McRobbie will hold press conference

Indiana University president Michael McRobbie will be addressing the media and laying out his plan for how he wants to do with the allegations made last week by the NCAA against basketball coach Kelvin Sampson Friday afternoon.

Members of the IU administration were in meetings for most of the day Thursday. Some were probably late for their Valentine’s Day dates because the final discussions weren’t finished until about 8 p.m.

What’s going to happen Friday is this: McRobbie will announce that IU will conduct an investigation into the “new” accusations against Sampson. He’ll outline the procedures for the investigation and tell us who will be conducting it.

The investigation, we’re told, won’t take long. As we reported earlier, McRobbie wants to take action quickly. Greenspan will review the results of the investigation and make a recommendation to the president on what he should do about Sampson.

What does it all mean? It means Kelvin Sampson will coach the team on Saturday, unless he chooses not to.

It also means he will have the chance to address the allegations against him sooner than he thought.

And, finally, it means that the university is building a case that it hopes will hold up if it decides to fire Sampson.


  1. As he should not. I do not believe Greenspan should fall along with Sampson. However, I do hope that if the allegations against Sampson are true, the university also conducts an investigation into why Greenspan and other official members of the university did not keep a better watch on Sampson and his staff. That, or explain how Sampson was able to get away with all this under Greenspan’s nose.

  2. Doug and Chris,

    According to Kravitz on the radio, Sampson was Greenspan’s second choice but Herbert and others chose Sampson. You know anything about this and if that may save Greenspan? In general, I’ve been fine with Greenspan–even happy in comparison with our other recent ADs–but I agree with firing him if Sampson was his decision….if he was forced to make that decision, then…?

  3. P.S.- Doug, Chris, et al- Thanks for all you do. This site is without a doubt the best for the latest scoop on the Hoosiers.

  4. jim, who was rick greenspan’s first choice for coach?

    don’t say bruce pearl; the thought that we could have had him instead of this guy is too much to bear.

    as for firing greenspan, if there appears to be a likelihood that iu could be hit with a finding and violation for lack of institutional control, then greenspan should definitely go, and i believe president mcrobbie would reach that conclusion and fire him, too.

  5. I am a fan of honesty and integrity. All of us make mistakes and should have second chances. I think Sampson has had 2 chances and has failed and should be removed as soon as Indiana can get the legal issues settled. Both IU and the NCAA say he did it, I don’t think he can continue as coach. The reputation of the school has a value that is bigger than the coach. Kids need a message that cheating is not a way you achieve results. I was looking forward to the rebirth of what was a fun rivalry with IU and Purdue now we have this to deal with. I am still a fan of IU basketball just not the coach.

  6. Mark, you make some good points, and those are hard to argue with.

    I think it’s a sad story, because Coach Sampson is a good guy. He’s made some poor choices. I would contend that his mistakes aren’t all that big in the grand scheme of things, but rules are rules.

    I hope someone else gives him another shot. At the end of the day, we’re talking about phone calls.

  7. Johnnycee…I dunno. Nor do I think Kravitz mentioned it or maybe he didnt know the name. I’m not really trying to protect Greenspan just thought it was interesting and worth mentioning. And, yes, probably any of the coaches that were on that short list would look pretty damn good right now.

  8. I can’t believe Sampson is still coaching the team!
    He is a liar and a cheater….and has made IU into liars an cheaters. I don’t care how many games we win with him as coach…they will always have an asterix beside them in my book. He needs to step down or IU needs to make him step down NOW! This is more than costly and embarrassing….it’s just plain wrong to allow him to continue representing IU. Don’t we have any integrity left?

  9. Mark, you can’t fire someone right away when their contract says they get due process. IU has to now conduct their own internal investigation before they can officially suspend Sampson and take the steps necessary to fire him.

    Basically, if you want Sampson gone sooner, you should be mad at the IU administration. They could have put the motions in place to start their own investigation last week when they received the letter from the NCAA. By now, they could have suspended Sampson, and the steps would be in place. But because the university waited to gauge the public outcry over the violations before they started their investigation, they are now behind by about a week.

  10. I agree with Mark and Hoosier Fan (not mark). Two chances are enough. I am excited about seeing Tony Dungy at the game Wed. night. Maybe Tony turns over the Colts reins a year early and steps in to lead the b-ball Hoosiers. He was not a bad hoopster in his day and what a leader. A true defense coach with wonderful people skills. I am 3/4 thru his book and recommend to everyone. A great book about life and faith.

  11. Galena Scott

    I have problems with the way Greenspan conducted the search for Head Coach. IU’s search process for the replacement of Mike Daviws did not include enough responsible and caring members of the IU community on the search committee. I believe Greenspan limited input per the search process. He does not appear to be open enough to lead in leadership issues. I hope IU’s President sees Greenspan’s weaknesses. McRobbie needs to inform the 2008 basketball recruits that they will be kept up to date with the search process because this class requires attention. Their special needs for playing at IU should be understood in the search process! They technically are already on the basketball team and cannot be overlooked. Let’s do this search process better than last time!

  12. I can’t help but make the arguement that IU is now comparable to those darn Patriots. While Sampson is not just down right mean and hateful, he cheated and that is why we have the players we have and that is why we are winning. Sampson has not proven to be a great coach, he has proven to be a great recruiter and he is only that because he cheats and lies in order to do so.

  13. I was wondering the same thing-and waiting. Can anyone help to tell us on which channel or website the conference is on?

    I agree Hoosier Fan . . .it’s phone calls!

    Go IU!!!!!!

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