Players unhappy

A family member of a Hoosier player has confirmed the reports that Indiana players have at least had some conversations about not playing against Northwestern Saturday because they’re upset about coach Kelvin Sampson losing his job.

That could be primarily the emotion of the moment driving that sentiment, but we’ll keep checking on this story tonight.

We don’t know what this means, but assistant coach Ray McCallum and his wife entered the area of Assembly Hall where Rick Greenspan’s offices are more than half an hour ago and are still there are far as we can tell.

We also saw several players show up at Assembly Hall in mid-afternoon – including Kyle Taber, Lance Stemler, Eli Holman and Brett Finkelmeier – but we’re not sure if today’s scheduled practice is happening or not.


  1. Not that they’re reading this, but come on, guys. Don’t throw away the chance at a Big Ten title to make a point.

  2. I hope they do boycott the game tomorrow. Then IU has no choice but to cancel the rest of the season. Good job DJ. Does the D stand for duh?

  3. So the players protest by not playing—-several questions: what results as far as pro careers for some in evaluating personalities; what results for Big 10 title; Whose team it it–the players, coaches, or university (taxpayers, citizens, students); another black eye for the university and its sports program; interesting example of loyality being for a coach that definitely violated NCAA rules (and for those who say they are too picky–remember university is a volunteer member and can leave if that is their wish and play intramural programs)—great example for other young people.

  4. Well done, you idiotic Hoosier fans. All along, it’s all been about your reputation as fans, screw the team and what they wanted. This has the potential to really upset the players and even help sabotage the rest of their season. And you guys don’t even care, as long as your BS “reputation” is intact. You all prance around here like this has any bearing on the Bloomington community. Like ten years from now you’ll be applying for a job and the boss is gonna say “oh, you lived in Bloomington? Nevermind – Sampson made some extra phone calls, so all you Bloomington people are a bunch of lying cheats.” Seriously, get over yourselves and see what you’re doing to this team you “love.”

    I have never seen a group of people who profess to support and back a team unconditionally be so willing to throw them under the bus. For god’s sake, you morons, this isn’t about you. Hell, it’s not even about IU’s reputation at this point – it’s still in the investigational stage. What you’re doing is hurting a bunch of kids who have played their hearts out for the fans all season, only to be backstabbed by you all. These kids were begging for their coach’s job, and here you are, mocking their sadness (the Eli Holman post below) and sharpening your claws. You are pathetic.

    Did it ever occur to any of you that this whole thing might hurt IU recruiting – not because of some stupid phone call scandals, but because future players will look at this community and see a group of unsupportive fans with some whacked-out perception of morality? I know that if I was some high-level recruit facing the possibility of moving to a hick town that has driven the last two coaches out of town on a rail in mid-season, god knows I’d think twice about coming here.

    Well done, you idiots.

  5. We went through this same scenario when Knight was canned and the University, under different leadership, made a huge mistake, when the players threatened to leave in not telling them to hit the road. The Basketball team is NOT Indiana University, but instead, of bunch of basketball players getting a free four year education! I say call their bluff. If I were Greenspan, I would have told any player that walked out of the meeting with him to clear out his locker and hit the road. Sorry folks, but the inmates don’t run the asylum!

    Recruiting may be hurt in the short term but you get a good coach in here and one recruiting class can turn the whole thing right around. Just look up the road at Purdue. If the buyout/firing of Samson satisfies the NCAA, then all will be well again before you know it. The IMPORTANT thing here is not to get more sanctions from them than we have already imposed upon ourselves!

    There a lot of good, young coaches out there who will jump at the job if the NCAA doesn’t lower the boom on us. Sampsom cut his own throat. He’s a heck of a coach but there is no room at IU for a cheat and a liar if he turns out to be one.

  6. I applaud the IU adm. for having the guts to do what is right. To rid themselves of a habitual cheater
    who illegally recruits and lies to investigators. Might as well do it now instead of later. As for the dumbass players who want to boycott? Let them do it,
    then rescind their scholarships and tell them to hit the road and sit out next year where ever they enroll.

  7. “Sorry folks, but the inmates don’t run the asylum!”

    Nice characterization there, John. Real classy. Can tell you have the best interests of the IU basketball players and team at heart.

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