Ratliff not with team

Indiana senior guard A.J., who did not play Thursday against Illinois because he was dealing with personal issues, has not yet rejoined the team, according to IU media relations director J.D. Campbell.

The nature of Ratliff’s problems are not known.

Indiana head coach Kelvin Sampson said Friday that he is not sure when Ratliff would return but that it will be up to him to make that decision when he is ready.

Ratliff’s uncle and legal guardian, Josh Gilbert, told the H-T on Thursday that he expected Ratliff to be back with the team in time for tomorrow’s game.


  1. Does anyone else think that Sampson is sticking it to AJ this season? I know AJ is a Mike Davis recruit and all, but look at kids like Ben Allen who were skilled but appearently had personality issues with K.S. You can’t tell me that Mike “The Walking Turnover” White, and Lance “ugh, i fell down again trying to fake a charge” Stemler offer more to the offense or defense than AJ could. I would take AJ shooting LEFT-HANDED over Stemler’s 1 out of 37 shooting. Stemler hit one big shot in the Minnesota game and all of a sudden he’s a “clutch” shooter…pshh! I wouldn’t be suprised if this AJ vacation was the result of him deciding whether or not to finish out the season.

  2. AJ has stuck it to himself. This KID has no one to blame but himself.

    Major bust since he has bben in tow. Very dissapointing.

  3. Actually Stemler is shooting 35% this year from 3-pt range, while AJ is shooting about half that. Stemler also leads the country in not turning it over (among players averaging at least 16 minutes per game), so he can give you something that no one else can. I know AJ can be a great basketball player, I want AJ to be a great basketball player, but so far he’s been mediocre at best.

    Actually looking at the turnover stats, it’s interesting that while Gordon is #1 in the Big Ten in PPG, he is also #1 for most turnovers per game.

  4. AJ did it to himself. You have to really try hard to not make grades as an athlete at IU. As for his current personal issues, I think we need to reserve judgement and give him a break.

    I’ll take Stemler any day at the 4 position. He understands the game better than any of the alternatives.

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