News on violations expected Wednesday

From our friend Mike Marot of the Associated Press:

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana has received a list of alleged violations by its men’s basketball program from the NCAA and is expected to make it public today.

University trustees president Stephen Ferguson told the Associated Press on Tuesday night that school officials this week reviewed a report, which stems from impermissible phone calls made by coach Kelvin Sampson and his staff during 2006 and 2007.

The NCAA is not expected to make its ruling until this summer.

“There won’t be a hearing till this June,” Ferguson said. “It’s just been reviewed, and I think everyone is analyzing it now.”

Ferguson would not detail what is contained in the report.

It comes in response to October’s announcement that a university investigation found Sampson made more than 100 impermissible phone calls while still on NCAA probation for infractions he committed during his tenure at Oklahoma.

Sampson was found to have made 577 impermissible calls from 2000 to 2004 and was punished by the NCAA in May 2006, less than two months after taking the Indiana job. Sampson was banned from calling recruits and making off-campus visits for one year.

Among the restrictions imposed on Sampson was a provision that did not allow him to participate in three-way calls. But the university found Sampson was involved in at least 10 three-way calls, most patched through by then assistant coach Rob Senderoff.

The university then imposed its own sanctions on Sampson — forfeiting a $500,000 pay raise and one scholarship next season. Senderoff also was punished by forfeiting any bonuses or salary increases for one year and later resigned.
The university now has until May to respond to the report, before going before the NCAA in June.

“The report came out in October, the university filed its response and there’s really not been anything happening (on the board) in the last five months,” Ferguson said. “There have not been any discussions.”

Sampson’s Hoosiers have ignored the potential distractions from the investigation, posting a 20-3 mark and earning the No. 13 ranking in the latest AP poll. Indiana, at 9-1 in the Big Ten currently trails only No. 19 Purdue in the conference title chase.


  1. Kelvin Sampson didn’t make 100 illegal phone calls at Indiana. That’s just not even factual. Sampson was involved in 10 calls, Senderoff was the one who made the 100 calls that were called into question.

    This AP writer needs to get the facts straight.

  2. We are going to find out a lot more than phone calls tomorrow it sounds like. ESPN is reporting there will be new “major violations.”

    That pretty much means we will be seeing the tournament for the last time this year for a while and that Sampson and Greenspan are fired.

  3. the team might be spared a postseason ban if found guilty, although maybe that is wishful thinking. but sampson and greenspan are definitely gone if these are true. bad day for hoosier nation

  4. well there won’t be a ruling till this current team won’t face anything…this will effect the teams for the next few years, I would imagine….just ignorance on Sampson’s part!

  5. Brandon,

    If any current players are part of these violations, it could affect this year’s team. I do not think IU would have a choice but to ban itself from the postseason this year.

  6. And I distinctly remember DeAndre Thomas saying he was interviewed and that Sampson did know he was on a 3 way call with him.

    This could be real real bad…

  7. This is really dissapointing today especially with our team playing better as of late. You can’t ignore what’s happening but we have to remember that these players need us right now. Assuming we are able to participate in the tourney this year this can still be a special season, hopefully it’s not as bad as it sounds.

  8. So lets say the sanctions are bad. Greenspan lets go of coach Sampson and the president lets go of Greenspan. We hire a new AD right away. Now tell me. Would you even remotely consider this “a perferct scenario”? By that, I am quoting RMK. All of the administration from the Brand era will be long gone. Say sign him to a 2 year deal?! No?

  9. Guys,
    Suppose the best possible results from this season–we go to the final four and win it after winning the bigten.

    Then in June we have to answer the NCAA, fire the coach (and ad?)?
    What kind of championships are those?

    And I’m a Hoosier fan too, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a head coach to be held responsible for the actions of his staff. To me, Sampson’s only defense there would have been if he had come forward early and released a few violations himself and put a stop to it. And we know that is not the way it has come down….

    And the $%^&%^(*& boilers just won again.

  10. JustImagine,
    I gotta admit the timing is unreal, but I gotta vote no to a return of the general. That chapter is closed.

  11. I am so f***ing sick of this. This program is bigger than any one coach or team, and if ESPN is right, they need to immediately fire Kelvin and rule out any postseason play this year. I don’t want to halfheartedly watch a tournament run that I know will be called into question after the fact, no matter how far they go. IU’s credibility in the future will be determined by their handling of this situation. They need to be firm and merciless.

    God d***it.

  12. KevinK,

    When he first made that statement it was the first thing that crossed my mind. I said if we got a postseason ban then KS should be fired.

    Now first let me tell you that I am ANTI-RMK as far as his antics and agreed he should have been fired just thought it should have been PRIOR to the zero tolerance. That said, put thought into the whole situation.

    Q. What would be the best way to get Indiana away from the black cloud and back in the clear?
    A. Hire a coach who is specifically known for how he runs a clean program.

    Q. If Indiana hires another person as the coach, would the RMK fans still be anti-IU? (By that I am talking about the RMK fans that gave up on IU and started following TT)
    A. Yes, but if we hire Knight, let him run the program for a few years & retire but this time those rmk lovers would be ok with the next hire after that. We would be one happy family again.

    Lastly, think of the reaction of the first game of the season if he were back to being the head coach. It would be insane simply because of the euphoria. Basically in the end, this would put a bright light on IU but it would be of good variety. Just something to think about.

  13. Any dreams of RMK coming back are foolish. That chapter has ended. The reports I’ve heard this morning are saying that these revelations do not affect the current team. I say get rid of KS and let Dan Dakich or Ray McCallum pull a Steve Fisher this year. Then the coaching search will begin in the offseason, only this time the school won’t be held hostage by Dane Fife and the rest of the guys who threatened to transfer if Mike Davis wasn’t named as head coach.

  14. JustImagine,
    Great points all.

    I hate to admit it, but I think PU has got this whole coach thing right with the hiring of the next one from within the family while the retiring coach is still in place and on-board and ok with the situation. Recruits, players and fans know where they stand, and there is continuity to the program.

    Obviously a RMK hiring at IU would have to be short term. What would you suggest as the long term solution? Randy, Steve, Dan, Dane, or Pat? (please not Pat)

    Please remember there are other ‘clean’ coaches out there. How about this scenario–since Bobby is no longer employed at TT, how about we include him as an ‘advisor’ to the AD in doing the search for a coach? If he publicly approved of the next coach, then RMK Nation would have to approve also, and the rift could at last heal.

    Final thought-Why does RMK want to help IU anyway?

  15. I have to beleive that whatever comes out will not affect this team. It wouldn’t make any sense to let this season play out normally and take the chance that the NCAA would vacate our finish in the tournament. I think that if there were any indication that that might be the case, Sampson would be gone now and we would self impose a postseason ban this year to avoid more severe long term penalties.

  16. We don’t know if the “new information” as reported by ESPN reflects Sampsons actions or Senderoff or both…

  17. HAHA J-Mo, that is funny. Not funny ha ha but slap silly kind of funny. Basically the kind of funny you get when you feel like you are down and out, hopeless and unable to do anything about the situation but laugh at yourself. That had me chuckle and cry.

  18. I don’t want an asterisk after anything we might win this year. THIS IS INDIANA! We don’t cheat to win. If Sampson cheated, fire him now and refuse any accolades we might attain this season. Do not accept an NCAA bid. We are not Kentucky.

  19. Sampson

    – Sampson does not fit Indiana’s clean track record
    – I have not been that impressed with Sampson’s coaching
    – Time to cut the cord with Sampson. There is a good young group of talent – easy to recruit a new top coach
    – You cannot wait until summer to change coaches

    – Would he turn down a chance for a fourth Title (I think the talent on this team is very good)…far better than 1987
    – Complete Redemption….and he could do it while Myles Brand is the head of NCAA

    The Deal
    – Both publicly announce that it is a temporary job for the rest of the year
    – Knight would be part of the committee that hires next year’s coach
    – Raise money for new facilities via Knight

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