Notes from the press conference

Dan Dakich speaks to the media.

Indiana players Armon Bassett, Eric Gordon and Jordan Crawford spoke to the media after the game. Senior captain D.J. White was not there because he was receiving fluids through an IV. Turns out that White, amidst all this other turmoil, has had the flu this week.

Bassett addressed questions about what the team has gone through this past week.

“I can’t really put it into words,” he said. “It was a long 48 hours. Everything happened so fast.”

Bassett was one of the six players who missed practice on Friday. He said that the absence was not meant to send a message.

“It was just an emotional time for us,” he said. “We just had some things going on.”

The players could not recall who came up with the idea to write KS on their shoes in honor of Sampson. They all just did it, they said.

Gordon called Sampson a father figure and said that the team is trying to move on.

“The decision has been made and we can’t do anything about it,” he said.

Dakich, in his first time speaking to the media since becoming interim coach, was open about his feelings. He talked about the emotions swirling through the program and said that he expected Saturday to be difficult due to the circumstances.

“I’m so proud of our players,” he said. “That’s the way they’ve been all year. It’s a testament to what the Indiana University is all about.”

Dakich’s conflicting emotions came through in almost every sentence he spoke. He admitted to being unable to really enjoy the first win it what was long his dream job.

“I have a lot of emotions about this,” he said. “Feelings for coach Sampson and his family, what they’re going through.”

Dakich was not bothered by players missing practice on Friday.

“It’s natural,” he said. “There was no chance that I was going to sit there and demand (that they practice.)”

Finally, Dakich said he hasn’t thought about his future at Indiana.

“It’s not the way you want to get a job,” he said. “There’s a responsibility with it I accept on a multitude of levels. Mostly for the players and the fans.”


  1. I have to say that I really appreciate the way Dakich handles the fans and the media. I liked that he acknowledged all of the IU fans in Welsh Ryan (I was one of them). I love the emotion he shows during the game and you can just tell that he meant what he said in the press conference. He doesn’t sugar coat things and he gives his true opinion. There is something to be said for that.

  2. I’m so damn proud of this team. Not the coach – he didn’t do anything, although I appreciated his comments after the game where he gave credit to Sampson. This is Sampson’s team, not Dakich’s, no matter how much you old timers might hope it will be. Sampson got this team to the point they’re at, and if tonight is any indication (with Dakich’s lack of ideas in response to NW’s offense), they won’t get much further.

    Congratulations to the team for overcoming not only the last few days with the athletics department and the loss of your coach. But good job overcoming the lack of support from the “fans” at IU, who think it’s somehow a victory that the biggest cheer of the night went to Dakich instead of you guys. You’re right – they don’t support you, just some mythical idea of what IU basketball “stands for.” Just get through it and move on, and laugh as this program disintegrates into oblivion…and remember, this would be a moot point if not for you guys. This has been an awesome season!!!!!

    Well done DJ, and Crawford, and the rest of you…we TRUE FANS are proud of you. Just ignore all the old men who can’t quit beating off to Knight. Good job tonight, hold your heads high!!

  3. Jeez, IUFan. Calm down a little.

    Give Dakich a chance. True, IU didn’t play well and got beat consistently on back screens. But remember that this team didn’t get a chance to prepare. The players deserve all the credit in the world for pulling out a win in extraordinarily tough circumstances, just as Dakich deserves a ton of credit for helping the team heal from the damage of the past week.

    Dakich knows that this will in all likelihood not be his team next season. And despite his status as one of Knight’s “favorite sons,” this is not about Knight. Dakich is the caretaker of this team, and he should get a pass from the fans and media for the rest of the season.

  4. Kelvin got $750,000 more than he deserved so you can cry me a river for him. I feel bad for the players but I’m glad coach Dakich and coach McCallum are still here to run the team. It’s time to turn the page and focus on playing for a conference title.

  5. Great job hoosiers. Most “adults” would not have been able to stand up to the pressure you guys have been under all week . The team is very special to all IU fans. I hope those players who were going to come to IU realize how special this place is and how the fans get behind their team and decide to come join us. Proud to be a hoosier for a lot of reasons!

  6. I also want to congratulate the players for what had to be one of the most difficult games they could play. Also congratulations for the season so far. I suppose I am one the “old fans”, but I care about the players, the program, and do not dream of coaches of old. I do believe in the history and the reputation of this program. I have a long history of cheering for IU. It goes back to seeing my grandmother in front of a radio talking about “our boys”. This team is another group of our boys and you have the chance to be one of the most remebered teams at IU. This is about basketball and the chance to win a championship, Big Ten and then who knows. Not many get that chance. don’t lose sight of the goal set for you at the beginning of the season. Gather together, unite in a common bond, work towards the goal that will make you remembered forever and that you will remember forever.
    From a long term fan, from a supporter of all you players, from a supporter of an honored program – GO I.U.! Now go out and win it for yourselves.

  7. Newsflash: in the real world, $750,000 is not a lot of money. I will make more than $750,000 in the next two years and I am not associated with athletics. So if we could stop throwing that figure around like it’s a king’s randsom it would be greatly appreciated. The fact that IU had to get most of that money from a donor is embarrassing in itself.

  8. In response to IUfan, I’m 47(an old-timer) been an IU fan for 30+ of those years, and I too am very proud of this resilient IU team. They have persevered through quite a bit this season and they have not quit or been broken. I’ve been to all the home games this year and can’t wait for OSU this tuesday so I can cheer them again.

    You are correct about one thing, this is Sampson’s team, and DD is in a no-win situation of epic proportions. If he manages with RM help to keep this thing going well, KS will get the credit from most, and if he doesn’t he will take all the blame.

    I’ll continue to support this team with whoever coaches them, they have proven to be very special so far, and I see no reason to expect any less effort from them as the season winds down.

    I hope someday they will realize they were their own team.

  9. Hey Sam – maybe you need to be thanking Sampson that he only took $750,000. He deserves much more for the sloppy way the Athletic Department handled this mess. And he was well on his way to getting that through the courts but he decided to put the program (after the way he has been treated, I can’t imagine why) ahead of himself and take a buyout. On second thought, I realize he did it for his players. No need for them to suffer the poor decisions of the Athletic Department as well.

  10. Hey Ryan – If Sampson were such a class act, why did he break the NCAA’s rules again? By the letter of his contract, he didn’t deserve a dime and should have been fired. It was classy of IU to pony up the $750,000. I wouldn’t have given him a dime.

  11. Kenny_G…..Thanks for telling us how little $750,000 is. How pompous of you to think it is not much money. Were you “blowing your horn” a bit there, buddy? To a valuable, first year teacher that would be a fantastic sum of money. Blessings to you to make that in two years. Abundant blessings on those that live on $20,000 per year and likely raise children at the same time. Wow!

  12. Pat – how does anyone know he violated any NCAA rules again? the Athletic Department didn’t investigate anything the past 7 days. it was merely a week spent getting the legal ducks in a row. and now they are refusing to revel any details of the ‘investigation.’ seems to me like the lack of class starts with the athletic department. maybe someday you can face a similar situation at your work place and not have a fair shot at facing or replying to the things you are accused of. maybe then you and everyone will get off their high horses.

  13. let me be clear – i am not saying Sampson’s actions should be overlooked. i am just a bit frustrated by the lack of respect by the athletic department and fans that is being shown to this man. further, i am incredibly frustrated by the way this entire thing has been handled, starting with the athletic department’s attempt to sweep the new allegations under the rug. that attempt should signal that something clearly stinks here and it starts at the top with Greenspan and Calhoun. it is incredibly sad and inhuman to see them use Sampson as the fall guy in order to keep their jobs secure. and the athletic department has been successful in getting too many fans to buy into the way they are spinning this.

  14. Ryan K – how naive can you be. The NCAA is the investigators, judge, and jurry! What they find is the final word. I supported Sampson until the NCAA said that he lied to the NCAA and Indiana University, at that point, I wanted him gone. If I lied to my boss, I would lose my job. IU gave him the settlement so they would not have to hear from him again and we can move on from this ugly situation that Kelvin Sampson put us in. Lets just support the players from hear on and put Sampson in the past.

  15. When Sampson accepted giving up the $500,000 salary bonus back in October he was, in effect, admitting guilt. The only thing in question with the NCAA report is if he lied to IU and the NCAA about knowingly making the phone calls. Senderoff and several former recruits and their parents say he did. He says he didn’t. Either way, it’s moot. He’s gone and IU’s left with the stain of his actions forever.

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  17. Yada Yada Yada … Blah Blah Blah Kenny! I suppose you are drop dead handsome also. Toot Toot went Kenny_G….all the way to the bank. So …. 3/4 of a million bones is chump change? I am still laughing.

  18. What the NCAA finds is NOT the final word. The Athletic Department could have done their own investigation – one that would have been much more fair than a mere 7 days. Then if their findings mirror the NCAA get rid of Sampson. They are choosing to simply throw Sampson under the bus, granted a bus primarily driven by Sampson. I just don’t agree with how they are making him out to be the only guilty party.

    At least there are a few things we can all agree on – support for the players and the fact that we are left with a stain of Sampson’s actions. I just have a hard time accepting that the stain is solely due to Kelvin Sampson.

  19. It is very early and emotions are still raw, but DDakich provides an honest, fresh personality that is void of the pressures of being a high paid college coach. i.e. the wave to the crowd, the hug, and the honest comments.

    Conversely, KS’s No Speak was frustrating for the fans. “No comment” only works every so often. Not in every “presser”, as you guys call them.

    I reference another post about DD being in a no win situation. If they win, KS gets credit. If they lose, it is DD’s fault. The other thought is a no lose situation. DD inherits an above average team that he has been with for four months. If they win, he is the hero coach. If they lose, most would accept it as a result of the last weeks scenario.

    One mans opinion…..this team STILL needs a notch better defense to go deep. We have awesome weapons and great athletes, but so do 20 other teams. DD…preach 110% effort on defense and let the rest play out.

    I personally am rooting hard for the kids. The best to the Sampson family, but please read Sundays opinion page in the HT. Only one guy to blame in the end. Good luck KS in your next venture.

  20. Kenny G – What a douche. It’s not the fact that 750k is that much $$, it has to do with the fact that the Athletic Department didn’t want to be the one paying it. Sampson is a university (state) employee and it wold look bad for them to have to buy him out for that much.

    And with your random 2nd post about millionaire households.. if it takes you 2 years to make 750k, then you don’t fit in that category anyway.

    Get over yourself. No one cares about how little $$ you make.

    Everyone look at me.. my tonka truck cost $20. Aren’t I cool? I am so cooler than you cuz my tonka truck costs more.. look at me… look at me, money is so important to me!!

  21. Hey Kenny G, I make $5 million a year and thats only the interest I earn on my investments.

    It’s amazing how easy it is to make that much money when I just pull it out of my ass and type it on the message board as if its real!

    Go back to playing your clarinet and your gay orgies.

  22. The fact that I make more money than 99.9% of the people reading this blog was not my point.

    I was tired of hearing people bash Coach Sampson for taking a $750,000 buyout like it’s some large amount of money. If you look at that number in the context of what major program coaches make or in terms of professional sports or corporate america, it is not much. I thought it was BS that people would throw Coach Davis’ buyout at him after all we put him through and I didn’t want to see it happen again.

  23. Kenny-G

    You’re right. The buyout is less than one year’s salary. Many legal analysts thought that he possibly would get 2.5 million since he had five years left on his contract at a base salary of $500K per year.

    I’m in the group that would have liked for him to have stayed on as coach, but once the media frenzy and anti-Sampson forces mobilized their assault campaign I knew that it was best for Kelvin and the University to part ways.

    Interestingly, when you get away from the Peegs basketball fan forum and different blogs the discussion is much more civil and less vitriolic.

  24. This is the first time I’ve checked out this blog, even tho’ I’ve been a Hoosier fan since the “glory days” (75-76). For those who doubt Dakich’s coaching abilities, some of us remember his team besting Knight’s in the pre-season exhibition games–once when BK insisted on switching teams at halftime, DD’s team STILL came out on top! He spent enough time as a player & assistant under Knight, so please give him a fair chance. KS could’ve been fired for just cause, since he violated the terms of his contract. IU should have made him take them to court, which would have only made Sampson look worse. Any school who hires him as head coach is willingly jeopardizing their own program’s reputation.

  25. KS will need every bit of that $750,000 and then some. He will be facing the NCAA alone in June. No university pockets to help him. Kenny, why don’t you throw a little chump change in his legal fund. Hell you won’t miss it. You could write it off to offset your millions due the IRS.

  26. Kenny G – You are missing the point. People are complaining about him getting 750k not because it is that much money, but because it looks like he blatantly broke his contract and lied to IU and the NCAA. They are making the point that he should have just been fired outright but the University doesn’t want to pay the legal fees or the public humiliation of drawing this thing out longer and smearing IU though the mud in the process.

    If your posts were never about how much money you make, why do you keep bringing it up?

    No one cares, and anyone who goes online bragging about how much $$ they make probably doesn’t make that in the first place.

    Look at my bicycle.. it cost $300.. Aren’t I cool?

    If your posts were never about how much money you make, why do you keep bringing it up?

    No one cares, and anyone who goes online braggin about how much $$ they make probably doesn’t make that in the first place.

    Look at my bicycle.. it cost $300.. aren’t I cool?

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