Half time thoughts

Kosta Koufos tries for a block on Armon Bassett.

The Buckeyes are lucky this hasn’t turned into a blowout.

If Indiana was able to capitalize from the perimeter- they went a dismal 3-16 from behind the arc- the Hoosiers could be realistically be up by 20 or 30 points. IU, especially early on, was able to get any shot they wanted to: an open 3-pointer for Eric Gordon, a jumper from Armon Bassett or one-on-one in the post with D.J. White.

It’s not just the Hoosiers who are shooting poorly. The Buckeyes shot 9-29 from the field and only 1-12 from 3-point land. Needless to say, there’s been about 300 rebounds.

Armon Bassett is once again having a stellar game at the point guard position. The sophomore guard has 13 points at the break on 5-7 shooting. D.J. White added six points and six rebounds.

Do I see the Buckeyes scraping their way back into this game? Not unless they get away from their rushed offense where they run down the court and force the first possible shot they see. Indiana has flirted with the 2-3 zone in the first half, and for the most part, it worked. Then again, any defense they played in the first half worked. Ohio State was that bad.

We’ll see if the Hoosiers can shoot better from the perimeter. If so, we might have a blowout on our hands.


  1. Someone shut the back doors in the Hall. There is a draft in there. Chilly numbers. Eric is looking awful. He seems to dribble into trouble every time, always looking for a ref. Help me. Help me.

  2. refs are used to his MO. They are not going to give him the call. Have not seen it all year. He gets the touch and bump foul but not during the drive.

  3. getting ugly. Where is the defense? We are 1/2 step behind. That is what makes final four teams. Being there for the stop and/or steal.

  4. Timeout. I must stop and add a positive. Our rebounding, for the most part, has been good this year. I say that because that is another sign of a deep team.

    This lazy defense scares me tho. It must improve to move on.

  5. But as Chris mentioned tonight:
    “Something youรขโ‚ฌโ„ขve gotta like about Eric Gordon: when he forces it and makes a foolish turnover, he gets angry and makes up for it on defense.”

    EJ steps up after an offensive boo boo…he just got a rebound.

    There goes another OURMON 3!

  6. I am going to quit with the EJ critique. He is awesome. He makes them all better. DJ and Armon for MVP tho. DJ has to get it, but Bassett is a horse.

  7. ww, ya I know, but we just need to win this game…”one game at a time”. Let’s realize the team’s goal of a a BT championship first and by then we can gel for deep NCAA run

  8. You mean the women’s game right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Go lady Hoosiers….oh wait you mean the State game, oh my! What a MONSTER game and then we find out what kind of team we are.

  9. Doufos Koufous nails a three ๐Ÿ™ Why is there always some player from the opposing team that has a BIG night? No matter…this one is won and done! Good job IU…a win is a win!

  10. This one is won and done! Good job IU. DD even puts the scurb Taber in ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kudos out to OURMON Bassett and DJ. Bring on State!

  11. Mark……..me thinks you are not a Taber fan. What if every one of the guys played as hard as Tab? We would be Elite Eight Bait. Also Kudos to Our-Man Bassett and DJ. We must beat State to win the conference. Please do not let Purdon’t win.

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