Illinois students are into literature

Here’s the Hoop Scoop

The Orange Krush — Illinois’ official student section — has published a flier for tonight’s game. It goes by the name of “Hoop Scoop,” and details, mostly, the sordid history of Eric Gordon, Kelvin Sampson and their wrongs against the university.

The “Hoop Scoop” declares Kelvin Sampson enemy No. 1 and Eric Gordon No. 2. “No words could fully describe the intense hard feelings of Illini fans towards this controversial coach and his wishy-washy one-year wonder,” it declares.

It also calls on students to refrain from using vulgarity, saying “We do not want to sink to IU’s level.”

The the back side of the publication — printed on orange paper, what else — it tells “The story so far . . .” of Gordon’s saga. It lists quotes that Gordon gave last summer while he was committed to Illinois but rumors continued that he was talking to Indiana.

“Coach Sampson has been talking to my coach, but I haven’t talked to him that much,” said Gordon. “He recruited me when he was at Oklahoma, so I know him, I think it’s a good pickup for Indiana to have him as their coach, but I’m going to stay with Illinois.”

PDF: Hoop Scoop page 1

PDF: Hoop Scoop page 2


  1. If anyone reads the hoopscoop page 2 IU roster, notice that they list Mike White as losing 50 pounds and not D! Great research!!!

  2. The Orange Krush’s Hoop Scoop is a good idea and they behaved well from what I could tell on ESPN. The student section in the real Assembly Hall in B-Town needs to clean up the chants.

  3. Chester Taylor’s half tackle was really uncalled for during the starting lineup intro. I guess he had his ankle injury that he sustained in the game coming to him…

    Hopefully Illinois can move on now that this game has finally been played.

  4. Tom, If you didn’t notice the other post the student section in the balcony was chanting F**k Gordon. I don’t call that well behaved. Not saying it is right that Indiana did it, but it does seem to happen at many schools you just can’t make out what they are saying on tv.

  5. The fact that anyone would put together a flier like that for a team that is not even going to make the NIT is pathetic.

  6. Hey guys. I’m glad to see you like the Hoop Scoop. I have to tell you that for the most part the actual Orange Krush section was clean last night. The F**k chants came from the regular student season ticket holders. Also Chester Frazier’s bump was friendly. He does that to everyone, and even Sampson and Gordon said it was no big deal.

  7. Friendly, please! He shouldn’t be doing that to opposing players. It is fine if he wants to run into his boys and celebrate however they do but don’t plow into somebody when they are expecting to touch or shake hands. I have a hard time believing Sampson and Gordon really think it is no big deal.

    By the way, the posters suggesting that Sampson and Gordon are public enemy number 1 and 2 should be a picture of the free throw line and Shaun Pruitt.

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