Hoosiers battle Wisconsin, second half in-game analysis

The Wisconsin Badgers celebrate.

We’re ready for the second half to begin. Should be a good one.


Starts well for Indiana. Trevon Hughes loses his dribble and the ball and the ball goes over to the Hoosiers.

Eric Gordon just did something I’ve never seem do this entire season: pull up for a baby jumper. Instead of just charging into the lane for a foul, he pulled up in front of Brian Butch and dropped in a pretty shot.

He did the next thing on the following possession but was fouled. He drained both free throws. IU leads 41-38.


After a two minute drought, Armon Bassett livens up the crowd with a 3-pointer. Their spirits are dampened a minute later when D.J. White is called for a foul. The basket counts, but D.J. now has three fouls.

Gordon wasn’t stopping in the lane this time. He drove all the way and dropped it in to give IU a six-point advantage.


Bohannon continues the clinic from downtown. He nails his fifth of the night to cut the margin back to three.

A minute later, Brian Butch drops in a nice left-handed hook shot to cut it two one. Wisconsin has nicely responded to IU’s early run.


It’s been run and gun for about two minutes now; the Badgers matching Indiana shot for shot. They now have the lead, 49-48, after a Brian Butch lay-up.


Another questionable call angers the Hoosier fans. Trevon Hughes drove the lane, apparently traveled, then the whistle blew. There was a foul first, according to the referee.

After the next play, a Wisconsin miss, Eric Gordon grabs the loose ball and races downcourt, but not before being fouled. It’s Wisconsin’s third as team this half.

Armon Bassett drives straight at Brian Butch but misses his lay-up badly. IU still by two.

Eric Gordon does the same thing, and to no surprise, a foul is called. He’ll shoot two.

Misses the first. Makes the second. IU by three. Ellis comes in for Gordon.


Jason Bohannon. Jason Bohannon. Jason Bohannon. Do the Indiana players not know he can hit the deep ball?

Apparently not. He just drained his sixth 3-pointer of the night to even the game.

D.J. White got fouled on the next possession, but hit only one free throw. IU by one.


Both teams are playing some good basketball. After a loose scramble, D.J. White finally came out with it. But Jordan Crawford couldn’t connect on the other end. IU trails by one at the under-eight timeout.


Eric Gordon scores at the other end, and after a Badger turnover, the Assembly Hall crowd is as loud as they’ve been all evening. It’s 55-54 Hoosiers. 6:28 on the clock.

Marcus Landry goes straight at DeAndre Thomas, draws the contact and is fouled. He misses the free throw, and Jamarcus Ellis rebounds. IU by one.

Gordon drains a jumper- that’s right, a jumper not a 28-foot 3-pointer- to give the Hoosiers the lead again.

On their next possession, D.J. White is unable to retrieve Jordan Crawford’s lob pass. The ball goes back to Wisconsin.


Gordon drives the lane again. He scores again. The Hoosiers faithful at Assembly are rocking. IU by three. 4:28 to go. What a Big Ten basketball game.


After the Hoosiers couldn’t buy a bucket on four tries- including an Eric Gordon 3-point attempt- Brian Butch scores at the other end to cut the deficit to two.

Armon Bassett is fouled on the next play. He’ll go to the line for two.


He only makes one. IU leads by a basket, 60-58.


Brian Butch’s shot is pinned on the backboard by D.J. White -goaltending according to the refererees- so the basket counts and Wisconsin ties it up at 60.


Trevon Hughes calmly hits the first free throw, but his second clanks off the back iron. The Badgers now lead by one.

Armon Bassett drives straight to the hole, and this time he finishes. Indiana by one.

Brian Butch comes right back. He drops in a nice lay-in over D.J. White’s outstretched arms for a basket.

But White wasn’t about to let Butch show him up. On the next play, he coolly drains a fifteen footer from the top of the key. IU is back up, 64-63.

This truly is a phenomenal Big Ten basketball game. Both teams are refusing to give an inch. Should be an even better finish. 44 ticks to go.


Marcus Landry just finished his own miss with a putback to put Wisconsin back up by one. IU called time. 22.8 seconds left. Down one.

Gordon is fouled by Trevon Hughes and knocks down both free throws. Wisconsin, now trailing by one, has 12.5 seconds for a shot. Bo Ryan calls time. Who will they go to?


Brian Butch. He nails a 3-pointer. IU inbounds to Jamarcus Ellis, who races downcourt and gets a good look at a 3. It clanks off the back iron and over the backboard.

Wisconsin wins. 68-66. IU fans should obscenities at the Badgers as they leave the court.


  1. Ya know, as an IU alum and dedicated fan, I just lost interest in this game, given all that is going on with the program right now. I wish we had won for the players’ sake, but I’m almost too pissed about the NCAA allegations to care right now.

  2. Is it just me being really biased towards IU, or do we never get calls in our favor. And also, is it just me, or does every team we play have a player(s) that have career nights in 3’s…i am fully aware I am whinning, but at this point i’m okay with that. Game after game after game an opposing player hits more 3’s than he would ever dream of. and now pat forde and every other analyst can continue on about how bad IU basketball is

  3. right now, i am either numb or indifferent to the outcome of this game, which was an important game as far as iu’s big ten title hopes go, and one which iu could have won.

    at this point, i have lost interest in iu for this season, which is too bad, for the players’ sakes, as they have treid hard and this is not their fault.

    it is a matter of waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop.

    if iu is smart, they will clean this mess up with dispatch — by getting rid of kelvin sampson and his guilty assistants and perhaps rick greenspan — and not let it fester.

    by doing so, they will not let a bad situation get worse, and they will cut their losses and perhaps mitigate against whatever penalties the ncaa ultimately chooses to impose on them.

    this whole thing is going to get a heckuva lot worse before it gets better, and none of it bodes well for iu’s basketball program or athletics department as a whole.

    hate to say it, but the self-righteous and sanctimonious kent benson and ted kitchel were right about this guy.

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