Ohio State at Indiana, in-game analysis

Jordan Crawford dunks.


Crawford holds until about eight seconds remain, then curls toward the middle. Eventually the ball is fed into D.J. White for a contested shot, which misses. Ellis rebounds but can’t get a shot off or draw a foul.

INDIANA 30, OHIO STATE 21 (33.4)

Dakich calls a time out as his team is not playing a very tough zone now. Too loose. Also, he’ll get a chance to draw up this last possession.

INDIANA 27, OHIO STATE 15 (3:18)

Something you’ve gotta like about Eric Gordon: when he forces it and makes a foolish turnover, he gets angry and makes up for it on defense. He did that there, trying to force a pass to White. Ohio State went the other way and as Butler tried to drive the lane and dish off, Gordon was there to interfere. Bassett collected the loose ball and went the other way for a bucket.

INDIANA 23, OHIO STATE 13 (7:00)

The Buckeyes get back into with a little run. The way their offense runs — have I mentioned that they rush their shots? — I think you can expect that. But Indiana’s leaving the weak side open and Hunter is exploiting it without D.J. White in the game.

Indiana is content to shoot over the zone.

INDIANA 18, OHIO STATE 7 (11:06)

White’s two monster dunks — he knows no other way — ignite the crowd here.

Ohio State is in such a rush on offense. And Indiana is just taking their rebounds and flying back up the court. As evidenced by that Jordan Crawford dunk after a quick transition.

INDIANA 10, OHIO STATE 4 (15:57)

Gordon hits a 3 and Lighty gets to the line and hits one.

The Hoosiers have nine rebounds. The Buckeyes have one.


Late-arriving crowd here, as the balcony and some of the lower sections remain bare at tip.

Indiana misses three shots — two 3s and a put back — on its first possession. On its second Eric Gordon gets open for 3 and misses, then grabs his own rebound and drives. He tries to dish off for White but throws the ball out of bounds. Gordon walks to end Indiana’s third possession.

Ohio State is trying to press Indiana a little bit to take advantage of the shaky start. But D.J. White is able to get a bucket inside and then Bassett makes a spectacular little play to spin the ball off glass and draw a foul.

At the other end, Ohio State is showing that it is not afraid to shoot the ball. Head coach Thad Matta said yesterday that he thinks the Buckeyes shoot more than any team in America. That has held true tonight.


In his second game as the head coach, Dakich will send out Armon Basssett, Eric Gordon, Jamarcus Ellis, Lance Stemler and D.J. White to start the game.


Tip in a few minutes.


  1. You think those 2 inbounds plays that lead to DJ dunks are plays Dakich brought in? I always felt we had a hard time getting the ball in under Sampson

  2. Good point Ben. It will be interesting and sneaky, to see what DD brings to the team. I sure hope it is tenacious D.

  3. Eric pressing again. Let that shot come to you. I think he needs another year here. Whoops…..my selfish side again.

  4. we have 3 point flu. We still seem lethargic on D and tense on O. The score says different, but dare I say OSU is weak?

  5. Brent Mus says Armon is best point G in Big ten. For one time, I agree with him. He is that 3rd most important player that we chatted about earlier this year. No……Brent just called him OurMan Bassett.

  6. It is so nice to see the boys kickin’ some butt out there tonight. Nine point lead at half is good we should expect. Erin speaking with Dakich was weird though….IU going to Sweet Sixteen as ESPN says? Ya definitely IMO, but how about a final 4 appearance kinda like Mike Davis taking Bobby’s team there in 2002? GO HOOSIERS!

  7. HALF: IU 30, OSU 21.
    IU: Bassett 13 pts; Gordon 7 pts; DJ.White 6 pts, 6 reb; Ellis 2 pts, 5 reb; Crawford 2 pts.
    IU: 12-34 (35%) FG; 3-16 3PT; 3-3 FT; 25 reb; 7 TO; 5 fouls.
    OSU: 9-29 (31%) FG; 1-12 3PT; 2-4 FT; 17 reb; 6 TO; 5 fouls.
    OSU: Turner 5 pts, 4 reb; Hunter 4 pts; Butler 4 pts, 3 ast; Koufos 3 pts; Lighty 3 pts; Terwilliger 2 pts.

  8. Mark K……do you really think they are a deep player? They scare me. Our youngsters are suspect my friend. I want it more than you do, but attempting to be realistic here.

  9. ww, ya I hear ya man, but I have a feelin’ we rally around this Sampson phone call folly incident and go deep into the NCAA even though no one really gives us much credence. We are as good as anyone when our shots fall and as Ben said, perhaps we have some new plays to get the ball to DJ more he will either sink the jumper or dunk or kick it back out to Bassett, Gordon or Stemmie for a 3. Dakich has worked so hard with DJ this year, now time to reap the harvest of their work. Go HOOSIERS!

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