No confirmation as of 7 p.m.

It has been, to say the least, an interesting day.

So far, we have been unable to confirm reports that Kelvin Sampson has been fired.

We’re having trouble confirming a few other reports, too. CBS is reporting on its Web site that five players — D.J. White, Lance Stemler, Eric Gordon, Adam Ahlfeld and Kyle Taber — were told by athletic director Rick Greenspan that Sampson would not be coaching Saturday.

While it does appear that at least a few of those players sought and were granted a meeting with Greenspan to share their thoughts on Sampson, our sources do not believe that Greenspan revealed any information about Sampson at that time.

Also, the Hoosiers will practice tomorrow, as planned. They are not scheduled to leave for Evanston until Saturday morning. It has not made any changes to when it plans to leave, nor has the travel roster changed.

Of course we’ll have more as we are able to find it.


  1. How common is it for the team to fly to a road game on gameday? Is this typical or dictated by the current situation? What happens if some mechanical problem or a weather delay grounds their flight?

  2. Luke,

    I’ve been told that Indiana has flown to several night games on the day of the game this year, and that it had planned all along to leave Saturday morning for the Northwestern game.

  3. Fox Sports now seems to be doing a bit of backtracking. Nothing like breaking a story just to find out that what you broke is heresay.

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