1. Chris you are a saint to stay there holding out hope, waiting for the university to get something right today.

  2. Oh Chris. You poor guys. I hope for your sake they do the press conference then. Thank you all again for your hard work today.

  3. Please, please, please for all of us who have been monitoring this since 2 p.m. and all freakin’ afternoon/evening….

    …Please ask why IU staff is being so disrespectful to local and national media by not being organized about this major story.

  4. If the players don’t want to play at NW I will. Just let me know where to be and I’ll be on the bus/plane and head up to Evanston and play my heart out. Its a dream for many young Indiana boys to play at IU and I sure would be willing to don the cream and crimson!!!!!!!!

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