Purdue at Indiana, in-game analysis

Gordan soars to the rim.


Hummel works for a put back inside to cut it to three.

Incredible basketball game so far. Your thoughts?

Zak Keefer will be here in a few to share his.

INDIANA 32, PURDUE 27 (1:39)

As you can tell, Indinaa’s gone on a 9-2 run here.

Gordon’s being active in the lane, as Sampson wanted him to be. And D.J. White seems to be ignoring the pain in his knee. How about the effort on that last put back?

PURDUE 25, INDIANA 23 (3:56)

At first I wasn’t sure, but it’s happened enough that I’m sort of sure now. The Boilermakers are double-teaming both D.J. White and Eric Gordon. Just daring the rest of the players to score.

On one play, the ball did get out to a wide open Jamarcus Ellis. He was fouled and hit two free throws to make it 23-22.

But Scott Martin got into the lane and drew a foul from Stemler before hitting off glass for a 3-point play.

PURDUE 18, INDIANA 17 (7:35)

Grant hits two threes to Bassett’s one. But Gordon charges down the court at Moore and draws the foul before hitting the basket.

Kyle Taber, of all people, gives Indiana its first lead when he takes a pass from D.J. White and hits a lay in.

Moore comes back with a bucket from the paint though.

Here’s a sign in the crowd:

“A hunting accident, choking players, throwing a chair . . . Who cares about PHONE CALLS?”

PURDUE 10, INDIANA 4 (11:59)

Indiana started with man-to-man defense but has since gone to zone. Hard to tell whether the changing is just a strategy or if it’s due to personnel on the floor for either team.

PURDUE 10, INDINAA 4 (13:02)

Blogs are known for overreacting, for coming to judgement too quickly.

So what.

Purdue’s the best defensive team Indiana has seen this year. It might also be the most balanced. Painter has the option of throwing out groups that play so differently. With Indiana, you know it’s going to be White, Gordon and the rest.

Not that that’s a bad thing at all.

PURDUE 6, INDIANA 2 (15:56)

White is warming up to the game. There’s clearly some stiffness in the knee, as he’s not jumping after every rebound like usual and Nemanja Calasan, the 6-9 forward for the Boilermakers has been able to get position a few times.

But he gets the first bucket for Indiana on a put back of an Eric Gordon shot that got blocked.

PURDUE 3, INDIANA 0 (18:16)

Before the tip, Chris Kramer was not lined up across from Gordon. Painter made him move. That’s the matchup he wants, and he wants Kramer to do what he is known for: get into Gordon’s head.

Wow. More cheering for that E’Twaun Moore 3 than would be expected.

White is testing that knee early, but misses his first two shots.

Watch the Lance Stemler/Robbie Hummel battle.


The reaction to Sampson being announced as the Hoosiers’ head coach?



Plenty of tension here. Sampson comes out to fewer boos than last time. His handshake with Painter, who said yesterday when asked about Sampson that post performance is the best indicator of future acts, was cold.


Ten minutes until tip.


  1. any pics of that sign dissing knight? its good to see all the anti-knight people speaking out too. of course, it wouldnt be necessary except that the national media (and even the local) was starting to get the incredibly WRONG impression that everyone wanted knight back.

  2. Matt Painter a whiner? I am an IU fan, but you gotta be joking. Matt Painter whines no more than any other coacn in the nation, and at least there is one classy coach in the state.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  3. Sampson’s over the top reactions to several of the ref’s calls actually make him look like the whiner. He looks even worse when the foul call is shown to be legitimate, such as D Thomas holding off Hummell with a straight arm while chasing down a rebound in the 1st Half.

  4. I bet Painter got into his squad pretty good at the half … told them they need to step up, play with even more intensity, etc etc. This should be a fun second half!

  5. Another big night for hoosier hoop, dj dbl/dbl solidifying his grip on the big10 player of the year…national player.maybe..at least a bunch of votes…wow…ugly..ugly…turnover game by the guards..AB-5,JE-6,EJ-5…another very solid game by brian sloan (human screen), err i mean Taber!!

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