Indiana at Illinois, in-game analysis (2nd half)

Gordon smiles after his banked 3-pointer.


Ellis scores on a put-back, Bassett hits a 3 — that was really the killer — and then makes all eight of his free throws to give Indiana the hardest-fought win of its intriguing season.

ILLINOIS 69, INDIANA 69 (8.3, First OT)

Four straight missed free throws by Indiana. Yeesh. To waste the effort needed to get back into this game by missing simple free throws? Has to be infuriating for Sampson.

Lets see what Illinois draws up with its final play.

ILLINOIS 69, INDIANA 69 (57.9)

Hope you don’t need to get up real early tomorrow. They might just keep playing.

Crawford hits two 3s.

McCamey comes back and hits one to tie it. Over, of course, Crawford.

ILLINOIS 63, INDIANA 63 (End of 2nd half)

We’re going to over time. Why not? It’s been fun.

ILLINOIS 61, INDIANA 60 (56.1)

My view from court side was blocked by the standing Indiana coaches on that miss by D.J. White. What happened there?

ILLINOIS 59, INDIANA 58 (2:04)

Stemler hits the clutch 3.

If Indiana can pull this off some of the credit has to go Dan Dakich, who came storming off the bench after the last time out and got into the faces of Jamarcus Ellis and D.J. White. He was absolutely livid.

ILLINOIS 56, INDIANA 54 (5:43)

Time for Eric Gordon to, as they say, be a champion. On that play he used a DeAndre Thomas screen to get to the lane, then fed Jordan Crawford for an open 3.

ILLINOIS 52, INDIANA 47 (7:51)

Kyle Taber makes so many little plays. He’s constantly fighting for loose balls or batting them toward teammates.

How about that defensive play by Jordan Crawford. Anybody get the feeling he could be a pretty good player at that end if he dedicated himself there?

D.J. continues to battle. It’s 2 vs. 1 every time for him. Indiana’s fans are always going to wonder how good White — who’s been as good as any big guy in the country — could have been with more help in the front court.

ILLINOIS 49, INDIANA 42 (11:39)

Gordon pops around and hits a 3. You have to wonder how many times Indiana runs something that is supposed to result in him getting free like that. You’d think at least one out of, I don’t know, three.

Illinois is getting contributions form everybody, though. Mike Tisdale shows up and hits a shot.

ILLINOIS 42, INDIANA 32 (15:26)

Gotta figure Illinois will go right at D.J. White now that he has three fouls.

And they do. Pruitt scoops it over him.

Didn’t expect that burst of swiftness from Taber, but Indiana will take it.

McCamey’s got 17 points and the Illinois fans chant “That’s our freshman.”

ILLINOIS 40, INDIANA 30 (17:11)

Back and forth, back and forth.

Gordon pops opens and hits a 3. But then McCamey gets to the rim and draws Ellis’ third foul and has a 3-point play as a result.

At the other end, Gordon’s fouled hard and comes up grimacing. The Hoosiers work the ball into White — twice — and he gets off a tough shot over the double team. Kyle Taber’s tough work on the rebound leads to Gordon getting another shot and drawing a foul.

And McCamey continues to shine, hitting a 3.

Now D.J. White picks up his third foul. Trouble.

McCamey for 3 again. Sampson has no choice but to call time out.


  1. In case any Illinois coaches read this site, see Sampson’s statement on sportsmanship from after the UConn game. Not sure it is a strong enough statement for you to make given the antics of the Illini fans tonight, though.

  2. question?..does this game even go into 2ot if the officials make the call on pruitt at the end of the 1st OT…dj would have been taking 3..?..i know it seems to be a reoccurring question, but what is with the big ten officials…very inconsistent

  3. You are absolutely right Dave. Steve Welmer blew that call and it was right in front of his face. Sometimes I worry about that guy when he is officiating IU games. Especially since Bobby has been gone…

    DJ would have nailed one of the three foul shots.

  4. The no call foul should have never occured. Late in regulation, DJ makes a leaner and is called for a charge. The charge was totally a wrong call, the defensive player can’t establish position if his feet are still moving!

    ESPN showed the replay once that was the same view as you would have if you were at half court, it appeared the charge was called before they even made contact.

    All in all it was an enjoyable game, and even better that IU got the win.

  5. Gang, you guys didn’t play Memphis, Duke, UNC, or Kansas… it was the 10-14 Illini! Please don’t tell me a 13th ranked team’s fans are satisfied with a sweep of the lowly Illini and squeaked by in 2 OT! Folks, based on the talent level beyond White and EJ… well let’s just say you better make a run this year!

  6. It is always satisfying when you when at a place that you have lossed in for 6 years. Sure we will miss EJ and DJ but I love our guards with another year under them. How did Illinois win 10 games?

    Public enemy number one was the free throw stripe for Shaun Pruitt. -Not Gordon and Sampson as their little posters suggested. Maybe they should focus on free throws instead of clever texting messages and curse words at opposing players and coaches.

  7. i am always satisfied with a sweep in the big ten, just ask MSU how much they would like to have a sweep against Penn State…as for the talent level…i dont think we needed 30+ points from one player to win..Demitri played a heck of a game…i think IU had contributions from several players in the clutch…much better display of team involvement then the UCONN or the WISC. game

  8. if illinois fans reflect their coach i would hate to see the connection between IU and Sampson…pretty scary thought

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