1. Perhaps just a statement will be issued.

    From Katz’s story:
    “Greenspan will then meet with Sampson and a statement from the university will be issued later Friday”

  2. Doug, thank you for these running updates. As an IU fan, I really appreciate them! You must have been up all night. I hope the coffee is good.

  3. I agree with The Rhino that it may just be a statement that’s issued. IU spokesman Larry MacIntyre said yesterday that he was preparing for the possibility of a press conference today and trustee Phil Eskew said he had heard there would be one, but I still think it’s quite possible that there won’t be. We’re trying to find out what will happen and keep you posted.

    And thanks Juliet and others for the kind words. H-T assistant managing editor J.J. Perry has just made a Starbucks run so I’m in good shape!

  4. I have to agree with Fro, a statement only with no press conference is usually a good sign for those who are on the “bubble”. Unless the University has no heart whatsoever and decide to fire Him with no explanation or reasoning whatsoever. Possible I guess… Anything’s possible with all this!!

  5. I would just like to say thank you as well. This blog has been the best thing as far as keeping me up to date with the hoosiers, not only for the sampson story but in general. Thanks for all your hard work.

  6. Wasn’t there a statement earlier that said if Greenspan decided to keep Sampson on for now that it would be his decision and not the President’s and therefore no meeting would be required?

  7. If it’s just a statement, I’d expect it just say that the investigation continues and we can continue to be dragged along for a good while longer.

  8. Thanks for this running account of the IU basketball scene. I check it continuously. It is the best site, bar none, for learning what really is going on.

  9. I’m hearing that they want the announcement to come from a completely impartial source so they are going to have Gene Keady announce it on the Big Ten Network.

  10. With all the time and history on this, I think it would be a darn shame if the HT did not get the exclusive statement and/or notice of press conference. You guys are the home base. This crap of sharing with ESPN or big networks first is bull hookey. Let Doug, Chris, and Zak be the first to know, when informing the press.

  11. Doug – My daughter and I are taking a train to Evanston tomorrow in hopes of seeing a basketball game. Any chance of a team in Cream and Crimson, accompanied by a coach or two attending as well? If so, should we be prepared to be embarrased?

  12. By the way, if the defections become a problem, I played intramural at IU, most recently in ’79. I’ll be at Welsh-Ryan, they should pack an extra uniform for a 51 year-old 6’1″, 210lb power forward.

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