How’s it going to be?

Eric Gordon stretches.

Lots of buzz here as Indiana prepares for its game against Michigan State.

They’ve built a perch for the GameDay crew in the north east corner of the arena. Erin Andrews has been wandering the floor. Andy Katz is also reporting from the floor. And, of course, Dick Vitale has been walking around telling everybody the story of how he’s not supposed to talk so much. Irony.

The students haven’t found their way to the seats yet, and the rest of the hall is filling bit by bit. Too early to tell whether the “Stripe Out” will be effective.

One thing is for sure, though: the fans are going to be behind the players. They gave a heartier-than-usual cheer when the team left the floor.

Now more than ever this is D.J. White’s team. There is no coach anymore.

A few notes: Apparently some of the “Bring Back Integrity” shirts that Josh Tucker had printed and is selling — benefits going to the Jimmy V Foundation — were confiscated at the door during GameDay. According to reports, there were piles of them near the turnstiles. We’ve been trying to figure out whether there’s any of that going on tonight. According to an usher, they have been told NOT to ask anyone to remove a shirt unless it has profanity on it.

Dr. Adam Herbert once again refused to talk to the media. Herbert, who played a major role in hiring Kelvin Sampson, told me a few days ago that he didn’t have time to talk. Today, he said that he’ll have comment at the appropriate time. When asked what the appropriate time would be, he said, “At the appropriate time.”


  1. As the game is about to start, I’m thinking 2 or 3 years ahead. Stallings or Dakich or Fife is coaching IU and we’ll be doing ok. In the meantime, Sampson will have landed on his feet, coaching at some mid-major – Fresno State, Drake, etc. I sure as hell wouldn’t want that team on my schedule because, say what you want, the man can coach.

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