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That’s it. We’ll be headed back to the office soon to work on our stories about this long, strange day for the IU basketball program.


Here’s one I missed from earlier in the press conference: Greenspan was asked if he thinks his job is in jeopardy. He said he doesn’t know and that no one has said anything to him about that.


One or two of the recruits in IU’s 2008 recruiting class have provisions in their letters of intent to allow them to choose a different school if IU changes its coach, Greenspan said. He said he doesn’t know which recruits and that it will be up to the coaching staff to reach out to them now.


Greenspan was asked about whether he feels betrayed by Sampson’s violations after he was given a second chance to follow the rules. He said his disappointment is for IU’s players and fans but expressed hope that IU’s remaining staff will make something out of a tough situation.

“Out of these situations sometimes come some very good things. That’s the only way I can feel about this situation.”


Greenspan was asked about starting to look for another coach. He said they’ll probably exhale for a day or two so don’t expect any revelations for the next week or two. He said the first responsibility is to support the current team, not to get started in the hiring process that will start a new round of rumors.


Robin Green-Harris said that this week’s actions don’t have any bearing on the NCAA’s ultimate decision about penalizing IU. She said the university believes its initial self-sanctions are adequate and appropriate for the violations identified.


There was another question about a potential boycott of tomorrow’s game. He said there might always be a possibility – these players have a strong affinity for coach Sampson – but he thinks they also respect representing the university and continuing a strong season.

“It’s my expectation that as they heal emotionally and re-familiarize themselve with the coaching staff in new roles, they’ll continue to perform at a high level.”


The investigation just completed involved many hours of reviewing information and has given a Michael McRobbie a verbal report, but won’t share his report publicly.


Greenspan was asked why he chose Dakich as interim head coach over McCallum. He said both are great, experienced coaches, but he thought Dakich was the right choice.


A reporter just asked if the players threatened a boycott yesterday. Greenspan said he has great respect for the pressure IU’s players have faced and that he tried to give them encouragement yesterday. But he didn’t really answer the question.


Greenspan said that although players weren’t at practice, but his understanding is that most or all of IU’s players are at a walk-through tonight in preparation for tomorrow’s game.


Greenspan has just said what you already know. Sampson has resigned.

“I am pleased that we are able to part ways in a matter than best serves Indiana University and our basketball program.”


  1. What a horrible day in IU basketball! All we can do as Hoosier faithful is stick together and support the team.

  2. It takes lean times to build strong teams. We’ll be fine. Now it’s time to focus on this season then finding a coach. Final Four!

  3. To all those who don’t have a clue about Sampson’s hiring including Trock.

    Kelvin Sampson was hired under great pressure by former President Herbert. AD Greenspan had GREAT reservations and many, many meetings with Herbert regarding Sampson. In fact, it was only after Mark Few backed out that Greenspan basically relented to Sampson as being the best coaching candidate left willing to come to Indiana. Folks like Alford, Calapari and others mentioned were never even considered. Herbert convinced Greenspan that Sampson had learned his lesson, was a man of character and should be given the opportunity.

    Rick Greenspan is one of the most stand up guys I have even known. This is killing him more than you can imagine. He is through and through a person of integrity, honesty, and forthrightness. He bears the responsibility of all of this, even though his gut was to pass on Sampson in the first place.

    If you want someone fired, then go after Professor Adam Herbert.

  4. I agree with ‘my sources say’…
    It was even stated during commentary of the last game…something like ‘we’ll show you who got Sampson hired.’
    Camera focuses on Herbert.

  5. Not that the team members are going to be reading this, but if you are, we stand behind you! We know this must be a very difficult time for you and we feel for you.
    Especially to D.J.–YOU are a leader! Use those leadership skills and show everyone from every where what you and your team stands for. Thru controversy, you all will still prevail! We look forward to seeing you all, together, on the court tomorrow night!

  6. Bring Bobby out of retirement! Hoosiers Basketball would return to greatness! You guys were stupid to let go one of the best coaches of all time.

  7. I am not sure retired is the correct word to describe RMK’s present situation..
    The hypocrite QUIT on his team in MID-SEASON.
    Plus he is 67 and has been to one sweet sixteen in the last 14 years.

  8. I am pleased with the outcome here and agree it is best considering the terrible situation all parties found them self in.

    I for one will be supporting the team and Coach Dakich 100% and just hope the players can rise to the occasion and realize the goal set forth at the start of the season: the win a Big Ten Championship!

    Go IU!

  9. Indiana finally had a coach with class but could not recognize class because they are trash. Back to the dumper. Get back the abuser you loosers.

  10. It was time for Knight to go, Davis had class and was a winner and then we hire a cheater. Any wonder that he was caught cheating and lying?? It was not a matter of IF but when it would rear it;s ugly head. Return the program to it’s glory days when players graduated and played good ball.

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