Half-time thoughts

Eric Gordon shoots a 3.

Northwestern is 7-9 from behind the arc, and that’s why they’re in this game.

Indiana is arguably playing their worst defense of the season. Thanks to D.J. White (12 points, 7 rebounds) and Eric Gordon, who’s found his stroke from 3-point range, they’ve scrapped their way to a 40-37 lead.

A perfect example came on IU’s final offensive possession. As the Hoosiers passed the ball around to run down the clock, Northwestern’s Craig Moore stripped it from Jamarcus Ellis Ellis and heaved it to teammate Jeremy Nash for a lay-up. Kelvin Sampson, who was already heading towards the locker room, gently kicked the ball back to halfcourt.

His frustration was evident.

For those of you out here hoping they would come out strong and with an added level of intensity following the two humbling losses against UConn and Wisconsin, they just haven’t done that. They’re winning simply on talent– riding the shoulders of their two leaders White and Gordon.

We’ll see how they come out of the locker room.


  1. How dare you say we’re playing our worst defense of the season?

    Don’t you know we’re only allowed to say positive things and slobber over Sampson?

    Why do you hate our Hoosiers so much?

  2. Laffy can be abrasive guys, but he’s also right alot.

    I love IU hoops, and have for 30 years. This is very hard to watch, and then listen to people say you’re a hater, when you are just stating the obvious. And nobody’s dying here, it’s just a game.

    Until PU comes to town.

    That game didn’t scare me in Nov. But it does now.

    C’mon Hoosiers!!

  3. If this is very hard to watch…what was it like to watch the last few years of Knight flaming out in the Big Dance…or the losing season under Davis?

    I’m not saying this team is perfect or a great executing team, but for god’s sake they are 7-1 in the Big Ten and 18-3 overall. Yes, they haven’t had a win that makes you say “wow” in terms of opponent…but on the same token they haven’t lost to any weaklings either, which is good. Imagine what IU fans would be spewing if we had pulled a Sparty at Iowa or at Penn St.

    All in all, this team has great room for improvement and I hope we all get to see it. The make or break games are coming up…especially the MSU, Wisky, Purdue home games. Criticize all you guys want, it’s part of being a fan. But sometimes it’s a little ridiculous to bash a team that has not had a bad 2/3 of a season by any means.

    Go Hoosiers

  4. Go back and examine some of your posts to answer that question. I would, but then I’d to have read through all your unintelligent banter once again.

  5. Also, I forgot to mention that your last post once again shows how you never provide any substance to what you state. It’s just a brief sentence that has little information, followed by an insult that would make every 10-15 year old reader proud.

  6. Actually, Goober, I’ve had several compliments about points I’ve made, so your crying “I never add anything worthwhile” is wrong……..like most everything you say.

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