Katz: Sampson bought out for $750,000

Apparently ESPN’s Andy Katz is reporting over the air that Kelvin Sampson has reached a buy out with Indiana University for $750,000. Dan Dakich — as expected and as demonstrated in practice today — will become the interim coach.

The Herald-Times has learned that Sampson originally rejected an offer of $300,000 either last night or early this morning. It appears that much of today has been spent haggling over the numbers.

More to come . . .


  1. I think Brand will go down into history as the man who destroyed IU basketball. When he left IU for more money he said he may come back. Really?

  2. You guys do know that the mic on the camera has been *on* the entire time today right? That and that handheld one isn’t working. We can hear you guys doing the interview/report thing now, but it is the same audio we’ve had all day – from the built-in mic on the camera. Still – great work today folks.

  3. Well, I’m just a lil’ female fan of IU BB, and I wish someone would ask Miles Brand about “major violations” at the other schools where kids get cars, $$$, hookers, etc. ad nauseum, and don’t get any penalties or sanctions. I also wish someone would ask Rick Greenspan about when he started talking to Dan Dakich about coming to IU — he quit at Bowling Green with no apparent job lined up, then suddenly hired on at IU as BB Dir of Ops, when coaches usually HATE that kind of administrative job. Gee, wonder if Greenspan did some illegal contacting of his own to get Dan lined up to come to IU to watch over Kelvin and those pesky phone lines??? Just a little too convenient timing-wise for me. Also, Mr. Honesty would have stayed at West Virginia if they had extended his contract and tripled his pay, but they wouldn’t, so he left over all the “mess” he saw there and went back to Bowling Green talking about his integrity and that he wouldn’t stay at a problem program. Hmmm. I’m just a little irritable about all this, can you tell???

  4. This works: $750,000 is not that much considering it all goes away in one fell swoop instead of suspending him and then waiting until the end of the season to fire him. Good riddance, Kelvin. Thanks for the disaster. I am worried about tomorrow’s game and will there be any ramification for the players who skipped practice today? You can’t just skip practice, maybe a suspension is in order. I’m disappointed in D.J. being apart of this, I would expect more of him being a senior leader.

  5. I hope IU targets Tony Bennett at Washington State as their next coach. He has turned that program around in a short period of time, he’s from the midwest and his teams play great defense. IU fans would not be disappointed with this hire.

  6. This is what happens when you hire a coach who is already been penalized for cheating. Why did IU think he would do anything differently when he came here. What a farce!

  7. D.J.’s seriously screwed up. If he opts not to play, his stock in the draft will fall through the floor. His only chance of making it to being a lottery pick is play out the year. What a silly move. His action will not change what IU does, it only harms IU and harms himself.

    As for the players that skipped practice, they miss the Northwestern game. Easy.

  8. I feel sorry for the players for having to deal with losing their coach at a time of the year when they should be focused on concentrating on the academics and finishing big in an outstanding season. Having met and talked to a couple of the players 2 years ago in Plymouth, I hope they pull together as a team, keep the faith and keep playing the rest of the season. They have come so far over the past 3 years under Davis and Sampson…don’t give up on yourselves by not playing. Be strong and persevere by setting the kind of example the rest of the university should follow.

  9. I’m watching the live feed, and I wish someone could tell them that the camera’s mic is working a lot better than the external mic that they were using. The background chatter is much more intelligible than anything they said.
    In addition to my previous comment, I’m the MOST concerned for the wonderful young men who are the whole reason for being a fan of IUBB. My heart goes out to them. You know, I didn’t think IU could create a bigger mess than when they fired BK and Mike Davis became Interim Head Coach. Well, they’ve succeeded in doing just that, more’s the pity for the team.

  10. Ok, sorry about the previous comment — it was the WTHR camera’s mic that was clear. The HT mic worked OK after I turned the live volume from the other camera down to 0.

    It’s official — goodbye Kelvin, hello Dan as Interim IU Men’s BB Head Coach. Wow. Wonder what’s going to happen to Rick Greenspan. Anything?

  11. This entire situation has become pathetic. I thought that Greenspan might have been sucked-in by Sampson’s original remorse and promises to do better, so..OK, give him a shot…but keep close tabs. Hep’s death was a major challenge and handled well under the circumstances.Facility improvement plans were positive. Nevertheless, IUBB is sacred here and had to be top priority.I guess I can see how a coach with Sampson’s charisma could be a slick snake..(shaking down IU for a cool Three-Quarter Million $ with his wife smiling all the way proved that).. but how could Greenspan bungle it all worse? Player boycott and protests? You’ve got to be kidding me. This should have been worked out with the players involved and knowing exactly what was going on. Nothing but business boys, dollars and cents,…you came to school to learn, right? Sampson should have been man enough to stand up in front of them and admit that he screwed up, deceived his employers and betrayed a trust…Push on without me because you’ve worked hard to get here, you deserve a title. The players are the real victims..Duped by a “father-figure”…Everyone involved with the program and the university suffers and pays as Kelvin slowly slithers out of town with his fat payoff/shakedown…Pardon me, I think I’m going to go throw-up…

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