Players told that Sampson suspended, Dakich to serve as interim coach

Athletic director Rick Greenspan told the Indiana team today that Kelvin Sampson will be suspended and Dan Dakich will serve as interim coach, according to a family member of an IU player and a source who spoke with an IU player.

H-T reporter Chris Korman spoke with both of these sources. He does not have further details about the suspension.

Sampson’s contract specifies that he would be suspended without pay – pending an appeal process – if Greenspan makes a recommendation to fire him for cause, but we do not know if that has happened.


  1. Can’t sue for wrongful termination if he’s not fired. And he’s not fired — he’s suspended, pending appeal and due process.

  2. Oh, you bet he can sue. He can only be fired for intentional, repetitive, and significant NCAA violations. None of that has actually been proven.

    IU signed off on every single phone log. Indiana stuck with Kelvin Sampson back in October. The NCAA came back in the spring and said Kelvin wasn’t telling the truth. He says he was. Indiana responds by conducting a 7 day investigation with the sole purpose of recommending Sampson be fired. That isn’t due process, and in the court of law, that sort of “due process” wouldn’t fly. The fact the NCAA gave the university 90 days, and it only took 7 days proves the fact they were circumventing the NCAA process in order to get the result they were after.

    If Kelvin Sampson wants to, he can drag IU into a ton of litigation. Nothing has been proven. You could certainly argue he hasn’t violated or broken any NCAA rules. It has been alleged that he has. But under his contract, it has to be knowingly and repetitive–and the violations have to be significant. Indiana will have to prove all three of those…and it won’t be easy considering they BELIEVED and stood by Sampson when this first came out.

    In the court of law, what players of rival teams claim Sampson did will be looked at very skeptically. And Sampson probably has the best legal counsel available — who I am sure could poke holes in the stories of Illinois basketball players who have shown they hate Kelvin Sampson.

    IU has not covered it’s butt. It thinks it has, but this rush to judgment could bite them in the butt. But again — maybe KS won’t sue.

  3. Hoosier Fan, I gotta disagree with you. You nor I know what IU does or does not know. And everyone focuses on the phone calls. Remember there are 2 other major violations that are being addressed dealing with an IU commit, not a rival. So even if KS “wins” the calls battle, there is still the issue of the 2 other violations and whether he lied about that. To me, that could be the key. And to believe KS means that Elston and his coach are both lying. Seems a bit of a stretch to me.

  4. You might not like it, but Hoosier Fan is absolutely right. Even Bilas for ESPN has gone on air to note that the University’s suspected draconean response fully appears to be to make Sampson the “sacrificial lamb” to save face before the NCAA, which made these PHONE CALLS into 5 major violations, despite that there were over 100 phone call violations across the country that barely got a slap on the wrist. This is about the NCAA being ticked off at Sampson, and IU not being willing to stand against the media, and behind the coach that has brought the program back from mediocrity, has conducted himself with decorum on the court and before the media, and has been nothing but great to the kids he is coaching. For those of you continuing Knight backers, the coach who mooned fans from a bus, got an arrest warrant issued against him in Puerto Rico etc., get a life already. This is a sham investigation designed to do nothing more than cover the University’s backside, and it is an extremely disappointing statement of cowardice. By the way, we’re going to lose our 2008 and 2009 recruits, and could lose current players. Yeah, great move.

  5. Is anybody in Bloomington planning to attend the presser to heckle? I think there should be hecklers there shouting random stuff regardless of what they say. Otherwise it’s going to be rather boring since there are only a couple of potential outcomes and they’ve all be overly scrutinized.

    I’d do it but I won’t be able to get there in time. Somebody please throw in a “it just doesn’t matter” chant straight out of Animal House for me.

  6. I don’t care what it takes, Sampson has to go. Look at this ridiculous circus he’s created. How can the university possibly continue to employ this guy after he repeatedly broke rules and then lied about it to IU administration and the NCAA.

    Hoosier Fan, do you really think its more likely that about two dozen recruits would lie to hurt Sampson than it is for Sampson to lie in a futile attempt to save his ass? Rival school or not, I’m believing the group against the one and those whose jobs aren’t on the line.

    Seriously, whatever it takes, lost recruits, buying out his contract, whatever. He has to go. Of course he’s going to sue, he’s an unethical immoral jerk, why wouldn’t he try to profit as much as possible. But, none of it matters, he has to go.

  7. Hoosier Hoopster/Grad, Have you forgotten that he lied about the phone calls? Try going to your place of employment and lying to your boss about a major violation of company policy and see if you get to keep your job.

    So what if we lose players. IU basketball is larger than any coach, recruit, or player.

  8. Triple, I like your idea! Perhaps I should show up with a Coor’s Light and ask some silly question with my fake press badge on? Then someone could produce a vid for Youtube such as this one: 🙂
    to help lighten the stress that some many of us have been under these trying last weeks.

  9. Oh come on, Jay Bilas is standing behind Sampson because he was a assistant coaches once, and they tend to stick together, who knows maybe Jay made some illegal calls himself, but never got caught.

    I think Sampson had his chance to redeem himself when IU took a chance on him, there shouldn’t ever be a question whether he violated any NCAA rules. By the way Greenspan should be fired also, for hiring him.

    Also, am I hearing right that Greenspan is now trying to negotiate with the players to make sure they will play against Northwestern? What is up with that?

  10. The only mistake IU made was hiring Sampson in the first place. He might have conducted himself with “decorum” on the court, but he cheated off the court, plain and simple. Those phone calls give him a distinct advantage over others. As an IU grad, I am extremely upset as Sampson has embarrassed the program and the university as a whole. Just an incredibly brash and stupid decision. Did he have to do that in order to bring IU back up? If so, then he’s just not a very good recruiter. He disgusts me. IU needs to go after Tony Bennett at Washington State after this season. His teams play great Defense and he has resurrected a doormat program and made them into a perennial top-20 team. Plus, he’s from the midwest and runs a clean program. It would be a great hire.

  11. All this garbage just proves IU needs to cheat to beat Purdue. He couldn’t even steal the players that came to Purdue using his illegal phone calls.

  12. Hoosier Alum – I hear you man, but he’s accused of lying, let’s not put the cart before the horse. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. The 10-day appeal period may or may not resolve due process questions — it’s really just a precursor to firing him — but Sampson deserves his day. It even appears the NCAA is calling speaker-phone calls 3-way calls. And have you guys noticed that the NCAA actually pointed out that Elston got a t-shirt and a bag?? Are you kidding me? Whoopee. That’s telling, it’s a witch hunt, and someone at the NCAA is gunning for him. Come on. If you put other programs under this microscope, particularly as to calls to recruits (what a travesty), 1/2 of Div. 1 would go down the tubes. Knight never even got suspended, and they’re going to fire Sampson over this? Ridiculous.

  13. It appears that Jay Bilas and several of those making comments about “due process” have not read Sampson’s Employment Agreement with IU. The Agreement allows the University to terminate Sampson for “just cause” which is defined to include several items in addition to violations of NCAA rules. Some of the items constituting “just cause” include: significant, intentional, or repetitive violations of any law, rule, or regulation of IU by either Sampson or members of his staff; conduct by Sampson that is “seriously prejudicial to the best interests of the University or its athletics program or which violates the University’s stated mission;” conduct “adequate to sustain the termination of any other University employee in [Sampson’s] classification;” “[f]raud or dishonesty of Employee in the performance of his duties or responsibilities;” and “[f]ailure to recognize and cooperate with the Athletic Director or other University officials.”

    Any of these provisions will allow IU to terminate Sampson if it has evidence that he lied last fall when it conducted its own internal investigation, irrespective of whether there were or were not NCAA infractions.

  14. I think the point of this whole deal is actually that he was under the microscope for violating rules previously. If you are on parole and do the same crime, you’re going to be punished more severely than if it is your first offense. This is much more a Sampson problem than just an IU problem because of his tarnished history. Shame on the Hoosiers for hiring someone with a history of cheating. Maybe they should check his background for Bill Belichick tutoring sessions.

  15. IU Law Alum – Have you read the opinions in Ohio on O’Brien? Did you see the Ohio Supreme Court’s decision to allow the lower court’s ruling against OSU to stand? I haven’t read the whole Sampson agreement, but you know there are holes, and that’s why they’re negotiating right now. Again, this is clearly a witch hunt, and it very much looks like IU is covering its backside.

  16. Ok, I have been a fan of IU Basketball from childhood. I also am a fan of Purdue. No conflict. I think basket ball as played in Indiana can not be beat. At High School and college level. Do not like what has been done to the high school class. Indiana High School is /was a class act. Then the powers that be thought they should fix something that was not broken. OK back To Bob Kight. One of if not the best, no hits of dishonor, a little bit of a hot head, maybe more than a little bit, but we all knew he was a man of honor, as John Wooden, On Sampson. So far I have not seen an of the so called violations proven, I think we all should keep this in mind, Innocent untill proven quilty. There are a lot of talk, charges, etc, but where is the proof, of wrong doings at IU? Yes some at maybe, A hint of some at IU, Mostly media hype. Yes I still am a fan of IU basketball. Always will be. Also a fan of Purdue. Lets let the NCAA investigation be complete and not rush to judgement with out all the facts. And remember when did anyone need to break the rules to recuit any one to play basketball at IU? or Purdue?

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