Key sections of NCAA allegations

This is how Kelvin Sampson is feeling today.

The NCAA clearly has problems with Kelvin Sampson’s behavior while on previous sanctions for recruiting violations and during the investigation of the current violations. What we’re seeing in the “Notice of Allegations” today is the NCAA saying Sampson was aware of and involved in the violations by assistant coaches Rob Senderoff and Jeff Meyer, and when asked by the NCAA and IU staff about his involvement, he repeatedly did not tell the truth.

Here are some of the key portions of the “Notice of Allegations” released today that detail those concerns:

“It is alleged that (a) during the period of time beginning May 25, 2006, through May 24, 2007, Kelvin Sampson, head men’s basketball coach, acted contrary to the NCAA principles of ethical conduct when he knowingly violated recruiting restrictions imposed by the NCAA Committee on Infractions, as penalty for Sampson’s prior involvement in violations of NCAA legislation; (b) Sampson failed to deport himself in accordance with the generally high standard of honesty normally associated with the conduct and administration of intercollegiate athletics by providing the institution and the NCAA enforcement staff false or misleading information; and (c) Sampson failed to promote an atmosphere for compliance within the men’s basketball program and failed to monitor the activities regarding compliance for one or more of his coaches.”

“Concerning Sampson’s knowing violations of recruiting restrictions on a number of occasions from May 25, 2006 through May 24, 2007, Sampson was present while a member of his coaching staff made telephone calls related to recruiting. Sampson was prohibited from doing so persuant to penalty L, NCAA Infractions Report No. 250.

“Concerning Sampson’s provision of false or misleading information, Sampson repeatedly provided the institution and the enforcement staff false information regarding his involvement in violations of the Committee on Infractions’ recruiting restrictions.”

“Concerning Sampson’s failure to promote an atmosphere for compliance within the men’s basketball program and failure to monitor the activities regarding compliance of one or more of his assistant coaches, Sampson (1) failed to promote compliance with recruiting restrictions imposed by the Committee on Infractions, (2) failed to promote compliance with applicable NCAA legislation concerning telephone recruiting calls, and (3) failed to monitor the documentation of recruiting calls by the men’s basketball staff required to ensure compliance.”


  1. Yeah, I’m kinda curious about a press conference too. And what you guys are hearing about job security of those involved.

  2. I’m just waiting for the next headline: Sampson and Greenspan Resign or Sampson and Greenspan Fired. Whatever happens to Sampson must happen to Greenspan.

  3. Like most scandals, (look at steroids, or in business Martha Stewart’s problems) it is not the infraction that gets you in trouble, it is lying or misleading investigators. KS should have admitted to the infractions and made peace with the NCAA and IU but not he will struggle to survive and crash the program with him.

  4. I’d like for there to be a press conference, but so far we haven’t heard that there will be one. If there isn’t one, I think that means the press conference after tonight’s game will be a circus. IU will probably tell us that Sampson will only discuss the game, but there’s no way reporters will go for that. We’ll keep you posted on whether we hear anything new this afternoon about a press conference or teleconference.

    Ryan, all I’ve heard today about job security for Sampson and Greenspan is a lot of speculation by people without inside information. The big question I’m hearing about Sampson’s job security is whether IU can fire him now or needs to wait for official action from the NCAA this summer to be sure he wouldn’t have a possibility to sue IU for breach of contract and the millions the university owes him if they can’t prove he violated the terms of the contract.

  5. So why not suspend him effective immediately?! Do the right thing – you just prolong the “circus” by having him stay active. Give the kids what they deserve, a chance to go forward playing basketball on a very talented team that can still win for an interim coach who isn’t involved in this scandal!

  6. IU is getting what it deserves. If you lay down with dogs, you get fleas. They knew sampson was trouble before they hired him, yet chose to do so anyway.

    You reap what you sow.

  7. I would like to see someone with character and integrity take this team in a new direction. Those athletes deserve more than this.

  8. I thought, and continue to think, that Coach Sampson is a great coach. I wish I could continue to find some reason to support him. But… If these allegations prove to be true (and in NCAA World, if they make the allegations they are irreversably true) his termination is just a matter of time. I feel most sorry for the current players who will finish out the season as a sideshow to the Fire Sampson Circus. So, let’s start thinking: who will take over? Dakich seems to be the only member of the current staff who is capable of riding out the storm, and even he will probably be let go just to make a clean start. We’ve got a problem, fellow IU fans: we need someone with the talent and experience needed to coach at IU, but he also needs to be willing to put up with the mess he’ll inherit. I don’t think Wooden is coming out of retirement for this one. Maybe that 12 year-old coaching Butler.

  9. I have a feeling Sampson isn’t going to say anything about today’s news after the game tonight, win or loss.

    That’s too bad, because I feel like he owes the IU fans out there some type of explanation. This the same fan base that he repeatedly has called “The very best in the country.”

    Anyone out there say IU should just promote Dakich?

  10. No, they shouldn’t promote Dakich. He sucked at Bowling Green. Decent guy, former player, but not what IU needs.

    Why not Ray McCallum? His name wasn’t mentioned in any of this so why shouldn’t he be a candidate? He was a great coach at BSU and can recruit very well. If they fire Sampson, McCallum should be the guy.

  11. Dakich has no real ties to Sampson, and I question whether Sampson really had anything to do with his hiring – a safety net perhaps? “D” square is the logical choice to finish out the season. NCAA rules are in many cases stupid, but in this case they were quite clear.

  12. Short follow-up to my previous post – It’ll be ugly and ruin this season, but fire Sampson now. It will look good in June when the NCAA brings down the hammer, and it will emphasize that he lied to IU and the NCAA – minimize the ‘lack of insitutional control’ label. Dakich can take over if willing.

  13. its a sad day but remember this – this program is bigger than any one individual. it is bigger than bob knight (he’s gone and he’s NOT coming back, so get over it) and it is MUCH bigger than kelvin sampson. the days that follow are going to be rough. but the program will persevere.

  14. It may seem irrelevant to some…but how do you think the team will play tonight based on the news that was released today. Secondly, what kind of reception does Sampson get at tonights game? Tonight is big game for the hoosiers, and for those of you who still care about the current season

  15. First or all… Nothing should be done today, for the players sake. The fans at the game need to hold their tongues, also for the players sake. If the school is going to fire CKS, or “encourage” him to resign, It probably should be done on Thursday A.M., thus giving the players and remaining coaches time to adjust before Saturday night. My opinion is Ray should be interim coach under such circumstances. Jeff Meyer would need to follow CKS out the door.

  16. You should have seen this coming when you hired this loser. But then again, not recognizing the obvious is the defining characteristic of Indiana University.


  17. As much as I’d like to see his son in a Hoosier uniform, I think McCallum is just as tainted as the others. I know this will sound like a complete rumor to you, but I’ve heard for months that every coach in the league has reported McCallum for making too many visits and making visits during dead periods. This comes straight from a B10 coach to a friend of mine.

    Let Danny Dakich finish the season out and we’ll try to pick up the pieces this summer.

  18. This is really sad because now no matter how far we go in march,it will be said it was done by cheating.I really hate to say it but Sampson needs to step down for the team,not drag them thru the mud with him.

  19. Dakich is an idiot. Anyone calling for him to be the next coach is misinformed and STUPID. A connection to Knight does not give him a pass. He hasnt proven to be a good coach, Good guy? yes, coach? NO WAY.

  20. @Randy M: “This is really sad because now no matter how far we go in march,it will be said it was done by cheating”

    See, I don’t get this. I get that he cheated and agree he should be punished (although I think firing him is a little over the top – good luck finding another coach that is 100% perfect…)

    But how could this scandal POSSIBLY lead to any allegations of winning in March because of cheating? Over phone calls? Come on. I highly doubt that the questionable phone calls were the deciding factor for our players to come here. And if a recruit decided to come here rather than elsewhere because he got a free t-shirt, well…I’m thinking he’s not getting a lot of playing time anyway.

    I just don’t understand how this “tarnishes” the team’s success. It’s not like there’s been a massive cover-up to falsify grades or criminal activity on the part of the players. I mean, we’re talking about phone calls here.

    Again, before I get attacked, I agree that he needs to be punished. This was really stupid. But fired? And that somehow this will taint this year’s team? Come on now…let’s get some perspective.

  21. Doug,

    Thought I’d put some of my newfound legal knowledge to use. Section 6.02(c) of Sampson’s contract explains the procedure under which he may be fired for ‘just cause’.

    “Just cause’ sufficient to satisfy the provisions of Section 6.02B hereof shall initially be determined by the Director of Athletics of the University”

    It goes on to talk about how they go through it procedurally.
    6.02B outlines a lot of different ways that he could be fired for just cause, included is several clauses about rules violations… the important part is that it says nothing of official NCAA findings, but does mention ‘interpretation of the University, Big Ten, or the NCAA”… which may result in the University being placed on probation.

    Emphasis there on may and on interpretation of the University… so basically if Rick Greenspan decides that there is just cause (and based on section 6.02 B, there is), then he can go through the procedural process of firing Sampson… problem being, the contract only allows for the AD to do this, so if he is going with Sampson, he probably wouldn’t be willing to axe himself.

    So that is where the dispute is… although as all my teachers have told me… nothing in the law is clear. Seems like Greenspan has just cause if he chooses to act upon it, but it is his decision and his decision alone according to this section of the contract.

    Ryan Worden

  22. When IU promoted Dakich to asst. coach, it seemed to me like an insurance move for something like this. Dakich is someone that people IU like and who has strong IU ties. He was also the third winningest coach at Bowling Green. I don’t know if he’d be a good permanent coach, but it seems like he was groomed to be the interim.

  23. By the way, that is an absolutely hilarious picture of Sampson at the top of this post. How long did it take you guys to find one like that? 🙂

  24. It’s yet another sad day in the history of the Indiana Basketball Program. Sampson has once again brought shame to this wonderful and treasured program. It makes me sick to think of the short time he has been here and the scandal that he has brought down.
    Coach Knight spent years here and never had this problem. He brought in quality players and had great teams. Sure he had some attitude problems, but as a coach he was the best there is!!!
    If IU decides to fire Sampson, lets mend do what we can to get a QUALITY COACH back in here to restore this program to what it was.
    Maybe………… Coach Knight anyone? 🙂

  25. Mikie– I bet even you could get some wins with this talent. Dakich would serve his alma mater admirably to finish this season. Meanwhile, we can start looking for his replacement.

  26. Where was the Indiana University compliance officer on this one?? If you hire a guy with the background of Sampson you need to make sure as his employer that he stays clean and he does not do this again. The fault lands squarely with Indiana University

  27. People are overreacting. Let’s put this into perspective. A prestigious football school with a tradition similar to that of IU’s in basketball, Florida State, had a massive cheating scandal in which 30 of the players were ineligible for the bowl game. This was messing with grades; it wasn’t phone calls. Phone calls, a t-shirt, and a backpack are minor compared to messing with grades. Also, let’s look at the Ohio State scandal in 2002. Ohio State got in trouble for a player receiving benefits and commiting academic fraud. The NCAA came down hard, but when you compare academic fraud and benefits to phone calls of POTENTIAL players, it is minor. People are also being too critical of Sampson. He isn’t Bobby Knight; he will never be Bobby Kinght. To paraphrase Rick Pitino, Coach Knight ain’t walking through that door people. Also, if Coach Knight did this, the same people calling for Sampson’s head would be defending the General. Let’s actually unite around our players and team and beat the hell out of Wisconsin tonight.

  28. Doug,

    That is interesting. Wish TV is maintaining that there will be a press breifing later today. It is on the video on their website from the Noon news and in the story.

    They obviously are making that up I guess.

  29. Ryan, thanks for the legal insight.

    Scott, one of two possibilities. 1. WISH TV is confused or heard the wrong thing about whether there will be a press conference. I heard that one person at IU called their report saying there will be a press conference “WISHful thinking.” Ha ha. 2. Maybe they’re talking about the post-game press conference that’s held after every game. I’m assuming that press conference will take place, although I don’t know if Sampson’s going to say anything about today’s news.

  30. @Alan: Thank you!!! I absolutely can’t believe what I’m seeing/hearing/reading today. It seems like people have just lost all perspective in this whole thing. Guess what – the people involved in IU basketball are human too! Like I said in my earlier post, it’s not about grades, it’s not about covering up criminal activity…it’s about phone calls.

  31. Remember the University of North Carolina did not even self-sanction themselves after holding a recruiting event involving several current UNC alumi/NBA players. We’ll see in the NCAA also serves them with potential “Major Violations” given that this event was far worse than giving a kid a t-shirt and a back pack! Fire Sampson/Greenspan…give me a F*#%’in break!!

  32. I’ve defended him and put up with all of this, but I’m about at the end of my rope. And, how can we not address this to the media this afternoon?

    As much as I’m trying not to be too reactionary, I just dont know how we can justify keeping him at this point. He’s lied to all of us and put us in a really crappy situation.

    Let Dakich take over to finish the year and until we find a replacement.

  33. For me, wanting Sampson gone is not about the phone calls. It is the fact that he has gone out of his way to lie to his players, the university, and the fans in order to try and clear his name. I understand that these phone calls were, when compared to other schools’ infractions, petty, but the fact of the matter is the guy that our players are supposed to look up to and trust just disrespected them by not following the rules. As a fan, I feel incredibly embarrassed today to say I’m a Hoosier because of Sampson’s actions. I will gladly cheer on our team tonight and the rest of the season (probably harder than I would have before), but you can be certain that none of my energy will go towards Sampson. It’s really sad to think that in the span of a month and a half our Athletic Department can go from having the feel-good story of the year (“Play 13”) to being the laughing stock of college athletics.

  34. Sir Myles Brand, the self appointed Czar or President for life or whatever he is has an axe to grind. He’s like Dick Cheney without the Cheney! I am sure there are tons of worse violations taking place, and we shouldn’t be surprised if we’re being picked on by Sir Myles.

  35. Actually, concerning UNC, I find a difference between:

    a one-time event that they might not have even known was illegal
    over 100 calls and blatant disregard over a long period of time after you’ve already been punished and serving sanctions for the same offense

    To me, the fact that he was already on probation of sorts for this and flat-out lied to all of us about it…..that makes it worse and different.

    I’m trying to justify, but I just dont know if I can this time.

  36. Carter…I hate Myles Brand…..but that’s like going 110 in a 30 mph zone and then saying you got a ticket because the cop didnt like you….

  37. What seems additionally unfortunate in all this is the timing. The first round of the Coach’s problems surfaced right before the inauguration of President McRobbie, and a pall hung over what otherwise should have been a week of celebration.

    Round two takes place on the same day that Hoosiers for Higher Education make the case for higher ed at the Statehouse. Guess which story–the importance of investing in higher education, or the allegations of lying–will lead the newscasts tonight and tomorrow?

    To those who think of varsity sports as a valuable marketing tool for the rest of the university — IT’S NOT WORKING VERY WELL RIGHT NOW. From a PR standpoint, could this be botched any worse?

  38. Alan – I don’t think the majority of people’s issues would be the rule that he broke. I know I could care less about the rule itself, it is a stupid rule.

    However, I do care that Sampson repeated these violations, I do care that he lied (unproven as of now, but strong evidence) to the NCAA, and I do care that he stood in the press conference announcing him as the new IU coach and said that this would not happen again, and that he would uphold the integrity and traditions of IU basketball.

    So no, my issue isn’t with the rule he broke, but with the ethical behavior he has shown the lack of in his time here. What else is there that we don’t know about?

  39. just saying he may have targeted us rather than other programs because of a vendetta. Although he was great in the movie! I suppose since we self reported the NCAA is obliged to dig as deep as they can, but I am sure there are other programs more worthy of scrutiny.

  40. I thought at least Sampscum would make it through the season without getting nailed… Well, not a banner day in Hoosierland is it with the news of the idiot and the three football jerks. Everyone knew this day was coming, but so quickly??? Hey, wouldn’t it be ironic if IU is put on probation and EJ transfer to the U of I… Ha Ha Ha.

  41. Right….we self-reported and we actually broke rules. It’s not like someone tricked us or something because they had it out for us…..we did it.

  42. Nice Choice in Hiring Sampson Hoosiers, it looks like it has panned out well for you.

    It’s a great day to be a Boilermaker.

  43. Boiler Up

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  44. Ryan, that’s correct. We just got an e-mail from the same IU spokespeople saying earlier that there would not be a press conference. It says that Greenspan and Grace Calhoun (IU’s top compliance official) will be available to the media at 5 at Assembly Hall. We’ll try to have live reports for you here from that discussion.

  45. Dakich? Really?

    To all of you who think that former players/assistants can lead IU’s basketball program because of their affiliation with RMK, then heck, lets see what Larry Richardson or Luke Jimenez are doing. Better yet, we could ask Rob Turner and Sherron Wilkerson to team up as Co-Head coaches with Andrae Patterson as assistant coach in charge of big men and Charlie “Lights Out” Miller the team’s shooting instructor.

    Perfect. I mean, we’re keeping it in the IU family, right?

  46. I agree, it must be a great day to be a Boiler. The thrill you get seeing IU’s next National Championship delayed another 3 years is as close to winning one yourselves as you’ll ever get.

  47. Like Chip states above…

    “If IU decides to fire Sampson, lets mend do what we can to get a QUALITY COACH back in here to restore this program to what it was.

    Maybe………… Coach Knight anyone?”

    The only thing I don’t agree with is using the word “if” in the first sentence. They SHOULD fire Sampson, period.

    Then, plead with Coach Knight to come back and restore honor to this program.

    Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio? How about, where have you gone Coach Knight? Our University turns its lonely eyes to you…

  48. If there were not so many people around here who still can’t get over the fact that Bob Knight got himself fired due to his behavior and issues with anger management, this would not be that big of a deal. Knight fans are still out for blood, they hated Davis, they have hated Sampson, and I guarantee unless we hire Pat Knight, they will find a reson to hate the next coach, as well as every basketball coach after that.

    Why are we talking about firing someone over phone calls when the NCAA has not even decided what should be done?

  49. Remember, this notice from the NCAA stems from the same “violations” that IU has already self-sanctioned the program on. This does not mean he is guilty, only that Dr. Brand does not believe him (of course he is going out of his way so he doesn’t seem partisan). If IU should later be hit with further sanctions from the NCAA that seriously affects the future of IU and its basketball program, then Coach should be fired. As for now, let’s just concentrate on beating Wisconsin, Mich St., and that ridiculous school to the North – Purdue! GO HOOSIERS!!

  50. Hey, ish me agin from Loosierville… Ima abouts to drive my dern pickup into the dern shed ona ‘count of dese der alley-gayshuns. Now dat young-en Simpson seemed like a good ole boy he did, but now dat he dun brought shame on our house, its high time we strung him up by his britches and hire us a real coach. Maybe Adolf Ruff. He never done once got caught for cheatin’ … an he played all dem white boys like a good coach shud.

  51. Can’t believe the idiot who was defending Sampson by saying it was just phone calls. That’s like saying about the guy who just got caught robbing a gas station that he didn’t shoot anybody and only stole 60 bucks. So it’s no big deal. Just phone calls by a coach who was already on probation for the same thing. We in Indiana should be ashamed that we hired this cheater.

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