Hoosiers Welcome Northwestern, Live

INDIANA (14-9, 7-4) drops NORTHWESTERN (4-19, 0-11), 74-58

The Hoosiers have a great opportunity tonight to gain some ground in the Big Ten standings. Two of the three teams tied for first play each other as No. 19 Ohio State visits Purdue. If IU can defend home court against the league bottom-dweller that has yet to win a conference game, they will remain a game and a half behind one or two teams, depending on how Iowa does at home against Michigan State. However, whichever team loses of the Buckeyes and Boliers will then fall to second in the standings ahead of the Hoosiers.

Final Stats:

Amy Jaeschke, 26 points, 8 rebounds, 4 blocks
Nadia Bibbs, 11 points, 12 rebounds, 4 steals
Jamie Braun, 16 points, 3 assists
Amber Jackson, 14 points, 7 rebounds
Whitney Thomas, 12 points, 10 rebounds, 3 steals
Haylie Linn, 10 points, 5 rebounds, 4 steals

Second Half:

The Hoosiers came out of their early shooting slump to finish the first half 6-of-12 from 3-point range, and the home team has a 23-16 advantage on rebounds.

Indiana 42, Northwestern 25: There’s 16:39 left to go now and the Hoosiers are quietly pulling away. Whitney Thomas is hammered on a rebound attempt by Northwestern’s Melissa Miller and takes a spill. Miller acts as if she didn’t cause the fall and laughs at the officials.

Indiana 46, Northwestern 27: Thomas gets fouled on a wacky series of possessions that saw her steal the ball in the Wildcat backcourt only to lose it again, then Kim Roberson intercepted a Wildcat pass and fired the ball back to Thomas, who tries for a layup before the call.

Indiana 50, Northwestern 33: With more than 13 minutes to go in this one, IU coach Felisha Legette-Jack has put the future of the team on display as five freshman are now on the floor. Whitney Lindsay, Ebony Jackson, Georgia Follmer, Haylie Linn, and Andrea McGuirt are all in the game. Whitney Thomas checks back in with 13 minutes left.

Indiana 57, Northwestern 37: Thomas hits a pair of free throws to give the Hoosiers a 20-point cushion.

Indiana 64, Northwestern 38: The Hoosiers should have no problems closing this one out with 7:51 to go. Jamie Braun has 16 points to lead Indiana, and Amy Jaeschke’s 12 paces the Wildcats.

Indiana 67, Northwestern 43: Haylie Linn has no qualms about pouring it on as she drains a 3 from the top of the key. 5:37 to go as Amy Jaeschke shoots some FTs.

Indiana 70, Northwestern 49: Jaeschke hits a jumper right after a pair of FTs. The 6-5 center has 17 points. On the other end, Nikki Smith gets a left side fadeaway towards the baseline to fall. Smith has six points…3:44 remains.

Indiana 72, Northwestern 57: This one’s winding down with 1:31 to play. Jaeschke is at 25 points now thanks to some late FTs, and fan favorite Lydia Serfling has checked into the ballgame.

FINAL: Indiana 74, Northwestern 58: A slow Hoosier start ends up not hurting the team too much.

First Half:

Indiana 6, Northwestern 6: Timeout with 15:42 left in the half…Freshman center Amy Jaeschke has four early points for the Wildcat, while three different Hoosiers have scored.

IU frosh Georgia Follmer has checked into this game bright and early, as starting forward Amber Jackson takes a respite on the bench. Coach Jack is hollering to the subs that she sees “No Energy!!” from her team.

Indiana 10, Northwestern 7: The game pace is creeping along in the early goings. The Hoosiers have gotten the lead with 11:38 to play thanks to four points each from Jamie Braun and Amber Jackson.

Northwestern 11, Indiana 10: The ‘Cats retake the lead on a steal and layup from Nadia Bibbs as the Hoosiers try to move upcourt. IU is 5-of-17 on field goal attempts.

Northwestern 13, Indiana 12: Shooting is not going well for either side as IU is at 6-for-19 and NU is at 5-for-19. Cousins Amy and Ellen Jaeschke have combined for nine of the 13 Wildcat points. Coach Jack is not pleased, as demonstrated by her slow head shaking from the bench, with the so far lackadaisical Hoosier effort.

Indiana 18, Northwestern 13: Perhaps the message got across, as Jamie Braun and Ebony Jackson hit 3s on back-to-back possessions. Braun has nine points now to lead the Hoosiers.

Indiana 18, Northwestern 17: Perhaps not, as Nadia Bibbs his a long two for the ‘Cats that gets them back within one. 5:18 to go until the break.

Indiana 24, Northwestern 20: NU timeout with 3:51 to go. Bibbs strikes again with a 3 from the left corner. But this time, Indiana answers as frosh Haylie Linn hits one of her own.

Indiana 30, Northwestern 20: Wildcat coach Beth Combs wants another chat with her team after allowing back-to-back 3s from Braun and Kim Roberson. 3:11 left in the first.

Halftime: Indiana 36, Northwestern 23: The half comes to a close as Braun gets off a last-second heave. She times it perfectly and lines it up well, but the shot from midway between halfcourt and the arc is JUST short and nicks the bottom of the net on its way down.

Halftime Stats:
Northwestern, Nadia Bibbs, 7 points, 5 rebounds, 3 steals
Indiana, Jamie Braun, 12 points