Greenspan meets with IU players at Assembly Hall

Rick Greenspan has met with Indiana’s basketball players this evening at Assembly Hall.

Players declined comment upon leaving the meeting, which ended at 7:45.

We will provide further updates as they become available. Greenspan is still at Assembly Hall, according to our latest information.


  1. I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work to track this story all day. I know it is a lot of waiting and phone calling but let me say it is greatly appreciated.

  2. to anyone who can answer – andy katz is reporting that 2 options are being considered for sampson. one of which is that Indiana could suspend Sampson without pay, in which case, according to Sampson’s contract, the coach would have 10 days to appeal. That means a suspension with the intention of firing once all the legal ducks are in a row, right?

    if not, things sure have seemed to turn 180 degrees if Katz is correct since neither option involves firing. at least not in the near future.

  3. I wonder if Rick Greenspan had to explain why the IU administration decided to turn on Kelvin Sampson without letting him explain his side of the story?

    What a great lesson for that team to learn. The man leading their athletic department stabbed their own coach right in the middle of the back in a desperate attempt to save his own job.

    If I was a player, I wouldn’t listen to a word Rick Greenspan said. Nor McRobbie. So much for due process in this country.

    I honestly hope the players were given the opportunity to let the IU administration hear their side a little bit. Only reason KS was fired this early was for PR reasons. Which is absolutely pathetic.

    KS should sue the university and take their millions. This decision will come back to bite these “academicians” … you just wait.

  4. Why isn’t anyone asking about compliance? They dropped the ball and are somehow avoiding the spot light…….I wonder who benefits from that??

  5. Due process came in October. Since then the question came to what did he do when he had due process. It appears that the October process allowed him to get away with lying to his employers. The NCAA has a better process, since the HS kids want to play Div 1 ball, so they felt they had to talk to NCAA investigators. That proved that he lied to his employers.

    The only due process he gets now is to have IU Administration figure out if the HS kids story is credible – since they can no longer trust KS. It is and he is done. He had a chance to fix it. He blew the chance. He got his one Do-over and threw it away.

    He has been man enough to date not to whine or cry, so the fans should man up with him.

    IU cannot allow a high profile employee lie to the administration in high profile situations, or they can never demand employee loyalty of any professor or janitor or student. Give up the idea of an honor code, just for KS? Not going to happen with good leaders.

    Finally we have a good leader at IU.

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