him until he’s been proven guilty and had the ability to give his side.

    Indiana should let him coach the remainder of the season and let the chips fall where they may. This is no way to treat 18-22 year old student athletes, either.

    Greenspan & McRobbie are acting in the best interests of their own reputation. Everybody in their right mind would understand if Indiana let Sampson have his say in front of the NCAA and then was fired after the NCAA made its ruling. But Indiana doesn’t want to wait, because that’s not convenient for them.

    You have a contract to live up to, Mr. Greenspan. And you have a great group of student athletes who would appreciate it if you and your administration would just let them play basketball and worry about this at the end of the season.

  26. All these Indy reporters have sources in EVERY story they write. Yet they clam up when its not true. Anything for ratings, they don’t worry about their reputation. They have more sources in their pocket than a kids got jellybeans. My sources tell me they like to wear their wives panties over to their neighbors for tupperware parties. But that is just my ‘source’ telling me this.

  27. k-dawg, nobody is killing Sampson’s career over a dozen 3-way calls. Sampson killed his career with over 600 improper calls overall. The sad thing is he was given warning and a second chance.

    Was getting a leg up on a 5 star recruit when a 4 star recruit would have come here instead really worth killing his career and IU’s reputation?

  28. Remember all; this is all about the young men that are playing basketball. They need everyone’s support. I am not saying i believe KS should have done what he did; but also remember we let prisoners in this country go after a part of their sentence for murder. Rules are rules – yes – but tell me a coach in the country that has not broke them (or got caught) – and i will sell you some property in the lovely florida keys!!!

  29. Jessy,
    Actually, an idiot is someone with such poor reading skills that they don’t recognize sarcasm. THE NCAA is acting like he has committed murder (this is an example of comic overstatement to illustrate that the NCAA takes themselves too seriously and rushes to judgement). Try reading something a little less challenging than a sports blog – whatever that would be.

  30. I love the guy that says “I will not watch Iu under Dakich”…What a joke…Why not??? What has Dakich done to make you so distasteful of him? Yet, Sampson lies to IU and the NCAA and puts the program on the brink of the first NCAA violations in 40+ years and you would watch him…moron

  31. OK People I’m coming back. I’m coming back to: make more money, bring back the old baskets that I had while I was here, swear at the old lady behind the bench, and follow the rules. If you don’t like it- tough.

  32. I’m glad to see I am not the only one who thinks the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. It may necessary for Sampson to be fired to avoid painful sanctions. At the same time, somebody needs to hold the NCAA accountable. As far as the institutions are concerned, this is all about money. The purpose of the NCAA is to turn the cash cow into something pretty that will make everyone feel good about themselves.

  33. I can’t wait until they hire someone new, so we can demand that they get fired too! Whoever it is, he’s no Bobby Knight, and the program will really start going downhill the moment he sets foot on campus! I can’t believe those jokers at Assembly Hall will have hired him! These recruits he’s going to bring in are nothing but thugs, streetballers and one-and-dones, and I’m not gonna support the team until this as-yet-to-be-named jerk is dumped!

  34. The NCAA is an unbelievably pathetic institution.

    How much money do you think they’ve spent counting Kelvin Sampson’s phone calls over the last few years? By the time you add it up, it has to be ridiculous. And then if you add in what OU & IU have had to pay in attorney’s fees to fight the NCAA over phone calls, we’re talking millions of dollars.

    Millions of dollars and a ruined career and reputation because the NCAA wants to make a statement about phone calls.

    Unlimited text message (at least for years), still unlimited e-mail, unlimited contact from the recruit to the coach, but if you’re on a three way phone call, you’re a damned cheater and your career should be done.

    This is an outrage. An absolute outrage. There’s no due process with the NCAA, either. They don’t run their ship based on America’s legal standards. They pretend they do, but we all know they don’t.

    I seriously, seriously hope the NCAA starts investigating things that matter…amateur athletics is truly being corrupted as we speak, and the NCAA is more concerned about whether Kelvin Sampson knew he was on a three way phone call or not.

    This is ridiculous.

  35. The NCAA SHOULD use this opportunity to make a statement about phone call violations. Yes, the violations may seem minor. But the NCAA regulations are in effect for a reason. If they are not going to enforce them, why have them at all?

  36. I’m not saying that the rules shouldn’t be enforced. Just that ruining someone’s career, and sending an entire state into a frenzy is out of proportion.

  37. You are dead on Hoosier Fan…the NCAA has a screwed up agenda, but it doesn’t matter because no one can do a damn thing about it. They run the show and do what they want. And people think the real judicial system is messed up…..

  38. Young,

    The problem is the NCAA picks and chooses which rules to enforce and when they want to enforce them. They always have and always will. Look no further than the Reggie Bush case…USC basically paid thousands of dollars to him indirectly and yet no penalties for them. Ridiculous

  39. We’re gonna get stuck with Steve Alford. Nobody else will be willing to take the job after this mess. He’ll be untouchable after he gets the job but the AD probably won’t realize it when he hires him. Who knows? Maybe he’s ready for prime time this time around.
    I’d love to see Miles Brand get caught in something particularly unsavory.

  40. Sampson gone. Good. Next domino to fall, Greenspan. The rot reaches right up to Indiana University Trustees. They run it hellbent to leather as a profit concession, not an academic institution. It’s time to clean the stables at IU.

  41. George, what does the profitablity of the athletics department have to do with the academic standards of the school?

  42. I just think it’s hilarious people think Kelvin Sampson is some sort of cheater and that everyone else is “so ethical.”

    Kelvin is just careless. Jay Bilas has been on record as saying he knows major division 1 head coaches who have phones their universities don’t know about. Kelvin was breaking rules on Indiana’s own freakin’ phones…he wasn’t trying to hide anything.

    In addition, if people only really knew what went on in recruiting major athletes. Sampson was involved in too many phone calls, but I know people in college basketball, and there are some things you wouldn’t believe are happening.

    When most college coaches are out wining and dining with sleazy AAU coaches in the summer, Kelvin is in Kuwait coaching the troops. That tells you everything you need to know.

    Go ask any AAU coach / high school coach what they think of Kelvin Sampson. Most of them (a) don’t know him and (b) don’t really care for him, because he doesn’t give them the time of day. They all want “perks,” and Sampson doesn’t play that game.

    Trust me. I know a high school / AAU basketball coach who won’t let any of his players go play for Roy Williams because “Roy didn’t come through on any perks” for this particular when he had a kid go play for Roy at KU a few years ago.

    It’s a dirty, sleazy business out there, and all this talk about phone calls is absurd. The NCAA needs to find the real criminals, not the folks driving with traffic going five miles over the speed limit.

  43. ‘I paid $3.09 per gallon for gas today. How is that for news? Not speculation either…..that is the truth.’

    Those are the real criminals.

  44. Phone calls. How could anyone do such an outrageous, illegal, and immorale thing?? So I wonder what the number one team in the country did when they did not even graduate a single basketball player for, I believe it was 6 years in a row???????? Student athletes??? Sounds like they are running a semi-pro league their.. Just an example of how screwed up the NCAAs priorities are. Oh and when it comes to the NCAA landing on IU, remember who the head of the NCAA is now.

  45. I’ll just weigh in on what I take to be some of the core issues and concerns here, if for no other reason than to focus things a little.

    The first is due process. I don’t know if KS has had his day in court over the past week. I doubt if we will know soon. If he hasn’t, then clearly a procedural wrong has occurred. Whether you are pro KS or con KS, he deserves a hearing– I think we all agree to that.

    The second is transparency: can the public can know, or does the public have the right to know, all that’s ‘gone down.’ I don’t know exactly what’s on the table between IU, the AD, and KS, and I don’t think anyone else does. Shielding some of the process may protect all the parties to sort through the data, the accusations, etc. I think some “delayed” transparency is probably all that we should ask for. It’s all we can hope for.

    The third is proportionality: does the penalty (firing, suspension) fit the crime(s)? If ‘giving a kid a t-shirt’ is a “serious infraction” as McRobbie asserts, then I question this inquisition. It may be an infraction, but that’s hardly serious. This seems to be a charge handed down by a Philosopher who can’t figure out how to weigh the gravity of this or that problem. I think that many people rightly want this to be an issue squarely on the table.

    Fourth is a combination of consistency and proportionality, as these bear on the merits of the NCAA as a policing organization: the NCAA seems not to be uniform in its policiing of programs. It allows far greater problems to continue, and that fact should lead us to question its authority. As sound as this point is, I don’t think it’s going to give IU much room. IU has to answer to the NCAA, regrettably or otherwise.

    Finally there’s the question of the penalties in relation to the sanctions. I think some people think that it’s one thing to allow things to get out of hand, but another thing to allow things to get out of hand when the ‘eyes are on you,’ and failure to comply after a warning is much more serious than a first-time infraction. This fact complicates the “proportionality” point above.

    Thanks for listening to this. HB

    I don’t presume to have a solution to these matters; I just want to contribute a few distinctions and concepts to the arguments, which are going this way and that.

  46. clearly Sampson is not getting his fair due process. the smartest thing for him to do is reject a buy-out and fight the firing. milk the athletic department. jim o’brien is doing pretty well right now and this stuff is not even as near as serious.

  47. The only thing that is crystal clear in this whole mess is that IU does not ACT, they REACT. It appears at times that the proverbial “left hand does not know what the right hand is doing” Crazy stuff by a myriad of puffed up trustees and ADministration. As a 45+ year Bloomingtonian, I have witnessed this pompous attitude from the IU “family”?? Very seldom is there a personality that steps up and says/does the right thing (academia excluded, because we have some top notch educators) Also, Bill Mallory excluded. He is a great one and always will be. I could mention more but Coach Mal is at the top of the list.

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