Indiana at Northwestern, in-game analysis

Dan Dakich urges the Hoosiers on against Northwestern.


Crawford hits another 3 — kid has got some chutzpah — to cut it to two as Indiana prepares to hear its first half-time speech by head coach Dan Dakich.

That’s the type of play that can change a game. Jamarcus Ellis gets on the floor to corral a loose ball. Then Crawford, in transition, stops and coldly hits a 3-pointer.

But Northwestern counters by sneaking in again for an easy lay in.

White has the ball knocked away, and the Wildcats head the other way. White doesn’t. It appears he has hurt his hand. But he’s staying in the the game.


There’s a though. Just lob it into D.J. That cuts it to 30-26.

But Craig Moore comes back with a 3-pointer, and another lob into D.J. does reach him. It’s batted away and stolen by Coble.

Gordon has no touch tonight. White kicks it back out to him for an open 3. It clangs. Then he picks up his second foul.


Dakich sticking with what Kelvin Sampson had been doing in recent games, and mixing up zone defense and man-to-man. Not that this comes as any surprise, but Northwestern has been doubling D.J. White out of its zone.

Meanwhile, Indiana can’t figure out a way to guard Kevin Coble. The 6-9 wing has 12 points.


Now Michael Thompson is doing what a 5-10 point guard does, getting into spaces with his quickness. He darts through the lane and Ivan Peljusic finds him with a pass. He gets into a passing lane and creates a break the other way.

Indiana is not sharp. But how would it be?

Indiana’s getting by on individual play right now. Bassett’s hit three 3-pointers and White has three buckets.



Armon Bassett steps back and drains a three for Indiana’s first points. He’s fouled, but misses his free throw. Still, you can see that Bassett is a kid who doesn’t mind playing angry.

Northwestern is tough early, though. Kevin Coble hits a couple of 3s, and Sterling Williams goes at Stemler for a 3-point play.


The loudest cheer by IU fans during pre-game intros?

Probably when Dan Dakich was announced as the head coach.


Starters for Indiana: D.J. White, Lance Stemler, Jamarcus Ellis, Eric Gordon and Armon Bassett.


  1. Looks like a typical game for Northwestern and, of late, IU. NW seems to almost always get off to a solid start. They led Purdue in the first half at home, too. We’ll see if the trend continues for both teams, with NW tapering off and IU picking up steam.

  2. Oh bull. I doubt the players would think that was a fitting tribute to the coach who cared so much about winning.

  3. DJ WHITE SHOULD TOUCH THE BALL EVERY PLAY!! If they don’t double team, it is almost an automatic basket…if they do double down, he can kick out for open 3’s like the one gordon jut missed. If I were coach I would simply say GIVE IT TO DJ.

  4. Considering what the team has been through, I think we are doing ok. EJ is cold and NW is hitting their 3’s (50%) vs. IU(23%). That is the difference in the game right now IMO. Cool Crawford just a 3…Go IU!

  5. IU NW
    Points 35 37
    Field Goals 13-22 (59.1%) 14-28 (50.0%)
    Free Throws 5-6 (83.3%) 4-6 (66.7%)
    3-pointers 4-12 (33.3%) 5-13 (38.5%)

  6. HALF: NU 37, IU 35.
    IU: Bassett 12 pts; DJ.White 11 pts, 5 reb; Crawford 6 pts; Gordon 4 pts; Stemler 2 pts.
    IU: 13-22 (59%) FG; 4-12 3PT; 5-6 FT; 15 reb; 10 TO; 8 fouls.
    NU: 14-27 (52%) FG; 5-12 3PT; 4-6 FT; 11 reb; 4 TO; 7 fouls.
    NU: Coble 14 pts; Moore 7 pts, 3 stl; Thompson 6 pts; Okrzesik 5 pts; Williams 3 pts; Peljusic 2 pts, 3 reb, 5 ast.

  7. DJ WHITE is 5-5 in the first half. WHY DOES HE ONLY HAVE 5 SHOTS? It’s not just Dakich’s fault, it was the same way under Sampson. There have to be plays to get the ball to him down low.

    …Crawford, Bassett, and Ellis have figured out over the last couple games that they can drive to the basket and don’t have to wait for gordon to make plays. That opens up some 3’s as well

  8. Like other games of late, watch EJ come on strong in the 2nd half and get his 20+ points. DJ can continue to dominate these undersized NW big men if they can get him the ball.

    Any thoughts on Dakich yet?

  9. IU has lost 3 of the last 4 games at NW so as I was also hoping for a blowout for the same reason, it’s gonna be another barnburner IMO.

  10. I think Dakich is being careful to not do too much…it seems to me is just letting them play as they normalaly do. Aside from the ocasional substitution and switch from zone to man, he seems to be letting them go about their business. That’s just my opinion

  11. Ben, ya I agree and the lack of preparation time IU had to prepare for NW’s back door cuts seems to be hurting us right now. I bet DD is having a hard time with calling the zone as he is since he is such the man to man D Knight protege. Perhaps more zone to stop the back door is what is needed?

    Time for 2nd half….GO IU!

  12. Gotta love being in the double bonus with 9+inutes left and NW is getting cold from the floor! IU 66 NW 60 :~)

  13. “The loudest cheer by IU fans during pre-game intros?

    Probably when Dan Dakich was announced as the head coach.”

    Awesome…nevermind DJ, who’s played his heart out for all of you for four years and has led this team all season…let’s cheer the coach who’s been here for one day and has accomplished nothing!!!!

    Oh wait, he’s a Knight guy! An IU guy! And he’s white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  14. what a crazy got so intense and Northwestern has gotten very well over the course of the season. They seem to always have a strong start, and their freshman point guard Michael “juice” Thompson is the main reason for leading Northwestern, but he can’t do it alone, nobody can. Thompson is a very quick and smart guy. I think he has a bright future and I enjoyed watching him play against our team. I give him all the credit when it comes to picking up Northwestern and keeping the scores so tight each game. Forget about his height, this boy can play

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