Michigan State at Indiana, in-game analysis

D.J. White stays on the floor after his shot is blocked.

White struggles to get up.

INDIANA 41, MSU 33 (Half)

After a slow star the Hoosiers played as well as they have all year.

INDIANA 39, MSU 29 (1:40)

Indiana has a shot of adrenaline right now.

INDIANA 32, MSU 26 (3:46)

Gordon needs to fill the void, and does. He hits a 3-pointer that will calm the Hoosiers as they try to fight through without White.


D.J. White has been escorted to the locker room. He went up for a dunk and was blocked. It looks like he game down quicker than he expected because of that, and landed awkwardly. It appears as though he can’t put weight on his left leg.

ESPN will get an update on this before any of us, so if you hear it please post it in the comments.


INDIANA 29, MSU 26 (4:49)

Eric Gordon’s block and dunk tie the game 18 and cap a dramatic run by the Hoosiers. It’s about as loud in here now as it has been at any time this year.

But Drew Neitzel has been incredible. The Hoosiers have used every guard except Armon Bassett to guard him. He still has 14 points.

Now Bassett gets the bounces his way on the 3-pointer and MSU turns it over. Bassett misses a 3 and Mike White is there for the rebound. Now Ellis hits a 3. The Hoosiers have already gotten more from the four position this game than in most this year.

Walton into the lane, hits a mid-range jumper.

Ellis with another 3. There’s that clutch 3-point shooting Sampson referred to after the Wisconsin game.


MSU 15, INDIANA 6 (11:49)

So D.J. White has had a couple of thunderous, crowd-quaking dunks.

Otherwise, Indiana’s completely lost on offense. There’s just no plan for getting the ball to Gordon or White in position to score. They’re having to work for all their own shots.

Sampson’s hope, clearly, is that the Hoosiers can get to the line and win it from there.


By the way, the Stripe Out looks pretty good. The balcony didn’t play along well enough, and there are splotches of mis-colored patrons throughout. But, overall, the effect is there.


MSU 8, INDIANA 2 (16:20)

About the start you’d expect to see from a team that’s been going through what this one has.

The Hoosiers are pressing. Trying to force passes and seeing lanes to the rim that aren’t there.

Michigan State gets up the floor fast. Wow. The Spartans are constantly pushing and making something happen. But when they are slowed down they execute well, like when Drew Naymick screened Eric Gordon to get an open 3-pointer for Drew Neitzel.


  1. Hi, watching the game here in Salt Lake and since we don’t see IU much, we were expecting more from them. What’s been happening?

  2. White was holding the back of his left leg in the hamstring area after he went down. It looked like perhaps a pull or twist of something or a cramp in the back of his upper leg.

  3. I just went down to the court area to see if I could find out anything about D.J.’s condition. An usher pointed to the press area at the top of the north bleachers and told me I needed to return to it. Quite a nice little police state they have here.

  4. Well, I’d say at the end of the night a couple things are certain. Sampson is still going to get fired, and Purdue will still be #1 in the Big Ten.

  5. Tony, the crowd reaction was a lot more booing than the last game. Against Wisconsin, it was a smattering of boos. Tonight, it was a chorus.

  6. Of the three prominent recent coaches at the University of Oklahoma — Dave Bliss, Billy Tubbs and Kelvin Sampson, who would have thought that Tubbs would be the one with his reputation intact. All Tubbs did was run up scores.

  7. Kelvin won’t keep this job, but I fear facing his next team. He’s a very, very good coach who will eventually learn self-control. I’m just pissed that we ended up with the unfinished product.

  8. By the way, BrianBridgePro – don’t be too tough on Dickie V. At his age, in his medical condition, it’s cute that anything (even Bob) can give him a little boner. And why in god’s name are you listening to the TV when Fisch and Todd are on the radio?

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