Indiana at Ohio State, in-game analysis

Eric Gordon, meet D.J. White.


D.J. White is owning this game. He’s got the first-half double-double going, with 10 rebounds and 12 points.

Meanwhile, the Buckeyes are shooting 3-of-14 from 3 and their 21 points is tied for the least they’ve scored in a first half this season.

INDIANA 23, OHIO STATE 19 (3:16)

The Hoosiers are being pushed deep into the shot clock on each possession. But D.J. White has done enough cleaning up underneath to maintain a lead.

That transition bucket by Crawford was a good sign, too.

INDIANA 19, OHIO STATE 14 (7:05)

D.J. then E.J. then Tone.

D.J. White’s rebounding everything he sees. Gordon’s feeling good from 3. And Ellis seems to have figured out the Buckeyes.

INDIANA 12, OHIO STATE 12 (10:14)

After a steady start the Hoosiers have turned the ball over a couple of times and Butler is starting to assert himself at the other end.

INDIANA 12, OHIO STATE 9 (11:54)

So the Hoosiers come out of a time out and can’t get off a good shot. Why was last year’s team so adept in situations like that and this year’s team isn’t?

Diebler makes it hurt by hitting his 3, and the Buckeyes go to a full-court press.

Bassett and Ellis into the game at 14:25.

The Hoosiers are handling the press by running through it instead of passing over it. Ellis has twice found seams in Ohio State’s well-run zone for baskets but Koufus is having success shooting over D.J. White.


The Hoosiers are in a zone to start, and it’s led to a couple of turnovers.

And for whatever reason the Buckeyes have opted to not cover Eric Gordon. He’s hit two 3-pointers.


Taber makes his second start of the season for Indiana. He’s joined, strangely enough, by Lance Stemler. Then there’s D.J. White, Eric Gordon and Jordan Crawford.

No Bassett, no Ellis to begin. Odd.

And, by the way, Eric Gordon did not get body-checked at half-court.


A Hoosiers win here will give them five on the road against Big Ten teams this year. They haven’t done that since 1993.

It won’t be easy, of course, largely because Jamar Butler knows how to lure the rest of his teammates into the game. And Indiana not only doesn’t have a guy who can stop him, it also lacks a guy who can replicate what he does.

The teams have taken the court and now OSU fans are doing their “O-H-I-O” chant to the song “Hang on Sloopy.”


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