Press conference tentatively planned for 6 p.m.

After all the talk and reports today about press conferences, an IU official has told us a press conference is tentatively scheduled for 6 p.m.

We are expecting that IU will announce that Kelvin Sampson has resigned and accepted a buyout package – as the university appeared to be working on this afternoon – or that he has been suspended as part of a recommendation to fire him. An IU trustee said this afternoon that it was his understanding negotiations with Sampson were still underway and were possibly the reason for delaying an announcement.

We’ll update this story as details can be confirmed.


  1. Are the kids going to prepare for the game tomorrow. We struggled with NW at home and have not practiced since our last game. Waiting until this late for the PC seems to be crazy.

  2. MY GAWD! This has been the biggest circle jerk of a day…

    2pm – Sampson FIRED!
    4PM – Sampson SUSPENDED!
    FILM AT 11!

    I am officially turning off the NOISE until about 5:55pm tonight…

  3. I’m confused… why would/should IU have to buy-out someone who cheated while being on probation for cheating then lied about cheating?

  4. Doug-

    Hats off to you guys for the coverage for the last 48 hrs!

    Does the freedom of information act apply to the NCAA’s disclosure of docs that they based their allegations upon? If so how long before the general public may know what our beloved University has based their decission on?

    Pretty sure the presser, whenever it takes pace, will not discuss specifics….

  5. No, no, no, Greenspan, the superdelegates have nothing to do with this! Go ahead and have the press conference already!

    Hey, the anti-spam math questions seem to be getting harder.

  6. I was starting to feel sorry for Sampson, but now I am starting to get angry. This is all Sampson’s fault. this is an absolute mess. they shouldn’t pay him a dime. just show him the door. We need to keep in my the whole purpose of collegiate athletics. Its to help kids grow up. These are college kids developing into adults and what they learn right now will mold them for the rest of their lives. I applaud IU for taking a stand and not allowing the prospect of winning and the fear of a player mutiny peruade them to keep this manipulating man. A coach should have the highest ethical standards. Sampson should have taken the high road, admitted his mistakes, instructed the players to learn from his mistake and resigned. Now he’s pitting the players against the school. He never “intentionally” lied to investigators or the school. gimmie a break. its your job to not only not intentionally lie, but also to not negligently lie. if you are on probation for phone call violations and you are supposedly unsure of the exact meaning of the rules, its your job to clear it up and makes sure you know exactly what you can or cant do.

    sorry for the rant, but this is how I feel.

    I will say IU should have done this on Wednesday. They have a game tomorrow. How are they suppossed to compete with all that is happening today.

  7. Yeah, what about the game tomorrow? A must win as all games from here on out so are so we can secure a BT championship! I hope the kids can step up and perform and not let this get to their head’s too much or make the terrible decision not to play. I just hope the will to realize the team’s goal of winning the BT is still strong and true within them for the glory of old IU!

  8. Why do you guys continue to post all of this speculation? I would expect it from ESPN and other national blobs, but not our local rag. Personally I think it makes you look dumber and dumber each entry into your blob.

    Wait until you have official word and post it then. It is obvious you are all ANTI-I.U. there.

  9. Press Conference Script:

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the media. I am Rick Greenspan I am here to tell you today that IU has fired Kelvin Sampson, and we are forfeiting the remaining games of the season. As of this time basketball is no longer a sport at IU, we are now a football school, destined to be a Big 10 football power.

    In addition, I am resigning effective immediately. So long, so sad. Oh by the way my forwarding address is the Bahamas I have purchased a bungalow right next to the Sampsons and we are going to live off the settlement he received. “Good evening and that is the way it is”

    Rick Greenspan

  10. I would imagine there is so much going on behind the scenes right now that Evelyn Woods could not keep up with the read. This whole thing is turning into a Barnum and Bailey circus.

  11. With apologies to AndyZ and his timeline [and since at 4:35 he’s probably not reading anyway…] here’s MY timeline on how to get out of this:
    1. Today—-suspend Sampson [without pay] until after the NCAA is finished with him…then fire his ass.
    2. Tomorrow—fire Greenspan…with security guys handing him a cardboard box and telling him he has 5 minutes to clean out his office
    3. Monday—[even those of us who are massively pissed need a day off…]—bring back Adam Herbert, reinstate him as President of the University on a one-day contract——then summarily fire his ass!!! I know, I know–not possible….but in the best of all worlds, it would happen, since he and his idiot predecessor Myles Brand are the ultimate causes of this fiasco.
    And if we needed any more proof that the people running IU are all Bozos, today’s “now you see it, now you don’t” press conference “cluster” is proof enough. They can’t even get it together about firing someone—maybe Greenspan is still trying to work off last night’s Big Mac rush when he dodged the press by having his kid bring in Mickie D’s…
    Somewhere Branch is spinning out of control in his grave and RMK is LHAO…
    And the operative question for the rest of us is: WHY???
    KS–you made a huge mistake at OK, but got a way better job anyway thanks to the “Rick and Adam Dumbass Show”—so how could you allow your incredible arrogance to override the obvious: ANY screw-up [or even the appearance of one] puts you on the street forever–instead of making millions of $$$ and hopefully getting that elusive championship. Can you say “Jim Harrick” boys and girls…. How stupid…

  12. The anger in these posts is perfectly expected. KS with no way to save himself, has apparently decided to drag the boys, the program, and the school down with him (as much as it is in his power to do so). Why can he not accept his own error, take the high road, and resign? Tell the team that he will be proud of them the rest of the way and play hard for the interim coach?

    Maybe when the rest of this drama plays out we will know these answers, but right now I just wonder who the next fool will be to stick his neck out and hire this guy?

    Open tryouts at the SRSC on monday? I got a son over there who can shoot it a little, and he bleeds IU red!

  13. Our university is still paying Coaches Cameron, D.Nardo,and Knight.There is one common thing you can say of all 3 of these men; they are honest. If given a buyout package as part of a retirement plan, the virtue of the honest coaches is demeaned.

    Sampson was in trouble when he came,was given
    a fantastic opportunity at a remarkable university
    with a history of extraordinary basketball. He broke rules again. He deserves to be fired and penalized. He should in no way go reimbursed by the school as the HONEST coaches did.

  14. Joe… You had to know I wouldn’t wait until 5:55pm… I think your timeline sounds fun. You forgot step 4 though!

    4. HIRE A COMPETENT, PROVEN COACH! While I think it would be nice to “keep it in the family”, the truth is there are no TOP TIER coaches out there with deep IU ties. Dakich will do fine as a fill-in but does not have the recruiting chops. Alford CAN”T COACH HIS WAY OUT OF A WET PAPER BAG, and RMK will never return. We need a proven winner with a squeaky clean record, and one who will bring instant respect to the program. I don’t know who that is… but I am sure the next few months will be an interesting time for us IU fans as we find our new leader.

  15. Ann—right on…
    If the university agrees to pay this bum a dollar, it’s way too much.
    It’s OK with me if they suspend him “with pay” until the NCAA clobbers his ass in June or July–if that’s what it takes to keep IU from having to do a “Jim O’Brien” payout to an acknowledged cheater. Suspend him {“stay away from our campus”}, pay him until July, or whenever it’s actually OVER, then say “lots of luck at your next job” [“would you like fries with that…”] because WE [the people of Indiana] are not paying you another dime.
    I have no idea if Dakich is the right guy [IS there one??]—I just know who is NOT the right guy(s)—Sampson….and Greenspan.

  16. who was responsible for hiring this guy Sampson? He had a NCAA rap sheet a mile long. One would surmise the NCAA would keep him under the microscope and watch his every move. They did.

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