“I’m talking to Kelvin!”

That was one barb shouted from the student section at IU players. The hecklers pretended to be on their cell phones.

A small group of Northwestern students are in the bleachers behind the basket that the Hoosiers are shooting at.

“Where’s your coach?” is the chant now.

And, “D.J., you should have gone to practice yesterday.”

But, as usual, there are more Indiana fans here than Northwestern fans. The lowr bowl is fairly purple, with splotches of red. The top sections are red with dots of purple.


  1. LOL. A “small” group of NW students. There will probably be, what, 500 students there tonight? IU fans will take over, as usual.

  2. Way to hang in there,boys! Now lets go get a Big Ten title and show everyone else what IU basketball is about!

    P.S. PLEASE pay some defense.

  3. There are 1000 seats reserved for students at Welsh-Ryan, which is more than 1/8 of the undergrad student body. Considering the number of nerds who spend their Saturday nights in the library, completely unaware of a basketball game, getting 1k to show up is a pretty high percentage. Do you guys get 20% of your 38,000+ undergrads to games (for the mathematically challenged, that’s 7600 students) when you’re having a losing season in the B10? I doubt it.

  4. Actually, we have 7800 students at every game. Its been like that for years, and games were sold out during the losing Mike Davis years. So, to answer your question…..yes.

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