Michigan State-Indiana, Live

INDIANA (14-11, 7-6) falls to MICHIGAN STATE (15-11, 7-7), 72-68


Final Stats:
Michigan State
Allyssa DeHaan, 16 points, 15 rebounds, 4 blocks, 3 assists
Taja Wilson, 12 points, 5 rebounds
Kalisha Keane, 12 points, 5 rebounds

Jamie Braun, 15 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists
Amber Jackson, 13 points, 5 rebounds
Nikki Smith, 12 points
Kim Roberson, 11 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals

Second Half:

Indiana 34, MSU 34: The second half starts slow as well, but the pace has picked up in the last minute or so. Jamie Braun scores her first points of the night for IU, getting a shot off up and over the 6-9 Allyssa DeHaan. On the Spartans’ end, DeHaan scores on a nice move where she spins and puts up a one-handed teardrop. On her way down, she accidentally elbows Amber Jackson in the face, and Jackson has to go to the bench to get her senses back.

MSU 43, Indiana 39: Mandy Piechowski hits a big 3 for the Spartans from the left corner.

MSU 45, Indiana 44: Timeout with 11:38 to go. Nikki Smith, who came off the bench tonight as freshman Haylie Linn got the starting nod, busts another 3!!! for the Hoosiers. She’s 4-for-6 from behind the arc and now has 12 points. Spartan reserve Taja Wilson also has 12.

MSU 50, Indiana 47: The Hoosiers fall behind by six, but Ebony Jackson breaks out her patented ridiculously high-arcing 3!!! and it’s good.

MSU 50, Indiana 49: On the next Hoosier trip, Jamie Braun apperas to get fouled, but the call is reversed and called a charge after the officials confer. But, Braun gets fouled on the other end and makes a pair of free throws. 8:20 to go in the game.

MSU 56, Indiana 55: Kalisha Keane hits two freebies to give the Spartans another one-point lead.

MSU 58, Indiana 57: The Hoosiers get the lead back with a beautiful pass from Whitney Thomas to a cutting Braun, who scores the easy layup. But DeHaan answers for MSU with a close-range bank shot at the other end. Timeout with 3:54 left.

Indiana 60, MSU 60: Whitney Thomas scores for the Hoosiers right after DeHaan blocks a shot by Amber Jackson. Thomas makes sure to get away from the 6-9 center and is able to put up a roller on the other side of the key.

MSU 64, Indiana 62: Kim Roberson makes a stellar defensive play as Michigan State inbounds the ball. She deflects the ball back into the hands of Mandy Piechowski, who threw the ball in, while she’s still out of bounds. MSU then calls a questionable timeout right as the Spartans throw a pass that is intercepted by Nikki Smith. DeHaan scores on the ensuing play.

MSU 64, Indiana 63: Jamie Braun draws a foul but is only able to make 1-of-2 free throws. 1:05 to go and MSU ball.

MSU 66, Indiana 63: There’s 32 seconds to go after DeHaan scores again and the Hoosier turn it over as Smith tries to track down the ball rolling back across the halfcourt line. She is in the clear, but the ball’s on the line and the officials award possession to the Spartans.

MSU 68, Indiana 66: The Spartans make a pair of free throws, and Kim Roberson hits a big-time 3!!! for the Hoosiers. But there’s only 13.2 seconds to play.

FINAL: MSU 72, Indiana 68: The game comes to an end as the Spartans did what they had to do in hitting their free throws down the stretch.

First Half:

Indiana 2, MSU 2: There was no score until two and a half minutes had gone by, when the Spartans’ Brittney Thomas hit a pair of free throws. Amber Jackson answered right away with a layup for the Hoosiers.

Indiana 4, MSU 4: Jackson has all four of IU’s points, hitting two free throws to go with her earlier bucket.

Indiana 11, MSU 11: Kim Roberson hit a 3 as the shot clock was winding down, and freshman Ebony Jackson pitches in with another long ball with a defender in her face. Michigan State’s 6-9 center Allyssa DeHaan gets her first two points of the game with a fadeaway 7-foot jumper on the right baseline. 11:53 left in the half.

Indiana 16, MSU 16: Amber Jackson ties the game with a jumper. She leads the floor with seven points. Timeout now with 7:37 to go.

Indiana 21, MSU 21: Nikki Smith is found wide open in the right corner and hits a 3 for the Hoosiers. It’s career number 174 for the senior guard, tying her for second all-time in Hoosier history with Heather Cassady (1999-02). Mia Johnson answers with a 3 for the Spartans on the other end.

Indiana 26, MSU 21: Roberson gets a nice ovation form the crowd with a layup at breakneck speed that results in a three-point play after a foul is called. Roberson has eight points. 3:35 to go until halftime.

Indiana 31, MSU 26: Smith nails another 3!!! from the left wing right after Alisa Wulff does so for the Spartans. That puts Smith alone in second on the aforementioned list. Hoosier center Georgia Follmer follows with a sweet jumper from around the free throw line and blocks a shot a few moments later. A good showing so far for Follmer.

HALFTIME: Indiana 31, MSU 28: Jamie Braun is fouled on an inbounds pass with 1.5 seconds to play in the half by Michigan State’s Brittney Thomas. Braun would have had to catch and shoot a 70-foot prayer, but Thomas trips her up, giving her a 1-and-1 try from the free throw line. But Braun misses the freebie.

Halftime Stats:
Michigan State
Brittney Thomas, 7 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals
Taja Wilson, 6 points
Allyssa DeHaan, 2 points, 6 rebounds, 1-for-6 shooting

Amber Jackson, 9 points
Kim Roberson, 8 points, 6 turnovers
Ebony Jackson, 6 points