Ratliff gone

As many have expected, senior guard A.J. Ratliff is no longer a member of the Indiana basketball team. Here’s the link.

It doesn’t really come as a shock. Ratliff has missed the Hoosiers’ past two games, wins on the road against Illinois and Ohio State, and has yet to make a strong impact this entire season. He sat out the first semester due to academic ineligibility, missed the next three games with a bad ankle, and saw very little court time after that.

It’s really a shame, because he’s one of the most talented, athletic players on this Hoosier squad. He’s rare in that he can make a significant difference at both ends of the court. His lengthy arms can be a nightmare for an opposing player (as we saw with his block that saved the home game vs. Illinois on Jan. 13) and when he’s on, his 3-point shot is lethal (as we saw last year against Wisconsin).

But there were always issues with consistency. He was never able to be a contributor, consistently, for an entire season. Part of this is due to injuries, but you can’t put the full blame on that. He was a heralded Mr. Basketball when he arrived at Indiana in the fall of 2004, and for the most part, he underachieved in his four seasons in Bloomington.

Do you agree? Are you a little curious, like myself, as to why this is happening now and to what the real reasons are behind this move?


  1. It’s a shame about Ratliff. I always liked him as a person and as a player and thought he would be a major factor in this year’s team, providing senior leadership, lock-down defensive tenacity, and a killer outside shot.

    What seems clear is that his academic deficiencies cost him any real shot at being a contributer on this team, and that’s a real tragedy for a former Mr. Basketball.

    I wish him nothing but the best in whatever comes next.

  2. Completely curious. Also a bummer that he never really turned into what was expected.

    I would have loved to see him shoot the lights out against Wisconsin tomorrow.

    Even if he wasn’t the exact player he was supposed to be, he still provided us with a little bit of depth.

    I wish I knew what was going on.

    Best of luck though!

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