Indiana at Ohio State, in-game analysis (2nd half)

D.J. White likes it.


So I was wrong. It was Eric Gordon who eventually gets to the line — the Buckeys had a few fouls to give — and gives Indiana a six-point lead (twice) and its fifth Big Ten road win of the year.

INDIANA 53, OHIO STATE 49 (43.7)

Oh, freshmen. Diebler turns it over there and Sampson will get to draw up something to get this ball to Bassett, so he can put this one in the books.

INDIANA 53, OHIO STATE 47 (2:19)

What a dunk by D.J. White. Then he walks, his chest puffed up, right at Koufus, who responds by airballing his next 3-pointer.

But Indiana is in foul trouble here, as Eric Gordon has four.

No matter. The Buckeyes are missing shots badly. Crawford isn’t. He hits a 3 from the corner.

Easy work getting it inside to Hunter for two. Time out, Buckeyes.

INDIANA 46, OHIO STATE 42 (7:35)

You don’t need me to tell you that Kosta Koufos is going to be a pretty good player in this league. But I have nothing more insightful to say, so that’s what I’m saying.

He’s beaten D.J. White a few times in the paint — although White is still clearly getting the best of it — and the Buckeyes are making a push.

INDIANA 44, OHIO STATE 37 (11:09)

Taber gets a huge tip-in there, as IU is continuing to attack.

But shots are starting fall for the Buckeyes. Diebler hits two, then Koufus comes back with a 3.

The Hoosiers need to be keep this game at a sprint.

INDIANA 38, OHIO STATE 29 (13:51)

Two quick baskets. First, Gordon drives the lane after a nice feed and then White gets a shot off quickly. That’s what Indiana needs to do; it can’t let OSU get set up.

Now Bassett hits a transition 3 and you can feel the energy leaving this building.

INDIANA 31, OHIO STATE 29 (15:47)

Sampson is sticking with Taber for a bit, but his presence derails IU’s offense. The Buckeyes know he won’t shoot, and if they have five guys covering IU’s four games, it’s difficult for Taber to pass to one of them. Stemler will see time there down the stretch because he’s shown the ability to hit big shots (though he sure does clank the little shots).

INDIANA 31, OHIO STATE 28 (18:04)

It started well enough, with D.J. White hitting a hook shot in the paint. (By the way, has an IU player ever had a double-double at halftime before?)

But then the Buckeyes rattled off seven quick points to make it a one-point possession.


The stat that really jumps out for me is that five of D.J. White’s rebounds come on the offensive end. The Buckeyes had 10 defensive rebounds.

That means D.J. is grabbing one of every two rebounds. No way the Buckeyes will challenge if that continues.


  1. Two HUGE wins. This team was not looking great and was starting to question themselves after two losses. They’ve fought back and seem to be coming together. DJ is a beast. EJ is EJ. And we seem to be getting more reliable and confident production elsewhere too. Defend the home court and we’re right where we wanna be.

  2. How about Crawford today? He makes me uneasy while I’m watching sometimes but man did he play solid today. Also, Taber plays hard and is a better rebounder/defender than Thomas. Overall, that was a big win. 9-1 in the conference is great…and the upcoming games at home against Wisconsin, PU, and MSU are all huge.

    How sweet would it be to battle Purdue with solo first place on the line late in the season? I hope it happens.

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