Ohio State at Indiana, in-game analysis (2nd half)

Armon Bassett seeks a way to the lane.


The Hoosiers withstand a too-little, too-late flurry (speaking of, I hear there’s a good bit of snow outside) and close out another win.

INDIANA 63, OHIO STATE 59 (45.5)

Gordon works to get the foul and then hits two free throws.

Indiana’s defense forces OSU into some clutter, but Koufus gets a 3 anyway.

INDIANA 60, OHIO STATE 56 (1:32)

Been awhile since we’ve seen Gordon play above the rim here. Nice reminder of what he can do in that cleanup of a missed Stemler 3-pointer.

But Ohio State is now doing what it hasn’t done and hitting clutch shots. Turner ducked in and got that jumper to fall. Hunter went to his left to beat White earlier.

INDIANA 56, OHIO STATE 49 (3:42)

This game has gone as Matta feared. The Buckeyes have done everything they could to crawl back in. Except hit the most important shots.

Turner can’t handle the pass on the 3-on-1 break. Hunter can’t hit from the baseline despite being wide open. The 3s aren’t falling.

Indiana, by contrast, is getting the big shots. Bassett hits from deep and dead away. Stemler cleans up a DeAndre Thomas effort. Gordon, who has had a tough game tonight, fights through to draw a foul.

INDIANA 47, OHIO STATE 43 (7:49)

There is no motion to Indiana’s offense tonight. That has been the case all year, of course, but the Hoosiers’ regular philosophy of spreading the floor hasn’t been effective in this half because Ohio State has been able to spread its defense without leaving creases for Gordon and his pals to drive. A lot of that has to do with the officiating crew, which is calling only the most obvious of fouls.

What adjustment should Dakich make here?

INDIANA 47, OHIO STATE 41 (9:51)

There’s the Indiana team you think you know and definitely love. First D.J. White gets bucket through hustle. He works for a tough shot over Matt Terwilliger and then is able to power past him for a tip in when it doesn’t fall.

Bassett follows that with a 3 in transition off the feed from Crawford.

INDIANA 41, OHIO STATE 39 (11:32)

Well, well, well. Quite the difference a half-time can make. Koufus has 13 points this half. Hunter has also had success in the paint with a tip in. Indiana and its fans are hoping to rely on the kindness of the officials and they have yet to be rewarded on that front.

INDIANA 32, OHIO STATE 28 (15:50)

Both teams come out with out even a notion of what to do on offense. Indiana seems to be trying to work the shot clock but isn’t getting the good shot you expect to see after making the Buckeyes chase for 15 or 20 seconds.

Koufus gets a 3-point play to put the Buckeyes within six.

Now Indiana reverses and finds Stemler who . . . misses. And Hunter is there for the rebound. Bad trend developing.

Now Gordon can’t convert on a break — he wanted a foul — and Ohio State goes the other way for two. Lead’s down to four.

White takes over. As a leader and Big Ten player of the year should. He hits a hook.

Koufus comes right back and scores in tight.

White tries to go at Koufus and has the ball knocked away. He thinks there should have been a call. So do the fans. The three guys who matter don’t agree. They’ve been letting ’em play today.


  1. is it just me, or does this team have a serious whining problem…shut up, quit worrying about the refs, and try rebounding and playing defense..dakich needs to sit some of these guys down and get their attention..

  2. I think that’s why Gordon doesn’t get any calls when he goes into the lane. He’s always whining about not getting calls and he’s always whining when he fouls someone else. The refs know it.

  3. so how many meals has Musberger had since he has been here? He has mentioned three restaurants and/or bars. Shut up and eat Brent.

  4. Pat…….you got it. The refs are not going to give EJ any gifts. The whining makes it worse. The fans and many more dreamed of a drive and dish offense. EJ is subtracting one key ingredient from that recipe. Drive and hope for a foul. Granted he is usually alone on the drive, but others need to follow for a pass.

  5. FINAL: IU 72, OSU 69.
    IU: Bassett 23 pts; Gordon 17 pts, 1-8 3PT, 6 reb, 3 stl; DJ.White 16 pts, 8 reb; Crawford 9 pts; Ellis 5 pts, 7 reb; Stemler 2 pts, 0-6 3PT, 6 reb.
    IU: 24-61 (39%) FG; 5-25 (20%) 3PT; 19-24 (79%) FT; 39 reb; 13 TO; 5 (10) fouls.
    OSU: 28-62 (45%) FG; 7-25 (28%) 3PT; 6-8 (75%) FT; 34 reb; 16 TO; 13 (18) fouls.
    OSU: Koufos 21 pts, 4 blk, 6 reb; Turner 13 pts, 7 reb; Hunter 12 pts, 6 reb; Butler 12 pts, 8 ast; Lighty 6 pts; Diebler 3 pts; Terwilliger 2 pts.

  6. I agree! Too much whining by EJ. Does he think he is in the NBA already or what?

    Gotta tip my hat to IU though for finding a way to win even though we didn’t play all that well. Thank you DJ and OURMON! Great job!

  7. Interesting stats. I would have guessed that they would have dominated OSU. I think it shows the weakness of this team. Is it possible for all cylinders to click for this team? The positive is that we always seem to have someone step up, with lots of options. DJ, EJ, Armon, and the dynamic duo (Crawford/Ellis).

  8. Good reminder Chet and again let us be thankful that the team found a way to win! Victories are all that is needed right now so we can realize the team goal of a Big Ten Championship!

    Seeing DD with Erin after the game was bittersweet as it should be Sampson! Thanks Kelvin for putting together a group of young men who can face adversity in the eye and pull out a victory with style and grace. Thanks to DD and DJ for taking over the reins and carrying and allowing the torch to burn brighter!

    Now let’s go to East Lansing and show them that we are the best team in the Big Ten!

  9. Ditto, Chris and Doug have provided A+ coverage all year. Doug………I dont care what Paul Gates said. He can play golf, but he fails to appreciate your work. My vote is for you.

  10. BTW………I can play a bit of the game myself. Maybe you and me challenge Sir Paul to a game. I known how to get to his weak spot.

  11. At the end of the year it doesn’t matter if he’s ready for the NBA or not. What matters is where certain teams (top 10 or so) will be willing to take him. There are tons of players ‘not ready’ that get drafted high every year. And although he isn’t ready to step in and be an all-star…he could play quality minutes for a lot of teams. If ball handling is biggest weakness, I think he’ll be fine. The long range bomb and explosiveness will probably outweigh the ballhandling when it comes draft day. Now if he’s not hitting the deep 3, obviously it makes his game one dimensional, but really, it’s not like he shoots it every game like he did tonight. Oh well, at least he got the line a lot and hit most of his FTs. I still like him on my team.

  12. Unfortunately you are correct Jared. As Julie Andrews sang many years ago in the Sound of Music……….so long, farewell……

  13. Late in the season all wins are good but not necessarily pretty. I think this was the last emotional hurdle and things will pick up now. They better at Michigan State.

    I agree with what many have said. This team must to stop worrying about the refs and focus more on playing the game. Also, Ellis needs to grow up and stop getting into verbal sparring with the other team every game.

    If I had to come up with one word that best describes this team it would be nonchalant. Nonchalant: Having an air of easy unconcern or indifference.

    They are nonchalant bringing the ball up, getting back on defense and they don’t show patience on offense with a lead when they jack up the first semi-open look.

    We may have to live with this the rest of the season but things would go much easier if they played with a purpose for 40 minutes. I don’t want to be too negative with this team. They find a way to win more often than not and that’s all that counts.

  14. If you can win with EJ being horrendous and DJ being mediocre, it’s a nice win. Not to mention that without Bassett’s numbers, the team was 1-17 from the arc.

    I like the way this team shoots FTs, especaially down the stretch. Bassett and Gordon have been clutch all year and went 8-8 from the line again tonight in the final minute of play.

    Ugly? Yes. But still a solid victory and sets up the show-down at Michigan State and keeps their Big Ten title hope alive. Go Hoosiers!

  15. EJ does need to stay at IU for another year to improve his passing, ball-handling, and leadership. Right now, he is not guaranteed to be a lottery pick in the NBA draft unless he has a HUGE NCAA Tourney! BTW – could you image if EJ & Ebank got a chance to play for IU together…Elite 8/Final 4 for sure!

  16. Higgi, the only way he’s not guaranteed that is if he gets hurt in a big way. He would still be a lottery pick if he decided to play the remainder of the season left handed. Scouts know what he can do by now. He’ll be a top 6-7 pick no doubt.

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