Holman looking fine in pre-game workout

Eli Holman just got done with a pre-game workout at the Schottenstein Center at OSU. Even though he’s wearing a cast on his left wrist, which is his shooting hand, he appears completely able to play. He is shooting well with that hand, catching hard passes one-handed, throwing the ball cross-court with it and using the hand on defense to push against a player he’s working out with.

I don’t understand this injury. I’ve never seen one like it, where a player is sidelined for most of a season but continues to practice using the injured part of his body as if he has no problems with it. In asking about Holman’s injury, we’ve never received specific information from IU about it. One IU official recently said he thinks Holman is wearing the cast because the wrist hasn’t healed as quickly as hoped and NCAA rules don’t allow players to play while wearing a cast. But for a guy whose wrist hasn’t healed, Holman looks really comfortable using it in these pre-game workouts.

Do any of you have medical expertise or experience with similar injuries that might help explain what is happening with Holman? With the troubles IU has had finding help for D.J. White inside, Holman could have provided another option but that apparently isn’t going to happen.


  1. Sounds to me like Kelvin’s trying to get a redshirt year out of this based on medical reasons. I was a proponent of his hire, but I can no longer believe a word out of his mouth and don’t trust him any further than Bob Knight can throw a chair.

  2. Uh, Wally?

    He has a CAST. On his HAND. If NCAA regulations state that a player with a cast on his hand can’t play in games, then why WOULDN’T Sampson try and get a redshirt year for Holman?

    Not to do so wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense. I swear. If you don’t like Sampson, then fine. But at least use a halfway decent rationale for expressing your dislike. Insinuating that he’s trying to illegally redshirt one of his own players is in black-helicopters territory.

  3. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about…He has a broken wrist and is wearing a cast. If the NCAA rules say he can’t play with a cast, then he can’t play. That doesn’t mean he has to sit in a wheel chair from his dorm room and watch the game and not practice. I have seen people play sports with an arm cast before in pick up games and things like that. If its in a cast its not going anyplace and isn’t going to move so there is no reason he couldn’t practice. Obviously though he can’t play a game with it b/c he could use it as a “weapon” or at least use it in an unfair way.

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