McRobbie press conference, updates

McRobbie has not yet spoken to Sampson. He has not heard of any conversation dealing with a possible resignation.


McRobbie is at the podium.

He has a brief statement about the allegations. Afterwards, he’ll take questions.

“First, let me say that I am deeply dissappointed by these allegations.”

He says that he fully understands the desire to have a quick resolution, and he hopes to do that.

“Let there be no doubt, these are serious allegations of misconduct.”

As president, he believes the most important thing is not winning and losing but how the athletic teams measure up in areas like sportsmanship and academic success.

Rick Greenspan, the athletic director, will run the investigation into the new allegations. He has seven days to complete the investigation.

McRobbie says that the university is not going into this with any presumptions.


We’ve just been told that the action here will start in five minutes.

The room is filling up quickly. There are dozens and dozens of fans who have showed up at the lecture hall in the law school.


  1. What exactly is there to investigate? What were they doing for the last few months? What did they pay Ice/Miller to do?

  2. Two things. First, streaming video on WISH is lame.

    Second, how could a president of a univeresity NOT speak with a coach whose alleged actions have dragged the university’s good name through the mud? The fact that no meeting has happened between McRobbie, Greenspan and Sampson is absolutely beyond comprehension to me!

  3. McRobbie throwing the ball in Greenspans court. Forcing him to decide fate of his hire. One week seems reasonable, however most fans want immediate suspension.

  4. AGREE with you cin. How do you NOT communicate in this situation. They should be doing all nighters on how to solve this crime.

  5. are these guys serious?!?…the AD is doing the investigation, I thought he did it once before…holy crap the sky is falling

  6. But did you hear McRobbie say that Greenspan had done his job well. Is he saying that so he doesn’t have to fire Greenspan?

  7. Sampson already admitted guilt last year when he ate the 500,000 loss of bonus and the scholarship.
    What’s Greenspan going to do, interview the same recruits and parents that the NCAA interviewed?

    If they’re worried about a law suit, then suspend him with pay until the hearing in June.

  8. Something about no terms of suspension being in his contract? Didn’t stop us from suspending Knight several times! I thought McRobbie had more guts than this. You get to know your leaders in times of crisis and this was an eye opener for me.

  9. Is McRobbie nuts? He is supposed to be in charge here. For heavens sake, Greenspan is a good part of the problem. Won’t anybody step up?

  10. Greenspan to lead the investigation? What the….? That’s like having G. Gordon Liddy investigate the Watergate scandal. Have someone independent of the organization do this. Come on, can you say cover-up?

  11. dave you are in the commonsense camp, although most of the people voting on this ‘blog want the death sentence delivered now, at least to Sampson. I think some of the asst. coaches ought to be able to take the reins at this point. Look at how Davis did when he took over from the K-man — Championship Game! (uh oh I might have started a brush fire here!!) …

  12. I like that he said that he didn’t have the contract memorized and couldn’t comment, but then had no trouble quoting the contract as not providing for suspension with pay.

  13. It is hard to believe that 684 people have never been falsely accused or had their actions or words twisted and turned from good to bad. Or had allegations with bad/negative implications strewn against them Because if they had had then they would know how awful it is to be a target especially when your actions had good intentions as a result. Those that live in glass houses should not throw stones, etc etc etc. Give the man a break and let him coach, geeze is it winter bordeom or indana hoosier ingnorance?????? Bobby knight sued a man because his wife grabbed the man’s son and broke her pinky finger he sued the man for a mistake his Bobby’s wife made by grabbing a young boy,(40 some years ago), how is he a good person to coach?????????

  14. How could Greenspan have been so stupid as to not monitor his staff last year, especially since his
    hireling was on probation for illegal phone calls? H-e-l-l-o, it took an intern to discover it. This is starting to smell more rancid as the clock ticks.

  15. Any of us that are alums, students, employees or in any way related to the school are stakeholders in Indiana University and have a major, vested interest in seeing the name of the university. If we do not feel that this is being handled in the correct manner by the time we get to the end of this debacle, then we have an obligation to take the matter to the trustees.

    We are not just random fans or customers buying a product. We are forever linked to IU as a name that we have on our walls or resumes and deserve to be given a voice.

  16. I think this whole thing is a joke I love IU bball but we should have never hired a proven cheater in the first place. I say Fire Sampson and Greenspan!

  17. There is a problem with this “investigation”… It is being run by Rick Greenspan and the athletic department… The AD and the department as well as the Compliance Department have to be held accountable for some of this mess… The NCAA will also look at the departments handling of recruiting… no more suprises! Do it right!

  18. cln, take it to the trustees?! they don’t listen to the little people! you’d be p***ing in the wind on that one.

  19. Yeah……..the dead animal smell was our Dying Hoosier! Lots of programs and fans are laughing their butts off at IU.

  20. Just what we need, a “president” passing the responsibility to someone who should be held accountable. Where’s the leadership? Where are the trustees in this? Personally, I e-mailed McRobbie and all of the trustees earlier this week, urging them to do what is right, and fire Sampson and Greenspan. Our reputation was damaged from day 1 of this hiring. The only issue was when, not if, our reputation would be further damaged.

  21. I believe that IU and Sampson will come to some sort of settlement agreement. This is all about money at this point and IU will weigh the cost of legal action against putting this behind them. My guess is that the 7-day window will have to activities:

    1. Shore up the evidence against Sampson in case he doesn’t settle

    2. Work out a settlement for him to leave

  22. I live in the Research Triangle Park area of NC, surrounded by NC State, Carolina and Duke diehard basketball fans. They are all either laughing at me, or shedding tears of sympathy over this entire mess and the damage to IU’s reputation. They consider the mess with Mike Davis to be nothing in comparison to how this makes the University look to outsiders. Let’s confront this and clean it up now, and get on the road to recovery as quickly as possible!

  23. His contract has a just cause firing clause in it why settle? If we fire him today we are only have to pay him to the end of the month.

  24. I guess, in a strange way, I’m kinda glad that this is happening, in that we should come through this a better program. Get rid of the cheater (and really not that impressive of a coach), remove the incompetent AD, bring in a solid/honest person for a coach (who truly cares about the program) and restore the program to prominence gained the right way. We’ll come out of this thing a better program. And, we still have a damn good team, so we need to get behind these boys and cheer them on to a Big Ten title and a deep NCAA run.

  25. Great – suspend him now, negotiate his “settlement”, and ban him from contact with the team. These are good kids, regardless of DJ claiming they are a “family”. Let Dakich coach the team for the rest of the year, that way the kids who will be returninig next year can either get comfortable with him, or decide if they want to stay at IU.

  26. Mark, I agree that they are going to try and “tiptoe” around this by paying KS millions to disappear into the sunset, but he needs to go now before this season is a total bust, which would be a shame for the student-athletes that stuck with him.

  27. Does anyone think that Sampson runs an offense? It looks like a clusterfu_k put into motion with 7 or 8 seconds left on the clock.

  28. Final thoughts:

    Our president is launching an investigation of the findings of the NCAA, which were prompted by IU’s internal investigation. So, an investigation of an investigation of an investigation – and the investigation will be done by the person who hired the violator, oversaw the original investigation, was lied to (allegedly) by the violator, but now is charged with investigating… oh, just can them both now, the sooner the better.

  29. Sampson hurts more than helps being on the bench at this point. But this obviously is not about the team, it’s all about egos!! The NCAA has no power to “make” anyone tell the truth, no perjury charges can be filed, it is a tribunal court, no different than Survivor, so let’s accept the fact that Sir Myles has won and move on.

  30. There will be a full investigation into why they used the law school. And then why McRobbie wore that tie. And now we hear that Kelvin Sampson is investigating a new phone plan for the university.

    Greenspan has seven days to find out if we violated any rules and if the NCAA did it’s job. What a total joke. IU has a pistol in it’s hand and is repeatedly shooting itself in the foot. The nationwide giggling is turning into roaring laughter. Stop the bleeding fellas.

  31. To be clear, the athletics director will be assisted by Dr. Bruce Jaffee, professor of business economics and public policy and faculty representative on the Athletics Committee, and also by Vice President Dorothy Frapwell. They will be further assisted by outside legal counsel from the firm of Ice Miller.

  32. OK……a couple more thoughts and then I quit for the night. I see lots of folks upset (including me)

    Sampson is gone. Likely, later than sooner. I am guessing that most fans and alum feel violated, much like a robbery/assault victim. Most want immediate justice and they feel that will help the healing process to begin. That makes good sense to me.

    Our little B’town and university are on the national stage and the actors are stuttering. It is real tense right now and with ESPN game day coming to town, there could be an uprising. IUPD should be on guard at the Hall tomorrow. You might see more than altered T shirts.

    McRobbie should be talking to Sampson (three days prior, in fact). He should be insisting that KS take a week off and let the staff lead the team. For the good of the kids and the good of the school.

    OK……..I’m done. Wow!

  33. McRobbie should have read that statement (likely prepared by someone else) in advance more carefully!

    While I agree that levelheadedness must prevail, I’m shaking my head in disbelief at the inmates running the asylum.

  34. He runs a me offense not a we offense. The defense will not close out on outside shots ;at times its like swiiss cheese holes everywhere. He took a GREAT job that paid millions and kicked us in the b@##$. He has broke the rules NOW break the contract period. Make Danny D. interm coach.This will be the last good group after this mess for at least 2-3 years. The longer the president does nothing the worse it is going to get. The old coaching fraternity is livd … ESPN
    is getting ready to have a field day because of the ignorance of the people in charge.

  35. Why is everyone so worried about what the idiot talking heads at ESPN say? Getting this done properly is MUCH more important than those guys will ever be able to understand. They just want something sensational to up their ratings anyway. Let’s not encourage the admin to do this in a haphazzard way to get good press or because we are worried about people laughing at us. Let’s let them do it right so after the fact we can remain above all the histeria.

  36. Wait………..Good thought but it is too late my friend. Doing it right flew out the window. Personally, I could not care less about what ESPN and the experts say. What I DO care about is what the ADministration says and doesn’t say. Today they said nothing. It was a chance to make a move toward the inevitable. So tell me how they are going to do this properly?

  37. Again the best thing for Samspon , (never mind the univ) is for him to voluntarily resign ASAP and thank IU, the players and the fans……….go write a book or something.

    I happen to think many of us would think more highly of him and he will get another job someday.

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