Media preparing for press conference

We still don’t have a time for a press conference – the latest rumor is 4 p.m. – but that hasn’t stopped close to a dozen TV cameras from setting up in the Hoosier Room at Memorial Stadium where they are expecting a presser to be held.

We are expecting to have a live feed of the press conference at Look there for more details. It’s the first time we’ve done a live feed on our Web site so we’re crossing our fingers that it works.


  1. I’m crossing my fingers that the press conference sounds like this:

    Hello, my name is Rick Greenspan. As the person accountable for the current state of Indiana Athletics, I am resigning my position as AD. I am not qualified to fix this situation. I’m sorry…

    Hello, my name is Kelvin Sampson. As a coach who preaches integrity and loyalty to my students, I’m going to lead by example and not draw out a long legal battle or force a buyout. I screwed up, and I’ll assume responsibility. I would be embarrassed to accept another dime of IU’s money. Thank you for the opportunity, and I’m sorry to IU and my players for being a weak example of a leader.

    Thank you, and be safe driving out there.

  2. With close to a dozen cameras, I am betting you can take your pick. I’m praying for the feed to work, as I’ve made it in to the office for the day!

  3. I’m an alum and I’ve been a fan since Lou Watson was coaching. Dan Dakich? I’m not sure which would be worse, having the season tank or making a great run in the tourney and Greenspan naming Dakich as the new coach. No, wait, I do know which would be worse.

  4. I bet Coach Knight is chucklin’ these days seeing what Myles Brand is doing to IU again after he was fired by Brand. I heard Brand was asked to leave IU by the Trustees but I have no confirmation or proof. I wonder what if anything Brand has had to do with this investigation and so on.

    Also, Coach Knight probably likes seeing Dan Dakich being named Interim head coach. Let’s just hope Dakich doesn’t retire and name his son to be our next coach! 😉

  5. Dakich is a good guy but he is the wrong choice to replace Sampson. He’s not as familiar with the team as Ray McCallum, hasn’t been with the team as long as McCallum, and shouldn’t be put in front of Ray as interim coach.

    Appointing Dakich is going to look shady to the players of which several know McCallum as the guy who recruited them. Dakich on the other hand only joined the team as a coach on October 31st this season.

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