Katz: Decision made

UPDATE: Here’s an e-mail I received at 10:45 a.m. from H-T Reporter James Boyd about the ESPN report that Michael McRobbie and Rick Greenspan are meeting this morning about Sampson. James is in Indianapolis at the same event as McRobbie.

"I'm staring at McRobbie as I type. He's on a stage listening to the Chinese ambassador. Any reports to the contrary are 100% inaccurate."


Andy Katz of ESPN has just reported that IU made its decision on Sampson this morning. He does not report what that decision is, but says the options include suspending Sampson with pay as part of a termination process or giving Sampson 90 days to respond to the NCAA allegations.

Katz reports that Rick Greenspan is meeting with IU president Michael McRobbie about the decision this morning, which seems questionable because we have a reporter that’s with McRobbie in Indianapolis this morning. McRobbie is there for a visit by a Chinese ambassador.

One of the interesting things in Katz’s report is his unnamed source calling the story that IU’s players have threatened not to play if Sampson doesn’t coach “pure science fiction.”You can read the entire story by clicking here.


  1. Could Greenspan be disguised as the Chinese ambassador? Might Derek Zoolander be hiding in the wings waiting for Duran Duran to come over the PA?

  2. McRobbie and Greenspan could have met at anytime before 8:00 this morning. The Ambassador’s program runs from 9:30-11:30 in Indy. McRobbie’s probably going to want to stay and schmooze a while after that and eat lunch..

    I find it hard to believe that McRobbie would be meeting with Greenspan at 1:30 or 2 this afternoon to make the final decision, considering we’d expect a statement by about 3 PM this afternoon.

    The other possibility is the IU trustees and spokepeople are lying (which they did before the RMK firing) about no decision being made on Thursday.

  3. If all this could be totally 100% believed, I think giving Sampson 90 days to present His case is not only fair, but solves this whole debacle and keeps IU out of legal trouble. Sampson will be dealt with in a fair and yet severe manner and the team is not interrupted in their pursuit of the Big Ten and the tournament. If after this 90 day period His story doesn’t add up and He is found to be guilty, then fire Him. If He commits violations during that 90 day period, fire immediately.

  4. Doug, if you look at Katz’s story it says Greenspan and McRobbie had discussions this morning. It did not say they met. Obviously, they could have been discussing this via their phones.


    The only thing Greenspan did right was to include provisions in Samspon’s contract to suspend or fire him if he got into trouble again.

    The only reason this is taking as long as it has is due to the legal side of things. IU is trying to limit the amount of financial loss to the program when this whole debacle is over.

    Sampson is not going to make it easy on IU. He is going to insist he is innocent until the NCAA declares him officially guilty. He doesn’t care if that means probation for IU going forward. It’s every man for himself right now because some pretty big numbers are involved.

    Plus, Sampson knows he has no legs to stand on. He will drag this out for the money because he knows his career as a high level D1 college basketball coach are over.

  6. Mark, when I read Katz’s report, which was posted a bit before 10:30, I took “is discussing it with university president Michael McRobbie this morning,” as not meaning something that had already happened earlier in the morning, before McRobbie showed up at an event in Indy at 9:30. Maybe I’m being too literal about present vs. past tense.

  7. Doug, you replied to Mark so I am assuming you meant me. I wasn’t trying to take a jab just saying they could have had discussions even though a meeting was impossible.

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