Purdue at Indiana, in-game analysis (2nd half)

D.J. White knows how to dunk.


More to come.

INDIANA 77, PURDUE 66 (:30)

As this game winds to a close, the “Kelvin Sampson!” chant has a brief run. Doesn’t catch the way it did last game.

Purdue is making it tough, though, with Hummel hitting a deep 3 and a couple of quick baskets from the lane.

INDIANA 70, PURDUE 59 (1:12)

The “Just like football!” chant starts.

And, wouldn’t you know it. Austin Starr, the kicker who hit the winning field goal for the Hoosiers that blistery November day, is standing right in front of me.

INDIANA 66, PURDUE 59 (2:22)

Free throws are really hurting Purdue. Scott Martin is 1-of-6.

This has been Indiana’s best man-to-man defensive effort of this year. Incredible job closing the lane on Hummel as he drove there.

INDIANA 57, PURDUE 55 (6:10)

Scott Martin is playing the best game of his young career here. Such poise in the lane and from 3-point.

Purdue is hounding Gordon. You’d think they might shy from that given that Indiana is in the bonus but Painter seems committed to it.

Turnovers: 21-4, Indiana leads in a category it doesn’t want to.

INDIANA 50, PURDUE 48 (8:10)

The Boilermakers are pushing back into it here. Hummel is going now after a lousy first half.

Sampson is trying everything to match up with the Boilermakers. He has Taber, Stemler and White together here.

INDIANA 47, PURDUE 39 (11:26)

Kyle Taber.

Not only is he setting dozens of screens — an important job against a team so aggressive on the perimeter — he’s making plays like that tip out to Gordon for 3.

But Purdue, which will shoot free throws after this break, never seems to go away.


INDIANA 42, PURDUE 33 (14:28)

I’m going to get a little crazy and say that D.J. White’s knee does not really hurt him all that much.

INDIANA 38, PURDUE 33 (15:59)

Something motivational was said in the locker room.

D.J. White comes out with a huge dunk. Then Kyle Taber — yes, Kyle Taber — follows with a dunk.

But Robbie Hummel gets wide open for a 3 and hits.

After a few floundering possessions by both sides, Gordon strides down court on a break and gets over Kramer and finds a way to lay the ball in. Looks like he might have switched hands in mid air, but it was so quick I could hardly tell.

Hummel makes a mistake and can’t handle the ball. But Bassett returns it by not crossing the 10-second line fast enought.


  1. During the timeout at 11:39, D.J. is having his legs iced down by trainers on the bench, rather than standing in the huddle. He’s apparently cramping up.

  2. I think Purdue is more organized than IU. Sampson is being outcoached, I just hope winning this game won’t buy him more time.

  3. Yes, and Purdue may still make a comeback – although a young team, it’s organized and making the plays. Not to ta;k about out-rebound.

    Sampson let’s the players do what they want, but doesn’t seem to be interested in coaching/teaching them.

  4. i think hummel’s defense on DJ is keeping them in this game. and wearing out DJ on the defensive end in the process.

  5. It looks to me like Purdue’s depth is taking its toll on IU. I don’t know if we can hang on for another 6 minutes!

  6. IU will hang on, but, against a better team IU could not. In the tournament IU will not go past the second game.

  7. Coach L – so i guess this whole mentality tonight to be very aggressive and attack the basket and draw fouls – that is something the players came up with themselves. no way Sampson coached them to play that way tonight.

    and what do you mean against a better team? Purdue is supposedly the hottest team in the country. winners of 11 straight. you sure are a downer.

  8. The players are going all the way out for Sampson, doing what they can to save his job. Playing on emotion indeed.

    Hot is not the same as good. Purdue is quite young, enjoy this victory because these Purdue players will come back next year and kick IU’s butt.

    BTW, by tournament I meant the NCAA.

  9. FINAL: IU 77, PU 68.
    IU: Gordon 22 pts, 13-15 FT; DJ.White 19 pts, 15 reb; Bassett 16 pts, 4-4 3PT, 8 reb, 4 ast; Ellis 7 pts; Taber 6 pts, 5 reb; Crawford 4 pts; Stemler 3 pts.
    IU: 20-42 (48%) FG; 7-11 (64%) 3PT; 30-34 (88%) FT; 46 reb; 23 TO; 11 (17) fouls.
    PU: 25-72 (35%) FG; 7-29 (24%) 3PT; 11-21 (52%) FT; 30 reb; 5 TO; 18 (26) fouls.
    PU: Hummel 17 pts; Martin 12 pts; Moore 11 pts; Grant 10 pts; Kramer 8 pts, 7 reb, 5 ast; Johnson 6 pts; Calasan 3 pts; Green 1 pt.

  10. 19 points and 15 reb and on an injured kne. big ten mvp is a lock now. maybe i should join lavin and help with the national player of the year tomorrow.

  11. Coach L. please go back under your rock until next year ; have some class , you got beat fair and square and nobody talked on the phone. That is good for Indiana basketball ( Indiana , Purdue ,Notre Dame , Butler )

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