WBB Ohio State-Indiana, Live Updates

INDIANA (16-12, 9-7) upsets No. 18 OHIO STATE (20-7, 11-5), 69-61

The Hoosiers end a streak of eight straight wins by the Buckeyes in this series, and at the same time put a huge damper on thoughts of an outright conference title for Ohio State, which is trying to win its fourth consecutive regular season crown. JORI DAVIS returns from an injury after 12 games out and is a HUGE factor in the win, making some gamebreaking plays in the overtime to seal the deal.

Final Stats:
Ohio State
Tamarah Riley, 15 points, 16 rebounds
Marscilla Packer, 14 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists
Jantel Lavender, 10 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks

Jamie Braun, 19 points, 8 rebounds
Kim Roberson, 15 points, 9 rebounds, 3 steals
Whitney Thomas, 14 points, 9 rebounds
Jori Davis, 11 points


IU 65, OSU 61: The two team exchange baskets for three or four trips each, with Marscilla Packer assuming responsibilites for the Buckeyes and IU mixing it up. A timeout now with 1:05 after Jori Davis goes baseline from the left corner and drives in for a layup. She celebrates with some teammates while they huddle up.

IU 67, OSU 61: DAVIS!!! again as the freshman steals the ball in the corner, gets fouled, and makes both freebies.

FINAL: IU 69, OSU 61: Ballgame, Hoosiers. Kim Roberson chucks the ball high into the air as the buzzer sounds.


Second Half:

OSU 31, IU 25: Tamarah Riley scores first in the second half, then teammate Marscilla Packer followed up with a 3. The Hoosiers, on the other hand, missed their first two shots, and Coach Jack called an angry timeout with the clock reading 18:47.

OSU 34, IU 25: Jamie Braun draws the coach’s ire by throwing the ball away. Coach Jack caught the pass, slammed the ball on the ground, and hollered at Braun, “Why are you throwing it to me?” Then Packer hits another 3.

OSU 41, IU 31: Ashlee Trebilcock drains a 3!!! for a Buckeye 10-point lead.

OSU 45, IU 33: Riley just made the same ridiculous shot on two consecutive trips down the floor. She got underneath the bucketon the right side facing out, stepped to her right, and flipped up a one-handed reverse layup with her right hand. Riley has monster numbers with 13 points and 15 rebounds.

OSU 45, IU 38: Whitney Thomas has some hard work pay off, getting two of her own rebounds while trying to put away a layup with three Buckeyes towering over her. The ball finally drops through, and she’s fouled. After a timeout, Thomas makes her free throw. 11:28 to go in the game.

OSU 52, IU 44: Facing a 10-point deficit and seven minutes left, the Hoosiers needed a score badly, and Thomas delivers with a picture perfect jumper from the left corner of the key.

OSU 52, IU 46: Coach Jack calls a quick timeout after Thomas’s basket and then Kim Roberson responds with a steal off Maria Moeller around midcourt. Roberson is fouled, and another timneout ensues. Roberson misses a shot, but gets her own rebound, and Braun responds with a leaning runner that somehow finds its home.

OSU 52, IU 49: Braun delivers again off a feed from Thomas. She banks in a jumper and is fouled, then sinks her free throw. 4:30 to go.

OSU 52, IU 51: WOW. IU makes two great stops on the defensive end, one where Thomas grabs a loose ball right by the baseline and jump turns a pass to Roberson, who leaps in the air to grab it. Then, after an IU turnover by Amber Jackson, Jori Davis prevents a 2-on-1 breakaway from resulting in points. Braun, of course, makes a turnaround jumper for Indiana, and then Maria Moeller of OSU travels on the other end. 2:48 to go in this one.

IU 52, OSU 52: Riley fouls out of the ballgame with 15 points and 16 boards. Thomas makes her first free throw, but the officials don’t let her shoot another one, saying Roberson came in the lane prematurely.

IU 54, OSU 52: Roberson drains two free throws after an OSU turnover where somebody stepped on the baseline.

IU 54, OSU 54: Jantel Lavender makes a pretty one-handed scopp layup to tie the game with just under 30 seconds to go. IU looks like they’re going to shoot the game-winnner, but Coach Jack calls for a timeout with 10.6 seconds left.

OVERTIME!!!: Thomas tries for a shot in the lane, but neither a foul on her arm or her traveling is called and the ball goes out of bunds off the Buckeyes. Davis gets the ball on the inbounds with less than three seconds and fires up an airball. It doesn’t look like she expected to get the ball.


Here’s the Hoosier news: Freshman Jori Davis is dressed tonight, but we’ll see if she gets in the game. She has missed 12 games with a stress fracture in her left foot. Whitney Lindsay starts for the third straight game at the point, and senior guard Nikki Smith is in the starting lineup for Kim Roberson.

First Half:

OSU 7, IU 6: First timeout with 15:40 to go in the first half, and Davis checks in at the scorer’s table. She last played on Jan. 6 against Illinois. Amber Jackson has four points to pace the Hoosiers.

IU 9, OSU 9: Davis just hit what appeared to be a 3-pointer, but the officials stop the game to check the monitor to make sure. The game is being delayed with 13:52 to play. Finally, it’s ruled a 3!!! Meanwhile, Jackson has four points, but she’s 2-for-6 from the field, including a couple of point blank misses on layups that were too strong and a short jumper.

IU 14, OSU 11: “Downtown” Jamie Braun nails a 3 from the left wing!!!

IU 16, OSU 11: Braun again with a finger roll layup. She has the last two buckets in the game and leads all players with five points.

IU 18, OSU 14: Buckeye forward Tamarah Riley converts a 3-point play…Timeout again with 7:57 to go in the first.

IU 22, OSU 16: The Hoosiers just got two layups on super entry passes undernetah. Davis fed Kim Roberson over a defender and found her on the right side of the hoop. Then Nikki Smith hit Whitney Thomas in the center of the lane for another bucket.

IU 22, OSU 20: Timeout with 3:16 left. Jackson has six points to match Ohio State’s freshman phenom Jantel Lavender, but the junior forward is shooting just 3-for-10 in the game, though to her credit, she hasn’t had any horrible misses. The ball is just not giving her the shooter’s bounce, roll, etc. Her shots keep rimming out.

OSU 26, IU 24: Marscilla Packer unleashes a beautiful jumper from the left side of the key, giving the Buckeyes the advantage with 1:46 left on the clock.

OSU 26, IU 25: The Hoosiers grab a rebound on a Packer miss, and Braun is hacked by OSU’s Alison Jackson. Braun makes one of her free throws, and Buckeye coach Jim Foster calls a timeout to set up the last shot with 22.8 seconds left.

HALFTIME: OSU 26, IU 25: Roberson’s stiflling D prevents Ohio State from beating the shot clock, which was not reset at the timeout. Packer starts with the ball at halfcourt but fails to even get a pass off with Roberson blanketing her. With 1.8 seconds left, Davis heaves a pass from the sideline about 3-quarters down the length of the court to Roberson on the right wing of the 3-point arc. Roberson fires a wild shot at the buzzer, but it’s off to the right and hits the bottom right of the backboard square.

Halftime Stats:
Ohio State
Tamarah Riley, 7 points, 10 rebounds
Jantel Lavender, 6 points

Amber Jackson, 6 points
Jamie Braun, 6 points, 5 rebounds
Nikki Smith, 2 points, 3 assists


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